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[MT]Become a Cartoonist SystemAlternate Title:变身漫画家系统 The otaku protagonist travels to Meng Meizi He Quan Sagiri, and finds that Marvel and the King of Blood are popular in the comics industry today. Except for Marvel, it is the kingly way. There is no previous life fire animation such as Eromanga, Lelouch, Fate, Demon Forbidden, and Spirit of the Halberd. When the protagonist yells that there is no cute manga, the system comes to teach full painting skills and open the god-level manga library! “The animation...

Latest chapter:Chapter 296: Salted Fish Project

Updated:2022-02-17 08:56

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《[MT]Become a Cartoonist System》latest chapter

Chapter 296: Salted Fish Project
Chapter 297: End to spread flowers
Chapter 294: 1 bowl of egg fried rice, shouldn't it be so exaggerated
Chapter 295: Double version medicine king
Chapter 292: Pillow new operation
Chapter 293: CL goes online
Chapter 290: VR experience for foreigners
Chapter 291: Medicine King is coming
Chapter 289: VR express to foreign countries
Chapter 288: Dead ocean loli
Chapter 287: VR live broadcast
Chapter 286: Correction mechanism in the VR world
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《[MT]Become a Cartoonist System》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: "Teacher Eromanga"
Chapter 2: Waste Mengjia 0 Li
Chapter 4: Upload comics
Chapter 3: Start drawing comics today
Chapter 5: Bath humming
Chapter 6: Life Department Classification
Chapter 8: Hot Book Review Area
Chapter 7: Send the blade if you don't update it again
Chapter 9: Wear JK uniform for the first time
Chapter 10: Mengmei is picturesque
Chapter 11: Sawu-chan drags more
Chapter 12: Can you be forgiven as long as it is a cute girl?
Chapter 14: World situation
Chapter 13: Sagiri 2nd?
Chapter 15: It seems like it's too early
Chapter 16: Ready to go to school
Chapter 18: Flip book shorthand
Chapter 17: School star
Chapter 20: Dumb hair
Chapter 19: Lead the war
Chapter 21: Answers like flow
Chapter 22: Eating Melon Girl Sagiri Sauce
Chapter 24: B station live broadcast on the eve of painting
Chapter 23: Let's wash and sleep
Chapter 25: Have voice-activated benefits at night?
Chapter 26: Magic Live Room
Chapter 27: Tsundere
Chapter 28: 1 live broadcast seriously
Chapter 30: Published
Chapter 29: The water lyrics are not my fault
Chapter 32: What is the experience of letting fans burn love letters
Chapter 31: Hot out of stock
Chapter 34: Salted fish that don't want to be lazy are not good salted fish
Chapter 33: Good morning hug
Chapter 35: Forces to urge more are coming
Chapter 36: Reminder trip
Chapter 37: Create a Weibo account to play
Chapter 38: What else is better than updating diligently
Chapter 40: Comic Chapter 3
Chapter 39: Congratulatory messages from people everywhere
Chapter 42: Alien computer arrived
Chapter 41: First OP
Chapter 43: OP deflagration live room
Chapter 44: Virtual singer
Chapter 46: Studio idea
Chapter 45: Live Episode 4
Chapter 48: College entrance examination is approaching
Chapter 47: This is a tentacle mystery
Chapter 50: Sawa model
Chapter 49: Teacher arrived
Chapter 51: Only beauty can not be disappointed
Chapter 52: This can also be divided into
Chapter 54: Countdown to college entrance examination
Chapter 53: Chapter 4
Chapter 55: Jia 0 Li's beautiful photos
Chapter 56: Enthusiastic little girl
Chapter 57: The college entrance examination ended
Chapter 58: Bit of life
Chapter 59: Recruitment Assistant
Chapter 60: The system that refuses women's clothing daily
Chapter 61: Little cute things
Chapter 62: Little mom who sells her daughter
Chapter 63: Connor
Chapter 64: Bring home a meal
Chapter 65: Ready to make OP video
Chapter 66: Ready to make
Chapter 67: Teaching on the spot
Chapter 68: Chapter 5
Chapter 69: 1 day of water
Chapter 70: College Entrance Examination Volunteer
Chapter 71: resistance
Chapter 72: Let's get down the magic forbidden
Chapter 73: A certain scientific super-electromagnetic gun?
Chapter 73: Direct seeding Mikoto Misaka
Chapter 75: Look at the legs look at the legs
Chapter 74: Direct seeding Mikoto Misaka
Chapter 76: final decision
Chapter 77: Washing machine ED
Chapter 79: Shock! The bubbling emoji that became popular on the Internet turned out to be...
Chapter 78: Animation: Strong bubbling
Chapter 81: Hang up picture of P station
Chapter 80: Socks brother
Chapter 82: Hanging out girls
Chapter 83: OP is coming
Chapter 84: Forbidden Illustration
Chapter 85: Chapter 1
Chapter 87: Reviewer facial cleanser
Chapter 86: Second half of Episode 1
Chapter 89: Did the teacher come to give a reward?
Chapter 88: Estimated age?
Chapter 90: Click to check points
Chapter 91: Ocean View Villa
Chapter 93: Was found
Chapter 92: Swimsuit girl
Chapter 95: Ready to issue a single book?
Chapter 94: The beach party ends
Chapter 96: Sagiri is going to show her face for 7 seconds?
Chapter 97: Station B live broadcast on the eve of Cospaly
Chapter 98: Small TV cover your face
Chapter 99: Silver hair like a waterfall
Chapter 101: Feel life in vain
Chapter 100: I heard that there is also Cosplay?
Chapter 102: "Irony" production decision
Chapter 103: If the ticket is gone, let's draw your sword
Chapter 105: Close wolf defense Lv IV!
Chapter 104: Sister who was taken crooked
Chapter 107: Full nose
Chapter 106: Possibility of becoming a humanoid printing machine
Chapter 108: Location is not good enough
Chapter 109: The eve of the signing event
Chapter 110: Open a new talent: Cosplay Dafa!
Chapter 111: Explore Cosplay Dafa
Chapter 113: Lively exhibition
Chapter 112: Cosplay His Royal Highness Zeyu
Chapter 114: Finally started
Chapter 115: what! Big Bad Wolf is online?
Chapter 116: Big Bad Wolf Driven
Chapter 117: Snapped!
Chapter 118: Work hard for LV Five
Chapter 119: Animation BGM and Three-D Zeyu's Conception
Chapter 120: Crowded
Chapter 121: Looking for the silver waterfall
Chapter 123: His Royal Highness Ze Yu
Chapter 122: Sixteenth notes!
Chapter 124: Catch that loli
Chapter 125: The live broadcast room is open?
Chapter 127: Various Play
Chapter 126: Put on the women's clothing soon
Chapter 128: Comic Daily Headlines Surprise
Chapter 129: Old driver 1 got angry
Chapter 130: Krypton Gold Jia 0 Li
Chapter 131: Observation of "Junior JUMP"
Chapter 133: Brain supplement of 3 island squad leader
Chapter 132: Ze Yu sauce is finally about to be released
Chapter 134: Attention from the music industry
Chapter 135: Prove it offline
Chapter 136: Mo forbidden Chapter 4
Chapter 137: The other party did not want to talk to you and sent 1...
Chapter 139: University acceptance letter arrived
Chapter 138: Teacher Naguma is online
Chapter 140: Warm up
Chapter 141: Slap his head with a hand-painted board
Chapter 142: Want to rub her face
Chapter 143: Return of the missing
Chapter 144: Conna wants to see the barrage
Chapter 145: This trip ends
Chapter 147: Cute is enough
Chapter 146: Little shoes in the pit
Chapter 149: The identity of Mr. Izumi has been exposed!
Chapter 148: The new member is...
Chapter 150: Jia 0 Li's official version illustration
Chapter 151: Sagiri
Chapter 152: It is said that she showed her face in Cosplay Cannon sister
Chapter 153: In order to see the ocean teacher, what about women's clothing!
Chapter 155: The tragic Naganuma teacher
Chapter 154: Folded long hair
Chapter 157: Six hundred and twenty thousand fans
Chapter 156: Hot Moban
Chapter 159: Is there WIFI...
Chapter 158: Omai OP's House Dance
Chapter 160: Jia 0 Li, you have toothpaste on your face
Chapter 161: Sagiri who wants to do animation
Chapter 163: "Oneroom" production decision
Chapter 162: Maybe you can make instant noodles first
Chapter 164: Voice actor's first decision
Chapter 165: The buds of instant noodles
Chapter 167: 2 illustrations
Chapter 166: Practice dubbing
Chapter 169: Be careful when going out
Chapter 168: Multi-party attention
Chapter 171: This time, poisonous
Chapter 170: Bubble face turn
Chapter 173: Festival Club, Jingani
Chapter 172: So young!
Chapter 175: The anti-theft daily of the system king
Chapter 174: Hacker out of the chamber
Chapter 176: Super Cannon Animation Team
Chapter 177: Longing snow revision everyday
Chapter 179: Lacey with the wrong script
Chapter 178: Newcomer to Jingani
Chapter 181: Jing Ani takes over, live broadcasts Xuan Chao Pao
Chapter 180: I don't remember this pot
Chapter 183: Finalized! January fan!
Chapter 182: This is the story of Pao
Chapter 184: Benefits of learning Chinese
Chapter 185: Two D style of future direction
Chapter 187: New club recruitment
Chapter 186: Sagiri changing her hair style is preparing to go to college
Chapter 188: What should I do if a lot of clubs are attracted to Sagiri
Chapter 189:
Chapter 190: Dragon Maid?
Chapter 191: Dragon Maid Animation Group
Chapter 192: This loli is so familiar
Chapter 193: A big guess about the identity of Teacher Izumi
Chapter 195: Medicine King Illustrator
Chapter 194: Conna sauce
Chapter 197: Surprise from supervision
Chapter 196: Dragon Maid BGM
Chapter 199: Really Izumi Sagiri
Chapter 198: The reporter eager to see Sagiri
Chapter 201: The younger sister is the protagonist!
Chapter 200: The prediction is Jia 0 Li!
Chapter 202: heat
Chapter 203: "Teacher Eromanga" is coming to an end
Chapter 205: The monitor is going to find Loli
Chapter 204: More in the rest of your life
Chapter 206: Moving to a new studio
Chapter 207: Rafael's expectations
Chapter 208: Angelic Jia 0 Li
Chapter 209: Lazy angel
Chapter 210: Experienced Jia 0 Li
Chapter 211: What to look at! Haven't you seen Loli go to bed?
Chapter 213: Archangel rod, buy it when you top up
Chapter 212: 0 million reservations
Chapter 215: As a teacher, I accidentally watched 1 lesson of comics
Chapter 214: Addicted to comics, unable to extricate themselves
Chapter 216: Home of Jia 0 Li
Chapter 217: Urge more urge more
Chapter 218: 2 quilt kings
Chapter 219: Rafael in the dark
Chapter 221: Satania's Life in China 2
Chapter 220: 3 quilt kings
Chapter 222: I! Rafael! Facial cleanser!
Chapter 223: A true portrayal of the group of 2
Chapter 224: Rafael, you're on fire
Chapter 225: A strange reason for asking for leave?
Chapter 226: Got a poison called "brainwashing cycle"
Chapter 227: Double OP Qi Heat
Chapter 228: Master, I have a wonderful way
Chapter 229: Sagiri visiting the live room
Chapter 231: Unchanging original intention
Chapter 230: Sagiri wants to do a different kind of live broadcast
Chapter 233: cos step 1
Chapter 232: Xu Mitu's reluctance
Chapter 235: Turns out this is the point
Chapter 234: Jia 0 Li, it's you!
Chapter 236: Night sky
Chapter 237: Anchor's sister
Chapter 239: Accidentally exposed
Chapter 238: Watch the video, are you kidding me?
Chapter 240: Live Jia 0 Li ends
Chapter 241: Ginkgo everywhere
Chapter 242: "Super Gun"
Chapter 243: Stunt: 45-degree diagonal high kick!
Chapter 245: Full score evaluation
Chapter 244: Sunspot Project Exposure
Chapter 246: Conna on TV
Chapter 247: Conna Conna! Make a snowman!
Chapter 248: The ability of the system king
Chapter 249: Total number of horrible fans
Chapter 250: This year's plan
Chapter 251: Excited junior
Chapter 253: Yarn mist in the spotlight
Chapter 252: Moved out 1 more cute man
Chapter 254: Shocked
Chapter 255: Dongbao interview
Chapter 256: The cute Sagiri needs to be taken from
Chapter 257: The soft Sagiri returns
Chapter 258: Everyday is getting hotter
Chapter 259: Hot discussion on real photos
Chapter 260: Location exposure
Chapter 261: Strange system notes
Chapter 262: Ocean loli who can toss
Chapter 263: Speed! Jianying dazzled!
Chapter 265: I want to live in your heart, meow~
Chapter 264: The original authentic Lolita live broadcast is comparable to a nuclear explosion
Chapter 266: lo*ic*n and the cat
Chapter 267: New member: Dumpling!
Chapter 269: Clannad
Chapter 268: Quiet melody
Chapter 270: Before the premiere
Chapter 271: "your name"
Chapter 272: Xiao Su's Long Film Critic
Chapter 273: 2 million is not the end (end of this volume)
Chapter 274: System Master's Brain Influence Project
Chapter 275: Initial test
Chapter 277: Founded
Chapter 276: Floating Fort
Chapter 278: On the news network
Chapter 279: LinkStart!
Chapter 280: Jia 0 Li's VR Experience Tour
Chapter 281: Am I stuck inside?
Chapter 282: Unprecedented popularity
Chapter 283: Stream of Consciousness text in the forum area
Chapter 285: It turns out that there is no strategy for Ocean Loli
Chapter 284: Speaking of which you may not believe, I am playing games in the VR world
Chapter 286: Correction mechanism in the VR world
Chapter 287: VR live broadcast
Chapter 288: Dead ocean loli
Chapter 289: VR express to foreign countries
Chapter 291: Medicine King is coming
Chapter 290: VR experience for foreigners
Chapter 293: CL goes online
Chapter 292: Pillow new operation
Chapter 295: Double version medicine king
Chapter 294: 1 bowl of egg fried rice, shouldn't it be so exaggerated
Chapter 297: End to spread flowers
Chapter 296: Salted Fish Project