[MT]Beastmaster of the Ages (Eternal First God)

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[MT]Beastmaster of the Ages (Eternal First God) Read Raw Translation for Beastmaster of the Ages / Eternal First God / 万古第一神 in English. [Annual hot blood fantasy] Li Tianming must wake up when he dreams. His family’s pets are actually legendary ancient chaotic behemoths. His chicken is the eternal purgatory phoenix that feeds on the sun. His black cat is the ‘chasing chasing thunder demon’ of the world. Even his family’s Xiaoqiang is a ‘wanjie eternal beast’ with [&...

Latest chapter:Chapter 1783 The laughter of the Sun Emperor

Updated:2020-12-15 12:32

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《[MT]Beastmaster of the Ages (Eternal First God)》latest chapter

Chapter 1783 The laughter of the Sun Emperor
Chapter 1784 Wanzong Alliance Conference
Chapter 1785 Megatron Wanzong
Chapter 1786 Xuanyuan Longyin
Chapter 1787 Alliance leader secret meeting
Chapter 1788 Kill with precision!
Chapter 1789 Unexpected visitor
Chapter 1790 Weird dreamless fairy
Chapter 1791 The 3 army goes south
Chapter 1792 Land of 3 days
Chapter 1793 details make a difference
Chapter 1794 Set off!
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