[MT]There's Something Wrong with this Development!

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[MT]There's Something Wrong with this Development!Alternate Title:这个发展有点不太对劲 This script was originally supposed to be about a Scum Gong x Cheap Shou — the Scum Gong abuses the Cheap Shou, the Cheap Shou became hopelessly apathetic, the Scum Gong became a Cheap Gong, and the Cheap Shou abuses the Cheap Gong. That should have been the case!!!!! But the script began to unfold—- The Scum Gong was reborn to the past, and encountered the Cheap Shou who also got reborn. The Scum Gong was horrified to discover that the Cheap Shou had chan...

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Updated:2022-02-16 05:47

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