[MT]The President is Being Shameless Again

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[MT]The President is Being Shameless AgainAlternate Title:七公子②首席他总耍无赖 When Lin Chu met the ridiculously rich and affluent Yan Beicheng, she did not expect him to act like an immature hooligan, shameless in every way whenever they bumped into each other. Yet, every encounter had him come to her rescue, from saving her from the humiliation of watching her ex-boyfriend marrying her adopted sister, to whisking her away from petty colleagues and lecherous clients.Whether this is true kindness remains to be seen, as he never forg...

Latest chapter:Chapter 320: Xu Moyan paused over there, and then ... have entered the room?

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《[MT]The President is Being Shameless Again》latest chapter

Chapter 320: Xu Moyan paused over there, and then ... have entered the room?
Chapter 319: Therefore, he always knew that she was his brain powder!
Chapter 318: Girlfriend Yan Mei Shoumei Culinary Stick (three more)
Chapter 317: Love words come right out of the mouth, do your best
Chapter 316: It 's really not in a hurry, but I ca n't wait for this time (one more)
Chapter 315: Why do n't you feed me?
Chapter 314: Wei Zilin moved to her side, her knees hit her knees
Chapter 313: Cry again, i will kiss you
Chapter 312: Do you know why I am angry?
Chapter 311: Could it be that there is someone else in her words who wants to confess?
Chapter 310: I do n't know why, she was lying to him
Chapter 309: did you miss me? (Three more)
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《[MT]The President is Being Shameless Again》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: The two of us have nothing to do with each other, but we will still be together
Chapter 2: Lin Family Daughter
Chapter 3: Cheng Ziming felt that his momentum was instantly crushed without any residue
Chapter 4: I was the first time I saw a woman who broke into the men 's bathroom and did n't know her eyes closed
Chapter 5: The child is only three years old and he is not playing.
Chapter 6: Why did you still have a face for the engagement party?
Chapter 7: The teenager who is crawling into the courtyard from the outside
Chapter 8: Lin Chu, you just quit
Chapter 9: What a broken company, do some **** all day long
Chapter 10: Lin Chu did not hear the sound of opening the door, but heard the sound of locking the door.
Chapter 11: Yan Beicheng stood in front of her watching the corridor outside
Chapter 12: A branch of red apricot comes out of the wall
Chapter 13: Lin Chu, what are you doing in the court?
Chapter 14: Let him kneel here to sing until dawn, and then sing "Heaven" after dawn.
Chapter 15: Not waiting for you, but waiting for the car
Chapter 16: Looking down to see Yan Beicheng's quietly-looking face, clear and upright
Chapter 17: He was holding the steering wheel, and his clear and good-looking hand suddenly came over.
Chapter 18: Yan Beicheng can't wait to throw the pig teammate out of the car now
Chapter 19: Do you want to think about it? My eldest nephew has more money
Chapter 20: "I don't!" Lin Chu blurted out subconsciously.
Chapter 21: What you just said was so straightforward that it scared your nephew and wife.
Chapter 22: After all, who hasn't had a few ex-boyfriends yet?
Chapter 23: Seeing his black eyes glanced at her with a smile on her hand still resting on the seatbelt
Chapter 24: Lin Chu has never been in such a hurry to hang up, as Yan Beicheng's presence is too strong
Chapter 25: Didn't you tell them tonight that I'm your girlfriend?
Chapter 26: You also plan to go to Cheng Ziming's house and honor his parents?
Chapter 27: Looking at Yan Shao's face
Chapter 28: What about Lin Chu? Get her out!
Chapter 29: You've killed people like this, why don't you apologize that you feel quite reasonable?
Chapter 30: Don't betray yourself or frame others
Chapter 31: When Yan Beicheng talked to Lin Chu, it seemed to be a few degrees softer.
Chapter 32: Yan Beicheng didn't speak, only turned quietly to look at Fu Jingwen. He was under great pressure.
Chapter 33: The moment he appeared at the door, his gaze caught her tightly.
Chapter 34: Newborn in spring water, early spring forest, ten miles of spring breeze, not as good as you
Chapter 35: She feels that she is not the object of love at first sight, especially the other person is Yan Beicheng
Chapter 36: Yan Beicheng actually stopped and did n't come over
Chapter 37: Was that young guy great just now? Maybe too proud
Chapter 38: Yo, do you know me again now?
Chapter 39: Lin Chu raised an impulse and wanted to ask him how he was so kind to himself
Chapter 40: If I say I forgot how to get to your house, do you believe it?
Chapter 41: Lin Chuxuan only smelled the familiar Qingbai pine cypress
Chapter 42: Yan Beicheng bowed his head a bit shy.
Chapter 43: Yan Beicheng stumbled towards the door
Chapter 44: Yan Beicheng picked up the pliers and found the water valve.
Chapter 45: Yan Beicheng rubbed his legs and was very beautiful
Chapter 46: Shao Yan, what's the matter if you come to my house and hang clothes in my closet?
Chapter 47: Lin Chu had a bad feeling in his heart and looked back.
Chapter 48: Unfamiliar
Chapter 49: Yan Beicheng, this is a rogue, do you know?
Chapter 50: Why don't you think I'm because of your affection for you?
Chapter 51: Want to see? Didn't see enough just now?
Chapter 52: Here's your chance to repay
Chapter 53: Do you think that your future wife is the one who will chew her tongue behind?
Chapter 54: Yan Beicheng sees every move of Lin Chu
Chapter 55: Yan Beicheng still guarded the walkie-talkie, and scolded himself for being cheap
Chapter 56: Just looking at Yan Beicheng just now, my heart softened.
Chapter 57: I don't want to infect you, otherwise ...
Chapter 58: If you don't care about me, no one will care about me.
Chapter 59: You are a woman i like, i never treat you as a friend
Chapter 60: Called Yan Beicheng, not Yan Shao
Chapter 61: You certainly can't bear to see me in an accident
Chapter 62: Yan Beicheng looked coldly in the car
Chapter 63: Yan Beicheng looked at her aggrieved and flattering sample, and sighed helplessly.
Chapter 64: what sound? Why are there men? (One more, 5000)
Chapter 65: The eldest nephew didn't let me eat! (Two more, 5000+)
Chapter 66: Lin Chu pretended to wipe his tears (three more, 5000+)
Chapter 67: Let's see Lin Chu see his parents (four more, 5000+)
Chapter 68: Your eldest nephew is still young, so please let him be a little bit (one more, 4000+)
Chapter 69: Lin Chu, it does n't matter if you do n't have money, but you have to love yourself (Second, 4000+)
Chapter 70: I always touch soft nails with you, but she's so depressed.
Chapter 71: This is the sound of Beicheng!
Chapter 72: Lin Chu frowned at the sound.
Chapter 73: Wei Zilin pulled out her resume and took a picture of it
Chapter 74: Do you want this 2-inch ID?
Chapter 75: Finally admitted that I am your boyfriend?
Chapter 76: He was about to open the door and was pulled back by him
Chapter 77: I'm downstairs in your house (one more, 5000+)
Chapter 78: Do n't mention that woman, it 's bad (2nd, 5000+)
Chapter 79: Did you know the news?
Chapter 80: Lin Chu walked downstairs and saw a man sitting on the sofa with his back to her
Chapter 81: As a prospective son-in-law, there is nothing wrong with honoring your wife and family
Chapter 82: The promise under the old locust tree (one more, 4000+)
Chapter 83: Yan Beicheng sighed coldly next to him, staring angrily at the unlucky child in front of her.
Chapter 84: Originally, he just needed her sentence (one more, 5000+)
Chapter 85: You always work here, and Beicheng is very jealous (2nd, 5000+)
Chapter 86: I knew you were drinking this way, I took you for a drink
Chapter 87: To you i am happy
Chapter 88: Don't hold your share of money here
Chapter 89: Lin Chu came out of the bathroom this time, but was blocked again.
Chapter 90: The money thing is just like dung for Yan Beicheng (one more, 5000+
Chapter 91: This ... This is almost disregarded (Second, 5000+)
Chapter 92: Let grandson know
Chapter 93: I don't know when I became an old man
Chapter 95: I want to surprise you (one more, 5000+)
Chapter 96: This guy cheated in exams since he was a kid. (Two more, 5000+)
Chapter 97: From beginning to end, my purpose is clear
Chapter 98: I saw your old lady pretending to be a big tail wolf to deceive Lin Chu
Chapter 99: The old lady Yan thought that the intelligence of Yan Ningbai was enough!
Chapter 100: When Yan Ning Bai heard, her eyes were wide (one more, 5000+)
Chapter 101: I never thought about it, I would like someone to like this (2 more, 5
Chapter 102: Woman in her fifties wanders by the door of the orphanage
Chapter 103: Yan ... Yan Beicheng, outside the orphanage ... a man stood outside
Chapter 104: I want to see more than half of my clothes hanging in your closet
Chapter 105: Yan Beicheng, how did you say such shameless words?
Chapter 106: Yan Beicheng walked in the front. As soon as he entered the door, a figure fluttered over (one more,
Chapter 107: Mrs. Yan acted stiffly and looked silently (two more, 5000+)
Chapter 108: What did you call me just now? Call again? (One more, 5000+)
Chapter 109: You do n't do anything that makes me feel wronged (second, 500
Chapter 110: You said let us apologize to her? impossible!
Chapter 111: Looking at Yan Beicheng's face with a clear face, I felt that my three views were refreshed.
Chapter 112: The three of Lin Chu heard the roaring roar from the rear and felt that they were wrong.
Chapter 113: Lin Chu wants to sue you
Chapter 114: "Aren't you dead yet?" Su Changxin said sharply (1w +)
Chapter 115: Whose bear child is so irritating!
Chapter 116: He squinted and stared at Lin Chu's back. What he wanted to do now was ... (1w +
Chapter 117: Tell me, give me a chance to correct (Beicheng told Lin Chu that he is a little brother)
Chapter 118: Always be yours, even after many years
Chapter 119: Yan Beicheng straddled his long legs and rushed up in three or two steps (1w +)
Chapter 120: Beicheng past (including the cause of his father's death, please subscribe to your preference)
Chapter 121: I didn't think about anything when I was working in my study
Chapter 122: What are you blindly forced by an outsider?
Chapter 123: Lin Chu felt his shoulder wrapped in a palm
Chapter 124: Could you give him a little dignity for elders!
Chapter 125: In Lu Weining's view, Wei Zilin doesn't look down on Yan Qingqing
Chapter 126: As soon as he got out of the gate of the office building, Lin Chu was blocked
Chapter 127: Seeing her as such a bad girl, Yan Beicheng would like to say that he likes it! (1w +)
Chapter 128: Mr. Yan and Mrs. Yan called her back to support Lin Chu (1w
Chapter 129: Even a dog bullies itself
Chapter 130: Yan Beicheng just turned a blind eye and passed by (1w)
Chapter 131: Beicheng as always
Chapter 132: Take her to Ning Bai's birthday to meet others (1w +)
Chapter 133: Brother Zilin, can I call you that?
Chapter 134: When they came out, the middle-aged woman was looking in the orphanage
Chapter 135: The company is spreading ... I'm secretly in love with you
Chapter 136: I was just outside and couldn't hug you
Chapter 137: Zuo Qiu glanced at Lin Chu, who was walking this way from the door, and said "Ouch" in his heart
Chapter 138: Are you sure it was a surprise or a fright?
Chapter 139: I said you do n't deserve him, and it 's not that your people are bad
Chapter 140: Unlike some people, conscience is eaten by dogs
Chapter 141: I think of Yan Yiqing inadvertently two words, silly. Forcing!
Chapter 142: In this life, I only love to handle things for Lin Chu (1w +)
Chapter 143: Isn't she ... my daughter? (1w +)
Chapter 144: I don't want to see
Chapter 145: Outside, save me some face
Chapter 146: Dai Huimin's words sounded like he was talking about the old dean.
Chapter 147: I disgusted her, disgusted her, can't wait to tear her
Chapter 148: I do n't care if I 'm full now (1w +)
Chapter 149: Are you a master of the Nan family?
Chapter 150: Lin Chu quickly connected, and heard Mo Jinxi choking voice (1w +)
Chapter 151: Why do you still do it yourself?
Chapter 152: If you ca n't solve it, I can only study Jiang He
Chapter 153: I'm sick tonight and I need to get you disinfected
Chapter 154: Lin Chu's heart was drawn coldly, but a blood rushed straight up to the head (1w
Chapter 155: Yan Beicheng's beautiful thin lips draw a warm arc, and nodded, "It's about to be carved.
Chapter 156: Let's get the certificate on Monday, huh? (1w +)
Chapter 157: Secretly back to Lin Chu, and wipe the tears that are about to fall out
Chapter 158: Anytime you want to be our child
Chapter 159: Yan Beicheng moved his feet and felt that it hurt to be stoned
Chapter 160: I heard you have been hired by Lin Mao, congratulations!
Chapter 161: Why don't you wait to give you a little daughter at first?
Chapter 162: She doesn't have three or four, and recognizes a three or four godmother (1w +)
Chapter 163: In order to protect myself, I can even pull my own daughter to block myself
Chapter 164: Maybe Cheng Ziming raised a man outside, so he will stay with the Cheng family (1w +
Chapter 165: Lin Chu frowned and looked over, but it was the young man beside Jiang Daidai (800
Chapter 166: Is this a new wedding?
Chapter 167: My wife, as long as you are looking for me, you are not bothering
Chapter 168: Lin Chu, are you interested in experiencing the men in the Lu family?
Chapter 169: He's crying. If he's not wronged, he can't believe it.
Chapter 170: The bitterness I used to eat at the Lin family was all to accumulate blessings and wait until I meet you now (1
Chapter 171: These are my wishes, you ... don't let it go
Chapter 172: A glance at Yan Beicheng found that he was still sullen (1w +)
Chapter 173: A man and a woman, just a good word, you are too hard
Chapter 174: You also watched the money go, and you still expect him to follow you?
Chapter 175: It 's not good to play with cheap people anymore, ah!
Chapter 176: Make things clear so we can help you
Chapter 177: For me, you lie to me, or conceal it, is the biggest harm to me
Chapter 178: Lin Chu, I live in Dingcheng now, just like you (8000+)
Chapter 179: You are my wife, what is she
Chapter 180: The same good man, but not him, won't fancy me
Chapter 181: Yan Beicheng didn't hear her mumble something in her mouth, so she dragged her tie
Chapter 182: Big nephew, daughter-in-law, show you something (1 more, 5000+)
Chapter 183: You have become so competent now, my heart, empty (second more 5000
Chapter 184: In the future, there will be nothing between us except for a marriage certificate.
Chapter 185: If Yan Beicheng cannot satisfy you, use this first (one more)
Chapter 186: You are a big man, do n't cry
Chapter 187: If she talks nonsense, this video is evidence of a face
Chapter 188: Xiaoyoujin called "Oh" in anger (8000+)
Chapter 189: If it wasn't for Yan Beicheng, she picked him up and blasted him out!
Chapter 190: Chen Yan has picked up the microphone and is ready to play 120 (one more)
Chapter 191: I have a happy event, but I can't tell you (two more)
Chapter 192: The eyes of Mrs. Yan were so cheap!
Chapter 193: Yan Beicheng, I beg you, don't scare me, okay?
Chapter 194: Sorry, i won't do this again
Chapter 195: How are you a boy
Chapter 196: Chenger, do you have a preference for boys? !!
Chapter 197: Lin Chu, you come out! I know you are here, you come out!
Chapter 198: Is there anything you can't say well, and you are threatening someone with your life?
Chapter 199: Do n't be embarrassed, why is Jiner getting bigger and bigger now (one more)
Chapter 200: Since conceiving, she feels that her legs have become a decoration (second more)
Chapter 201: Did another man give you something?
Chapter 202: Shen Zongyi looks at her aggrieved appearance (one more)
Chapter 203: Actually, I am the son of Jiang Yandai and Yan Huaiyuan.
Chapter 204: I can get Chutian Hospital to reserve a bed for you
Chapter 205: Are you sure with him ... are there those things? (One more)
Chapter 206: Call the doctors for a consultation at Lin Chuhui
Chapter 207: In Lin Chu's eyes, this look was a bit wry.
Chapter 208: No one outside knows that we still have the ability to be a homeowner (a)
Chapter 209: You asked me to shoot cucumbers
Chapter 210: No one can question my identity
Chapter 211: Why am I having a man outside?
Chapter 212: Zhu Hexuan
Chapter 213: How can my son be a thing! (I heard the family came out)
Chapter 214: She seemed to know what Yan Beicheng said when Wen Ming was stupid and sweet.
Chapter 215: That king. Eight lambs, did n't bother Lin Chu and Yan Beicheng
Chapter 216: Mrs. Yan's eyes are too bad! How can you give young people this way? (A more
Chapter 217: I ca n't even find my wife and children. What qualifications are there for dinner?
Chapter 218: Best of all, that kid was lost!
Chapter 219: Such selfish people are really rare now (1)
Chapter 220: There is no such cute and well-behaved uncle in the world.
Chapter 221: Why didn't you notice for a while, you just don't learn well
Chapter 222: She is willing to kneel, so let her continue to kneel
Chapter 223: I've taken a step back, Miss Xu, please
Chapter 224: Yan Yanqing stared at the closed door of the bedroom unbelievably
Chapter 225: Even if you blow yourself into the sky, you are still a bull! (One more)
Chapter 226: Am I better than a little finger of Lu Zhenghang? (Two more)
Chapter 227: Don't forget to say hello even if you are angry
Chapter 228: Need I call the police to investigate?
Chapter 229: Just as Lu Zhenghang reached out, the door of the ward opened suddenly
Chapter 230: Lin Chu was preparing to leave, and his eyes suddenly set on the corner of Yan Yanqing's eyes.
Chapter 231: I 've discussed them in advance. What will I play?
Chapter 232: Who dares to say that the evidence provided by my family is false? (One more)
Chapter 233: Suddenly there is a feeling of retribution in the deep (second more)
Chapter 234: Even if you treat me well, I won't call your uncle
Chapter 235: I just want to see how badly she hurt!
Chapter 236: Auntie, baby is wronged!
Chapter 237: Don't think that I helped you, the relationship with you is just fine!
Chapter 238: There is a silly son who is a pit father.
Chapter 239: Are you defending against him or against me? (Two more)
Chapter 240: You said I wouldn't have prenatal depression or something?
Chapter 241: No matter if she is disabled or whatever, our Yan family does n't care.
Chapter 242: Yan Yanqing changed from a bear child to an unfilial bear child
Chapter 243: As long as a woman talks to Wei Wucai, the dialogue is absolutely beyond a sentence
Chapter 244: Uncle also depends on the face value
Chapter 245: Why do n't you move? Is it too lazy?
Chapter 246: The boat of friendship still can't bear the giant ship of love!
Chapter 247: She didn't look back until the car left, her face looked weird (one more)
Chapter 258: This is Mo Jingsheng, my friend.
Chapter 249: How can an adult bully a child?
Chapter 250: Yan Beicheng looked at it and looked down slightly, wondering what he thought
Chapter 251: I heard you were looking for a child recently? (One more)
Chapter 252: Do n't knock, I think you are silly now (second more)
Chapter 253: Lin Chu's heart was pained and he said, "Don't look at me like this, I'm upset."
Chapter 254: The sternness in his eyes flashed away, but it was Yan Beicheng who saw it
Chapter 255: Anyway, a person with a head and a face, how to do things so no grade (a more)
Chapter 256: It 's just the lack of education in the orphanage that makes it so casual (secondary)
Chapter 257: The face is even more unsightly.
Chapter 259: Oh it's you
Chapter 260: Miss Liang knows my lover?
Chapter 261: Our Mo Man's Men Are Not Stupid (One More)
Chapter 262: He's older you round, what do you say is appropriate? (Two more)
Chapter 263: Gently glanced at Yue Jingchen, he looked down and saw the silly son compare with him
Chapter 264: She can create a psychological shadow in just a few words
Chapter 265: I've only listened to your tunes in nightclubs and other places
Chapter 266: I go in and give you a quilt horn (1w)
Chapter 267: I don't think the relationship will be better after we talk for so long (1w)
Chapter 268: Follow Zuo Qiu to come back after dinner, just to see him waiting in the lobby
Chapter 269: Countdown to the grand finale (1)
Chapter 270: Countdown to the grand finale (2)
Chapter 271: Countdown to the finale (3)
Chapter 272: Grand Finale (1) (one more)
Chapter 273: Finale (2)-End of the text (second)
Chapter 274: I've been single but I haven't had a fate, but it's not because of this voice
Chapter 275: She experienced the sadness of a voice-activated dog for the first time
Chapter 276: I think it sounds familiar to me
Chapter 277: Set it up early, lest the little girl in the company always remember
Chapter 278: Don't know if you have a girlfriend?
Chapter 279: What kind of hobbies does Miss Xu usually have?
Chapter 280: Take it home secretly
Chapter 281: That's obviously jealous.
Chapter 282: You know it now, you know it quite well
Chapter 283: Xu Moyan covered her face in the bed.
Chapter 284: Wei Zilin looked at him and moved aside. The gentleman said, "Miss Xu can come and sit.
Chapter 285: This is because Shen Zongyi's relationship was able to enter the door, making Wei Dashen very upset
Chapter 286: Xu Moyan, I can call you like this (one more)
Chapter 287: This person is not particular about it. To put it plainly, there is no pursuit.
Chapter 288: Wei Zilin straightened up, but suddenly approached her (three)
Chapter 289: Every time he approached, she panicked her.
Chapter 290: It looks beautiful in the kitchen
Chapter 291: The fate is here, and the unclear fate is doomed
Chapter 296: Xu Moyan was so desperate in her heart that she was kind and polite.
Chapter 297: Xu Moyan couldn't believe how Wei Zilin would add herself as a friend
Chapter 298: Xu Moyan couldn't help but listen to his voice repeatedly, and forgot to reply
Chapter 299: I always think Wei Zilin is like telling his girlfriend
Chapter 300: I saw President Lin Yi's waiting downstairs in our company, and I don't know who to wait for.
Chapter 301: Xu Moyan patted her chest, but fortunately she moved fast
Chapter 302: It 's like ... It 's like they are already two (one more)
Chapter 303: Wei Zilin grabbed her two wrists and pulled her back (second more)
Chapter 304: Wei Zilin bowed her head, just to see her Bai Nen's fingers around his waist (three)
Chapter 305: Isn't it better if you stay for a while?
Chapter 306: Thanks to Wei Zilin's supplementary explanation, she did not think negatively
Chapter 307: Some like it is not paid back after paying (a more)
Chapter 308: I do n't know if I do n't know, or ... default (second more)
Chapter 309: did you miss me? (Three more)
Chapter 310: I do n't know why, she was lying to him
Chapter 311: Could it be that there is someone else in her words who wants to confess?
Chapter 312: Do you know why I am angry?
Chapter 313: Cry again, i will kiss you
Chapter 314: Wei Zilin moved to her side, her knees hit her knees
Chapter 315: Why do n't you feed me?
Chapter 316: It 's really not in a hurry, but I ca n't wait for this time (one more)
Chapter 317: Love words come right out of the mouth, do your best
Chapter 318: Girlfriend Yan Mei Shoumei Culinary Stick (three more)
Chapter 319: Therefore, he always knew that she was his brain powder!
Chapter 320: Xu Moyan paused over there, and then ... have entered the room?