[MT]I've Possessed the Demon Sovereign's Body (I Possessed a Demon Sovereign)

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[MT]I've Possessed the Demon Sovereign's Body (I Possessed a Demon Sovereign)Alternate Title:我夺舍了魔皇 / I Possessed a Demon Sovereign This novel is also known as I Possessed a Demon SovereignChen Luoyang felt that something was wrong with his transmigration. After transmigrating, he possessed the body of the highest expert in the world, the Master of the Demon Cult, addressed respectfully as the Demon Sovereign. Generally, aren’t supreme experts the ones that leave behind a wisp of their soul behind and occupy a new body of some miserable low-level youngster then ...

Latest chapter:Chapter 754: Supreme

Updated:2022-02-15 08:05

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《[MT]I've Possessed the Demon Sovereign's Body (I Possessed a Demon Sovereign)》latest chapter

Chapter 754: Supreme
Chapter 755: Universe 1 (Big Finale)
Chapter 752: brightly lit
Chapter 753: First 3
Chapter 750: Tao Jun exit
Chapter 751: Stupid
Chapter 749: Hades Battle
Chapter 748: Slaughter God
Chapter 747: Ghost Extinction
Chapter 746: Yue Donghuang
Chapter 744: Reopening
Chapter 745: Miyauchi
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《[MT]I've Possessed the Demon Sovereign's Body (I Possessed a Demon Sovereign)》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Become a demon king today
Chapter 2: Life is like a play, thanks to acting skills
Chapter 3: Looks like an old dog on the surface, but in fact panicked a lot
Chapter 4: Me, the master of black hands behind the scenes
Chapter 5: King Kong driver
Chapter 6: So lively 1 day
Chapter 7: Follow me, change, but perverse
Chapter 8: The source of the black pot
Chapter 9: Demon blood, demon blood
Chapter 10: Jiang Hu Xia Shao and the Devil King
Chapter 11: Blazing Gossip Fire
Chapter 12: It's up to you!
Chapter 13: Initial plan
Chapter 13: Initial plan success
Chapter 14: Bottom pay
Chapter 15: Chance, this seat is only given once
Chapter 16: Swordsman
Chapter 17: You deserve a pennant
Chapter 18: 5 emperors
Chapter 19: I want everything!
Chapter 20: Say it's mine, it's mine
Chapter 21: Basic exercise, do not sit
Chapter 22: Trick through
Chapter 23: Lord's Whetstone
Chapter 24: Bet 1 throw
Chapter 25: World War South
Chapter 26: Assassination!
Chapter 27: 2 consecutive spikes!
Chapter 28: 1 stroke
Chapter 28: Half stroke
Chapter 29: Unfinished
Chapter 30: Scent of birds, snake ants, rat ants
Chapter 31: After-hours show
Chapter 32: Dead Sea Kuroshio
Chapter 33: Ikuma, also called the sea?
Chapter 34: Doubt life
Chapter 35: Give you 1 chance
Chapter 36: Power back
Chapter 37: Heidi
Chapter 38: pressing
Chapter 39: Can cure you once, can cure you for 1 lifetime!
Chapter 40: Before you do anything, you kneel
Chapter 41: Sleepy, send someone a pillow
Chapter 42: You think too much
Chapter 43: Internal friction
Chapter 44: God assists!
Chapter 45: Many good teammates
Chapter 46: I'm satisfied
Chapter 47: I have the rules
Chapter 48: cheat
Chapter 49: Substitution
Chapter 50: Tiaohu Lishan
Chapter 51: Snake out of the hole
Chapter 52: A clear view of the hole cards
Chapter 53: Closing moment
Chapter 54: Give you 1 lesson
Chapter 55: The big picture has been settled?
Chapter 56: You are such a genius!
Chapter 57: Learning bad?
Chapter 58: Do n't ask, ask is secret!
Chapter 59: doubt
Chapter 60: Counterattack!
Chapter 61: Meet on the narrow road
Chapter 62: Challenge the Devil's Way
Chapter 63: Magic fairy
Chapter 64: Qinglong Temple First Block
Chapter 65: 1 step away
Chapter 66: True test
Chapter 67: Are not fuel efficient lamps
Chapter 68: 10 Outcomes
Chapter 69: Concise fist
Chapter 70: Miss the last chance
Chapter 71: Yuehuang's true body, Guanghan alone
Chapter 72: Do 1 line love 1 line
Chapter 73: Thicker capital
Chapter 74: In his own way, give back to others
Chapter 75: Since throwing a net
Chapter 76: Self-death
Chapter 77: On Huangquan Road, you are not lonely
Chapter 78: Mysterious dagger
Chapter 79: 5 trips to life, 5 trips to death
Chapter 80: Back to the altar
Chapter 81: God of fortune
Chapter 82: Your daughter-in-law, you ask me?
Chapter 83: Born Witch
Chapter 84: Undersea Seal
Chapter 85: Capricorn
Chapter 86: You are not sick, you are stupid
Chapter 87: Brahman
Chapter 88: Weird
Chapter 89: Not afraid of **** opponents, just crazy teammates
Chapter 90: Regardless of size
Chapter 91: Ghost Dragon
Chapter 92: 7th Peerless
Chapter 93: 1 enemy 2
Chapter 94: Soaring upside down, bodhi
Chapter 95: Going one step further
Chapter 97: Sword emperor
Chapter 96: Man-made operational crisis
Chapter 98: Distinct trajectories
Chapter 99: Your qualifications
Chapter 100: You are not qualified now
Chapter 102: Brain supplement is king
Chapter 101: 1 trick is useless?
Chapter 103: Open mouth
Chapter 104: Zongtan Ancient God Peak
Chapter 106: Resolving mistakes and people who make mistakes
Chapter 105: All boil water for this seat!
Chapter 108: Purdue beings
Chapter 107: Wonders on earth
Chapter 110: Want to kill, kill
Chapter 109: Execution
Chapter 111: Good boy
Chapter 112: Legendary Voldemort
Chapter 113: 1 to 2
Chapter 114: Ancestral ancestor
Chapter 115: Guru 遗 蜕
Chapter 116: I knew it would be like this
Chapter 118: Prepare for a surprise
Chapter 117: Level 14
Chapter 120: Rub flat and round
Chapter 119: Do you want to die?
Chapter 121: Meet a headache
Chapter 122: Kick to the iron plate
Chapter 123: Problem children are more happy
Chapter 124: Who promised him to start for Tai Yi Daozong?
Chapter 126: This is a tragedy
Chapter 125: Internal worry
Chapter 128: Strange
Chapter 127: Attack with poison
Chapter 129: Flowers of the Golem
Chapter 130: Tango
Chapter 132: chase!
Chapter 131: I do n't use muscles and bones anymore
Chapter 133: Battle of Nanyun Mountain!
Chapter 133: Battle of Nanyun Mountain
Chapter 134: Teaching Daily Programs
Chapter 135: Battle of the Emperor
Chapter 137: Unfathomable person
Chapter 136: 1 emperor 3 emperor
Chapter 139: Chi You!
Chapter 138: Never before
Chapter 141: Blow you up front!
Chapter 140: Kill in person!
Chapter 142: This time, it 's left fist
Chapter 143: 1 punch swept!
Chapter 145: I'm too good to blame me?
Chapter 144: 1 **** mighty world, 1 majestic sweep
Chapter 146: No secrets before me
Chapter 147: Keep kneeling for this seat
Chapter 149: Knife
Chapter 148: Not interested in the sadness and joy of a dead person
Chapter 150: Listen to my place
Chapter 152: Opportunity for victory
Chapter 151: If you want to fight, then fight!
Chapter 154: Don't blame me for not giving high-key opportunities
Chapter 153: Heavyweight Eight Diagrams News
Chapter 155: It's time for a dragon!
Chapter 156: Kill him while he is ill
Chapter 157: I'm happy to try its fineness
Chapter 158: Close dog
Chapter 160: Can you afford it?
Chapter 159: You collect everything?
Chapter 162: Dare to make a bet with this seat?
Chapter 161: Now is our time!
Chapter 163: Let you watch him die
Chapter 164: Super moved big surprise
Chapter 166: No one can owe us anything
Chapter 165: 4 days countdown
Chapter 168: This city has been accepted
Chapter 167: Ride your dragon to see you
Chapter 170: You are strong because you haven't encountered anything more fierce!
Chapter 169: Kill you, kill you, and use it to reason with you?
Chapter 171: Break your turtle shell!
Chapter 172: Empress
Chapter 173: Good luck and bad luck
Chapter 174: Thank you Mr. Li Yuanlong
Chapter 176: Welcome you to send
Chapter 175: Cut emperor
Chapter 177: Fall
Chapter 178: are you kidding me?
Chapter 180: Draw 1 pen that belongs to me
Chapter 179: Dominate
Chapter 181: The winner is king
Chapter 182: Vigorously miracle
Chapter 183: The world in the mirror
Chapter 184: A plan leader
Chapter 186: Orthodoxy
Chapter 185: Convinced
Chapter 188: Someone's thunder
Chapter 187: The return of the empress
Chapter 189: 0 feet forward 2 steps
Chapter 190: Surprise
Chapter 191: The simpler, the scarier
Chapter 192: Time is coming
Chapter 193: Destroy the ancient gods
Chapter 195: How many are eligible?
Chapter 194: ambition
Chapter 197: No invincible martial arts, only invincible people
Chapter 196: Fight if you want, don't talk nonsense!
Chapter 198: Zhu Rong's Fist
Chapter 199: Offense and defense are crushing you!
Chapter 201: He can't run
Chapter 200: This is the tombstone for you!
Chapter 203: I've taken the head that was deposited around your neck
Chapter 202: You all can die
Chapter 204: Teaching-like hanging
Chapter 205: You move 1 try?
Chapter 206: Sweeping China
Chapter 208: Non-theistic
Chapter 207: unstoppable
Chapter 209: Mountains and rivers into my hands
Chapter 210: Surrender or perish
Chapter 211: Thank you for your treasure
Chapter 212: Master of broken hands
Chapter 213: Real person
Chapter 214: Who remembered between life and death?
Chapter 215: Pick me up his plaque
Chapter 216: The world shakes
Chapter 217: The collapse of the pillar
Chapter 219: 10-day contract
Chapter 218: Xuanming
Chapter 220: Are waiting for you!
Chapter 221: I do n't answer dead people 's questions
Chapter 223: Hello Chen Luoyang!
Chapter 222: You come home to fight
Chapter 225: Demon is in power
Chapter 224: The situation is done
Chapter 227: Guest
Chapter 226: Rival
Chapter 229: Competitors
Chapter 228: Family is richer than you
Chapter 230: "Magic Zun" is online again
Chapter 231: Here's a teaching demonstration
Chapter 233: Pull the banner and pull the tiger's skin
Chapter 232: West Expedition
Chapter 235: Sweep Black Lotus
Chapter 234: 4 party cloud movement
Chapter 237: His first, your second
Chapter 236: One-Handed Demon Monk
Chapter 238: Quick decision
Chapter 239: Strongest to strongest
Chapter 240: Let me see how long you can resist!
Chapter 241: The most effortless way to win
Chapter 242: 7 tricks, just right
Chapter 243: Unbearable to start, no one can stop
Chapter 245: Don't look at others, it's you!
Chapter 244: You have no choice but to listen to me
Chapter 247: All shocked
Chapter 246: Thank you for making me not alone
Chapter 249: Just kill it.
Chapter 248: Precious scene
Chapter 250: I really have you, "Donald"!
Chapter 251: I have a good impression on you, it is important
Chapter 253: Someone, the biggest ghost
Chapter 252: How to take treasures
Chapter 255: The "left eye" of Mozun
Chapter 254: My booty
Chapter 256: You just need to obey
Chapter 257: Go and work for me.
Chapter 258: Low-handed Chen Luoyang
Chapter 259: After soil
Chapter 261: Need more people to stand up
Chapter 260: The stagnation and progress of cultivation
Chapter 262: Bishop visits again
Chapter 263: 1 generation 1 emperor, 0 ancient 1 saint
Chapter 264: I teach you how to use people
Chapter 266: After hitting you, you have to thank me
Chapter 265: Tough counterattack, easy to level
Chapter 267: collaborate with each other
Chapter 268: I am myself
Chapter 270: Collect
Chapter 269: Good news for home visits
Chapter 272: Prepare separately
Chapter 271: Invited by experts
Chapter 274: Easy to make up for something
Chapter 273: All-round wealth enthusiast
Chapter 275: Prepare a surprise
Chapter 276: Self-contained pocket array
Chapter 277: Dongfeng arrives, everything is OK
Chapter 278: Today I'm decent ... Probably?
Chapter 280: Power beyond limits
Chapter 279: Level 14: What do you do down?
Chapter 282: Reach the number, the moment is coming
Chapter 281: Just come face to face!
Chapter 283: Level 15
Chapter 284: 1 punch 1? 1 punch 1 piece!
Chapter 285: All off!
Chapter 286: Shocked red dust
Chapter 287: 2nd Rune
Chapter 289: Looks like a tyrant
Chapter 288: The second one?
Chapter 291: Wealthy rich
Chapter 290: Mr. Supernatural
Chapter 293: Test 2
Chapter 292: Left and right
Chapter 295: Chief teacher mute
Chapter 294: Squeezing surplus value
Chapter 297: Inside the black coffin
Chapter 296: Invisible hand
Chapter 298: Ascending coffin
Chapter 299: Giant shot
Chapter 301: Take what you need, fair trade
Chapter 300: Wrong pull
Chapter 302: Remember who this is
Chapter 303: Supreme whereabouts
Chapter 304: My enemy doesn't live long
Chapter 305: Relic
Chapter 306: Assassinate
Chapter 307: Worthy of attention
Chapter 309: 1st base line
Chapter 308: Really digging the roots now
Chapter 310: Very boring
Chapter 311: Double swords
Chapter 312: Upper body
Chapter 313: 2 times with 1 wool
Chapter 315: Conscience Chen Luoyang
Chapter 314: Sold you, you help me count the money
Chapter 317: But wait for your kid
Chapter 316: Good show in the second half
Chapter 318: Master your list of small vaults
Chapter 319: Ready to play 1
Chapter 321: Just like that?
Chapter 320: 7th Boxing
Chapter 322: Are not willing to solve you
Chapter 323: I want to play 10
Chapter 325: I don't think you want this arm anymore
Chapter 324: Fist punch
Chapter 326: I think i'm bullying you
Chapter 327: Dug out
Chapter 329: The chief teacher will give me an account of this.
Chapter 328: How many people are not enough to fill the land of China
Chapter 331: The treatment is so scary
Chapter 330: Confessions
Chapter 332: Wool out of sheep
Chapter 333: 2 familiar names
Chapter 335: Fat sheep, fat sheep
Chapter 334: Extreme descendants?
Chapter 336: Who can be my master?
Chapter 337: Come in
Chapter 339: Take advantage of
Chapter 338: Got one
Chapter 340: Who is the most special?
Chapter 341: Shao Hao
Chapter 343: Play around
Chapter 342: Unable to help themselves
Chapter 345: Heavenly book exposure
Chapter 344: Recycling
Chapter 347: Luoyang City, the situation gathers
Chapter 346: Giants from all sides
Chapter 349: I think this is your last words
Chapter 348: Whose successor?
Chapter 351: You can not
Chapter 350: Xiu gradually recover
Chapter 352: perish together
Chapter 353: Black Pot Metamorphosis
Chapter 355: Northwest wind
Chapter 354: Soaring Red Dust
Chapter 356: Congratulations to the Grand Prix?
Chapter 357: The perfect target
Chapter 359: Bring them to my husband
Chapter 358:
Chapter 360: Supreme Cave House
Chapter 361: Demon Lord's Legacy (Thanks to Fanhua Godsword Silver League One)
Chapter 362: Meet "Magic Respect" (Thanks to Fanhua Divine Silver Union II)
Chapter 363: Giants Compliment (Thanks to Fan Hua Shenyu Silver League III)
Chapter 364: Supreme Descendant (Thanks to Fanhua Divine Silver League IV)
Chapter 365: In my case, 0 years is just a swipe of a finger (thanks to Fanhua God ...
Chapter 367: Do n't say I wo n't give you a chance (Thanks to Fanhua Divinity Silver League Seven)
Chapter 366: Mozun shot? (Thanks to Fan Hua Shenyu Silver League VI)
Chapter 368: Black Coffin Falling (Thanks to Fanhua Divine Silver Union VIII)
Chapter 369: The situation gathers in the Western Qin Dynasty (Thanks to Fanhua God's Word Silver League 9)
Chapter 370: Supreme Road (Thanks to Fanhua Divine Silver Union 10)
Chapter 373: Encircling the Demon
Chapter 372: 1 Day Chen Leader, 1st Chen Leader
Chapter 375: Top 10 Red Dust Road
Chapter 374: Black Coffin Formation
Chapter 377: Blessed
Chapter 376: His name, Demon Emperor Chen Luoyang
Chapter 378: Strong man with broken wrist
Chapter 379: Do the opposite
Chapter 381: Beheaded
Chapter 380: The first drop of blood in the red dust
Chapter 383: Deals with giants
Chapter 382: Ye Tianmo
Chapter 385: "Soul" Heaven Book
Chapter 384: Giants fall?
Chapter 386: Book of Devil's Page 2
Chapter 387: Windfall
Chapter 388: Wave your hand and turn things around
Chapter 389: Something will happen
Chapter 390: Now or never
Chapter 391: Level 16
Chapter 393: Ghost Palace
Chapter 392: New officer
Chapter 395: On stage
Chapter 394: God's fortune
Chapter 396: Chen Luoyang, you are so mean!
Chapter 397: Living legend
Chapter 399: Steal a beam
Chapter 398: You don't understand my means
Chapter 400: You have to help me
Chapter 401: 1 person crowded the palace
Chapter 402: The only one who lives
Chapter 403: See the poor figure
Chapter 405: 1 palm that finally fell
Chapter 404: anti! anti! anti!
Chapter 407: It's my turn now
Chapter 406: Hexagram 8, Hexagram
Chapter 408: 1 battle to the end
Chapter 409: Get first
Chapter 411: Chen Luoyang, I know you are here
Chapter 410: 1 more pit
Chapter 412: You are overestimating yourself
Chapter 413: You have 1 thought, i have 1 punch
Chapter 414: 3 chances
Chapter 415: Additional bet, chase by victory
Chapter 417: Eat, drink and play
Chapter 416: Storm is coming
Chapter 419: Large Ten Tensho
Chapter 418: Empress
Chapter 420: Return of the Secret
Chapter 421: Ultimate target
Chapter 422: Luoyang eating melon
Chapter 423: Father and son
Chapter 425: Another Strike, Another Day
Chapter 424: Supreme heir, can be notarized
Chapter 427: Which pot does not open which pot
Chapter 426: Revenge of the Father
Chapter 428: Relic
Chapter 429: Seeking Supreme
Chapter 430: Patriarch and patriarch
Chapter 431: Full of pits
Chapter 432: Unfathomable Master Chen
Chapter 433: Qingniu Guanli
Chapter 434: Double thanks
Chapter 435: See you every 3 days
Chapter 436: Scramble to win
Chapter 437: Bloody world
Chapter 438: Freaks and Freaks
Chapter 439: Gamble
Chapter 440: Sword Fairy and Sword Fairy
Chapter 441: Face to face
Chapter 442: Who teaches who?
Chapter 443: Listen to my orders
Chapter 445: Born extremely evil
Chapter 444: Change your life
Chapter 447: Say you finish, you finish
Chapter 446: Rewritten script
Chapter 448: Blood River Crest
Chapter 449: More authentic than you
Chapter 450: Jiang's little secret
Chapter 451: Eventful
Chapter 453: Moment of change
Chapter 452: Build authority
Chapter 455: Doubts
Chapter 454: Buddhism and Taoism
Chapter 456: Giants
Chapter 457: Who made you up?
Chapter 458: "Magic Zun" shot
Chapter 459: Support war by war
Chapter 460: The Emperor's Book of Heaven Page 3
Chapter 461: Seniors are well laid
Chapter 462: Holy Land Exchange
Chapter 463: Moving up to the first floor
Chapter 464: The sea of ??bitterness is back
Chapter 465: Born Eagle Dog
Chapter 467: Snake out of the hole
Chapter 466: Greetings, sincerity
Chapter 468: Pu Shenfeng
Chapter 469: Red Dust Wu Sheng 5
Chapter 471: If you don't get him, I'll get you
Chapter 470: Whose face?
Chapter 472: Type 3 Hades
Chapter 473: Heaven and Earth
Chapter 475: Level 17
Chapter 474: Swallow
Chapter 477: who am I
Chapter 476: No one before
Chapter 479: Steady takeover of ancient theology
Chapter 478: Yours is mine, mine is mine
Chapter 480: new member
Chapter 481: New commands for you
Chapter 482: Please take the initiative to deliver
Chapter 483: Assassinate myself
Chapter 485: Pit one more time
Chapter 484: 2 sets
Chapter 486: Stunned Chen Luoyang
Chapter 487: Green Bull View
Chapter 488: A new martial arts foundation
Chapter 489: Smooth old class
Chapter 490: Be wicked
Chapter 491: Please enter
Chapter 492: Can't turn over
Chapter 493: 3 conditions
Chapter 494: Empress Dowager
Chapter 495: At ease
Chapter 497: Turning life
Chapter 496: Your way
Chapter 499: Challenger
Chapter 498: Creditable Chen Jiaozhu
Chapter 501: Depressed Demon
Chapter 500: Helpless girl of Han 2
Chapter 502: Woe is not alone
Chapter 503: Who touches who is unlucky
Chapter 505: Endless?
Chapter 504: Do not bow
Chapter 507: Available
Chapter 506: Top 10 Red Dust
Chapter 509: Jade Dragon swallows Black Dragon
Chapter 508: Qin Emperor Residual Soul
Chapter 510: No way to escape
Chapter 511: The first giant
Chapter 513: Ghost Sword
Chapter 512: A single spark can start a prairie fire
Chapter 515: Mentors and Friends
Chapter 514: 1 sword for 2 swords
Chapter 517: Excellent brain tonic
Chapter 516: Star Palace
Chapter 519: Changes brought by Chen
Chapter 518: Pawns under new cloth
Chapter 520: Bad luck
Chapter 521: Buried land
Chapter 523: A successful ceremony
Chapter 522: Associate Bishop 1
Chapter 525: Emperor Tian can bear the hard work
Chapter 524: Left hand to right hand
Chapter 527: Huangling Trail
Chapter 526: Wrap around yourself
Chapter 528: 3 assassinations
Chapter 529: success
Chapter 531: Gun and shield
Chapter 530: Lively again
Chapter 533: Hades
Chapter 532: Former apprentice
Chapter 535: Mantis catching cicada
Chapter 534: Different
Chapter 537: The hunter is late
Chapter 536: Cardinals behind
Chapter 539: Queen of the Wild
Chapter 538: Pleasing
Chapter 540: Cheeky finger old
Chapter 541: Instant flash
Chapter 543: No one can stop
Chapter 542: Luoyang at the end
Chapter 544: Call directly
Chapter 545: reach the goal
Chapter 546: Full load
Chapter 547: Take back what you learned
Chapter 548: Stun
Chapter 549: Distress often exists, forgiveness rarely
Chapter 550: The words of yesteryear come true
Chapter 551: Variety
Chapter 553: The right person
Chapter 552: Long waiting time
Chapter 555: Second half opening
Chapter 554: Give you a suggestion that cannot be rejected
Chapter 556: Indus forest
Chapter 557: Each show
Chapter 558: Eternal ruins
Chapter 559: Congenital mound
Chapter 560: 1 backhand
Chapter 561: You can rest
Chapter 563: In control
Chapter 562: Continuous capture
Chapter 565: 9 days in the East
Chapter 564: Sky Phoenix Nirvana ??
Chapter 567: 1 person push
Chapter 566: An empty hand is enough
Chapter 569: Fuxi and Jumang
Chapter 568: evil Dead
Chapter 571: Expected deviation
Chapter 570: Extreme Strike
Chapter 573: Good harvest
Chapter 572: Change again
Chapter 575: Choice
Chapter 574: On the road
Chapter 577: Urge Jiang Jiao to go out
Chapter 576: Master the rhythm
Chapter 579: What about people?
Chapter 578: Hit the door
Chapter 581: Ancient King
Chapter 580: The return of the leader
Chapter 583: New Personnel Appointment
Chapter 582: Archbishop of Red Dust
Chapter 584: Northern Wei Orphan
Chapter 585: Rebirth
Chapter 587: Old friend
Chapter 586: Every family has its cupboard
Chapter 589: Never look back
Chapter 588: Pollution
Chapter 591: Familiar feeling
Chapter 590: Dragon King and Rain Master
Chapter 593: Dragon and Dragon
Chapter 592: Uneasy
Chapter 595: It's hard to go home
Chapter 594: Bones
Chapter 597: Bloody Day
Chapter 596: Jump left and right
Chapter 599: Blood sea civil war
Chapter 598: do a good turn
Chapter 601: Resurrection
Chapter 600: Tianhe visitors
Chapter 602: Reunion in 0 years
Chapter 603: Things are wrong
Chapter 604: Sturgeon and pond fish
Chapter 605: Emperor heritage
Chapter 607: Active visit
Chapter 606: Expired gift
Chapter 609: Natural helper
Chapter 608: Out of the ordinary
Chapter 611: Threat and blackmail
Chapter 610: Level 18
Chapter 613: 3 giants
Chapter 612: Dong Zhou Meeting
Chapter 615: Rerank
Chapter 614: communicate with
Chapter 617: Funeral
Chapter 616: Mountain and sea visitors
Chapter 618: In the magic palace
Chapter 623: No later
Chapter 625: Overcome!
Chapter 624: Whatever you want
Chapter 627: Mage lord
Chapter 626: You're already dead
Chapter 629: If you do n't move, you have a thunderbolt
Chapter 628: Dahe guests
Chapter 631: Harvest season
Chapter 630: Do you guys discuss it?
Chapter 632: Retreat error
Chapter 633: The most ferocious martial arts in history
Chapter 634: conqueror
Chapter 635: Monster Character Heaven Book
Chapter 636: Man and demon
Chapter 637: The original arrangement
Chapter 639: Different
Chapter 638: Something to remember
Chapter 641: Upside down position
Chapter 640: 0 hard work
Chapter 642: Advent Palace
Chapter 643: Elephant
Chapter 645: The origin of the ferocious elephant
Chapter 644: Emperor Mausoleum reopened
Chapter 647: What happened to me Chen Luoyang?
Chapter 646: Madman
Chapter 649: Shadowmoon Frostbane Galaxy
Chapter 648: I am missing a suitable mount
Chapter 650: Heaven and earth
Chapter 651: Waiting for Chen Luoyang
Chapter 653: In exchange for me
Chapter 652: Meet each other
Chapter 655: Siege
Chapter 654: Trading is OK, add 1 more thing
Chapter 657: Wise choice
Chapter 656: Lord
Chapter 658: Level 19
Chapter 659: Windfall
Chapter 660: Shanhaijie
Chapter 661: Demon
Chapter 662: Gamble
Chapter 663: 1 will reduce 10 forces
Chapter 664: Sailing against the water, retreating if you do not advance
Chapter 665: Father-son nature
Chapter 667: Owner's convenience
Chapter 666: Great target
Chapter 668: New mission
Chapter 669: Push back
Chapter 671: Demon
Chapter 670: War will start
Chapter 673: Heaven Demon 9th
Chapter 672: To people
Chapter 675: Moment of victory
Chapter 674: Double Emperor Lock
Chapter 676: Welcome to the second half
Chapter 677: You are done
Chapter 679: Unexpected change
Chapter 678: New generation for old
Chapter 680: Pandemic
Chapter 681: My assistant
Chapter 682: Where is the demon emperor
Chapter 683: brothers
Chapter 684: Blood sea disaster
Chapter 685: 10th Generation Blood River Patriarch
Chapter 686: Difficult choice
Chapter 687: Weiss family
Chapter 688: Confinement
Chapter 689: Monsters from the Divine Land Reappear
Chapter 691: Insidious and evil demons enter Eastern Zhou
Chapter 690: Unexplainable ogre approaching wild
Chapter 693: The Supreme Heir Destroy Buddhism
Chapter 692: Devil Conquers the Extreme North Tianchi
Chapter 694: His supreme emperor, the emperor, is most loyal to him today ...
Chapter 695: All in
Chapter 696: Follow me
Chapter 697: New era
Chapter 698: Ge and Sword
Chapter 699: reshuffle the card
Chapter 700: Ghost fishing
Chapter 701: Reincarnation
Chapter 702: 2 circles trading
Chapter 703: Today is yesterday
Chapter 705: Gamble
Chapter 704: Face to face
Chapter 707: Touch the margins of man and god
Chapter 706: Demon and Buddha
Chapter 708: Future couples
Chapter 709: Antiquity
Chapter 710: 2-phase source instrument
Chapter 712: Level 21
Chapter 711: Refinery restart
Chapter 714: Level of the Magus
Chapter 715: 1st person
Chapter 716: Domination battle
Chapter 717: Xuantian Ghost Tower
Chapter 718: Wuzun vs. Valkyrie
Chapter 719: Give me back
Chapter 720: The Way of Gods
Chapter 721: Break the sky
Chapter 722: Master of War 2
Chapter 723: Well prepared
Chapter 724: Tushen
Chapter 725: Defeat
Chapter 726: Lord of the Red Dust
Chapter 727: New supreme
Chapter 728: You are a good person
Chapter 729: The truth of yesteryear
Chapter 730: Return to China
Chapter 731: Mood change
Chapter 732: Each life
Chapter 733: Time is like water
Chapter 734: New Generation Extreme Heir
Chapter 735: Clean portal
Chapter 736: Now red dust
Chapter 737: Business affairs
Chapter 739: Before the storm
Chapter 738: New Giant in Red Dust
Chapter 740: Return to earth
Chapter 741: Inside and outside
Chapter 742: Final preparation
Chapter 743: Hour arrives
Chapter 745: Miyauchi
Chapter 744: Reopening
Chapter 746: Yue Donghuang
Chapter 747: Ghost Extinction
Chapter 748: Slaughter God
Chapter 749: Hades Battle
Chapter 751: Stupid
Chapter 750: Tao Jun exit
Chapter 753: First 3
Chapter 752: brightly lit
Chapter 755: Universe 1 (Big Finale)
Chapter 754: Supreme