[MT]She is a Great Demon Hunter

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[MT]She is a Great Demon HunterAlternate Title:她是捉妖大佬[重生]b Five hundred years ago, Great Demon Hunter Mi Wan was reborn into the modern era. With the strength to crush all demon clans, she opened an expensive pet shop. A single diagnosis costs three hundred thousand dollars, and for a million dollars, she can expel and treat demon poison. However, due to her unstable spiritual power after rebirth, Mi Wan will go into a coma whenever her spiritual power is depleted, and her soul will fly to the male protagonist’s si...

Latest chapter:Chapter 111: season finale

Updated:2022-02-16 03:39

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《[MT]She is a Great Demon Hunter》latest chapter

Chapter 111: season finale
Chapter 110: Spontaneous force
Chapter 109: Natural joy
Chapter 108: pregnancy
Chapter 107: Catastrophe
Chapter 106: Fan Chen dissipated
Chapter 105: Demon king order
Chapter 104: negotiation
Chapter 103: Worry about
Chapter 102: Do you have something to do
Chapter 101: interlocking fingers
Chapter 100: Double repair
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《[MT]She is a Great Demon Hunter》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Rejuvenate
Chapter 2: Old house
Chapter 3: Over the wall
Chapter 4: Monster Hunter Association
Chapter 5: Pay you a pair of wings
Chapter 6: Debt
Chapter 7: Double repair?
Chapter 8: Medicine delivery
Chapter 9: Old man and dog
Chapter 10: Sparrow and chicken
Chapter 11: Addiction episode
Chapter 12: Will you lay eggs?
Chapter 13: Strange call
Chapter 14: Send flowers
Chapter 15: Old Man and Dog II
Chapter 16: Old man and dog three
Chapter 17: How to eat without being fat
Chapter 18: Sanskrit Tree
Chapter 19: Are you a Sanskrit tree?
Chapter 20: Little eagle
Chapter 21: Grab my business
Chapter 22: Poacher
Chapter 23: Kitty demon
Chapter 24: Demon Hunter
Chapter 25: Cryptomeria
Chapter 26: Vine ladder
Chapter 27: Refining medicine
Chapter 28: Christmas gifts
Chapter 29: Cut off
Chapter 30: Shenmu
Chapter 31: Debris flow
Chapter 32: Dig the body
Chapter 33: Man, demon and nature
Chapter 34: Mermaid
Chapter 35: Ancestor
Chapter 36: Koi
Chapter 37: Big Brother
Chapter 38: Half demon
Chapter 39: eye for eye
Chapter 40: Zhu green tea
Chapter 41: Defeat the Patriarch Patriarch
Chapter 42: Fan Chen for help
Chapter 43: Conditions of treatment
Chapter 44: Little White Fox Awakens
Chapter 45: Treating Little White Fox
Chapter 46: Final exam
Chapter 47: Emboldened
Chapter 48: blessing
Chapter 49: Big guy's way of coaxing
Chapter 50: Order Nine Turtle Demon
Chapter 51: The old turtle returns to the sea
Chapter 52: beginning of spring
Chapter 53: Celebration
Chapter 54: Roasted Pigeon
Chapter 55: First
Chapter 56: Catch monster
Chapter 57: Fortune's yellow hair
Chapter 58: Fan Chen is back
Chapter 59: Catching Bat Monsters
Chapter 60: One more
Chapter 61: Two more
Chapter 62: Poor book
Chapter 63: Confession
Chapter 64: Goodbye instant noodle pig
Chapter 65: Lucky squirrel
Chapter 66: Sika deer
Chapter 67: They refuse to give up
Chapter 68: Willingness
Chapter 69: Auspicious Deer
Chapter 70: Fired
Chapter 71: Popcorn kindergarten
Chapter 72: Car accident
Chapter 73: Peng Yan
Chapter 74: I am his girlfriend
Chapter 75: Get things done
Chapter 76: Fierce battle
Chapter 77: Recuperate
Chapter 78: Crow—Pengyan
Chapter 79: Sweet dream
Chapter 80: I agreed
Chapter 81: Spring tour
Chapter 82: Water control
Chapter 83: Boss love
Chapter 84: Crow teacher
Chapter 85: Dominate your favor
Chapter 86: Toothache shark demon
Chapter 87: Shark she is female
Chapter 88: little turtle
Chapter 89: virus
Chapter 90: Pathogen
Chapter 91: Jianmu (editing, re-viewable)
Chapter 92: Three requirements
Chapter 93: change
Chapter 94: Restrain virus
Chapter 95: Promise
Chapter 96: training
Chapter 97: A hundred years later
Chapter 98: Power of merit
Chapter 99: Thank you
Chapter 100: Double repair
Chapter 101: interlocking fingers
Chapter 102: Do you have something to do
Chapter 103: Worry about
Chapter 104: negotiation
Chapter 105: Demon king order
Chapter 106: Fan Chen dissipated
Chapter 107: Catastrophe
Chapter 108: pregnancy
Chapter 109: Natural joy
Chapter 110: Spontaneous force
Chapter 111: season finale