Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire

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Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate SpitfireAlternative names: Pfw, 惹火小辣妻:上司,好闷骚 After a series of life-changing events, Pei Ge decides to start anew and rediscover her place in this world. She gets a new job, new friends and… a new boss whom she mistakes as a male host! He helps her to get revenge on a back-stabbing friend, supports her when it seems that the world has given up on her, encourages her to be more confident about herself and even… messes up her blind dates! With her strong working abilities and fiery attitud...

Latest chapter:Chapter 1944 - Qu Jingwan, Don't Force Me

Updated:2022-03-03 21:55

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《Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire》latest chapter

Chapter 1944 - Qu Jingwan, Don't Force Me
Chapter 1919 - Mr Gu, You Are Finally Here
Chapter 1918 - Did I Do Something Wrong?
Chapter 1917 - When Do You Want To Get Married?
Chapter 1916 - Jealous of Duo Duo and Mr Li
Chapter 1915 - What God Sent To Help You
Chapter 1914 - You Two Are Really Alike
Chapter 1913 - Just Do Your Job Well
Chapter 1912 - : You! How Can You Be So Cruel!
Chapter 1911 - Can We Start Over?
Chapter 1910 - I Am Begging You Not To Leave, Okay?
Chapter 1909 - Xiaoyu, Don't Be Like This
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Chapter 397 - The Bride and Groom with 100% Chemistry
Chapter 436 - I don't need 500,000 for emotional damages.
Chapter 555 - My house rule is that doors are locked at 10 PM!
Chapter 557 - Her life seems to revolve around Ji Ziming.
Chapter 556 - Pei Ge unknowingly becomes more beautiful.
Chapter 559 - Pei Ge experiences the onslaught of a storm.
Chapter 558 - Crushing Each Other for the Thrill
Chapter 560 - Only my future husband can have this privilege.
Chapter 561 - The CEO has a cold shower.
Chapter 563 - You are too seductive that I have a nosebleed.
Chapter 562 - Pei Ge... Pei Ge... you have a nosebleed.
Chapter 565 - Pei Ge opens a door to a new world.
Chapter 564 - Ge Ge, how is Mr. Ji in that area?
Chapter 567 - Pei Ge is a diamond that should not be buried.
Chapter 566 - Men called Egger must all be very gentle.
Chapter 568 - Why is this d*mn woman not answering the call?!
Chapter 569 - Ji Ziming, I love you to death! You are the best!
Chapter 570 - I really like the dishes cooked by this chef.
Chapter 571 - The Shameless CEO Ji
Chapter 573 - Pei Ge, you have finally come back to work!
Chapter 572 - Of course, we have an improper relationship.
Chapter 575 - CEO Ji's flirting skill level is pretty high!
Chapter 574 - Pei Ge is a shameless vixen!
Chapter 576 - The Mr. CEO who is entranced by a beauty's smile.
Chapter 577 - Mr. CEO goes to look for Pei Ge in the company's canteen.
Chapter 579 - Pei Ge and CEO Ji resemble an old couple.
Chapter 578 - A massive storm of scandal is brewing!
Chapter 580 - Everyone in the company knows that I am your woman.
Chapter 581 - Pei Ge and CEO Ji Torturing Single Dogs
Chapter 582 - Go look for the prince that has been waiting for you for a long time.
Chapter 583 - Does this annoying fellow like her?
Chapter 584 - This stupid woman only belongs to him.
Chapter 585 - The CEO touches Pei Ge's heart.
Chapter 586 - You are forbidden from talking to any unknown men!
Chapter 587 - Goddess Pei Ge, the Center of Attention
Chapter 588 - Quibbling with Ji Ziming, this ice mountain, over a woman!
Chapter 589 - His looks are not bad…
Chapter 591 - How dare you take advantage of me?! Look at how I will crush you to death!
Chapter 590 - Hur hur hur! Ji Ziming, you jar of vinegar!
Chapter 592 - The heroine, Pei Ge, shows her prowess.
Chapter 593 - Handsome, do we really know each other?
Chapter 594 - Ge Ge, don't leave without a word again.
Chapter 595 - Ziming is my boyfriend. This is my success.
Chapter 597 - Please have better tricks next time.
Chapter 596 - I used to date Ji Ziming.
Chapter 599 - Can she compare to Little Chili?
Chapter 598 - The goddess Mingxuan has a crush on.
Chapter 601 - Mingxuan, is your goddess as pretty as Pei Ge?
Chapter 600 - Overly Jealous and Possessive ‘Psychos'
Chapter 602 - All the women in the world are not half as good as her.
Chapter 603 - She seems to love the man more with each passing moment.
Chapter 604 - Make Her Mine of Her Accord
Chapter 605 - The CEO Couple Torturing the Three Single Men
Chapter 607 - As long as they are not married, he has a chance.
Chapter 606 - No good; I'm no good without you.
Chapter 608 - CEO Ji gets a clear view of things.
Chapter 609 - Gosh! CEO Ji and Pei Ge are really dating!
Chapter 610 - Pei Ge, those people are jealous of you!
Chapter 611 - What has them dating got to do with others?
Chapter 612 - Pei Ge decides to slim down for CEO Ji's sake.
Chapter 613 - You two do not sleep in the same room?
Chapter 615 - Ji Ziming, you really are too much!
Chapter 614 - He must really cherish this photo.
Chapter 616 - No matter how much you change, I will still recognize you.
Chapter 617 - Pei Ge, you are his second girlfriend.
Chapter 619 - It is just a matter of time before our CEO dumps her!
Chapter 618 - Affections for Someone Turning into Obsession Over Time
Chapter 621 - Your father-in-law came just to see you!
Chapter 620 - Pei Ge, your father-in-law is here!
Chapter 622 - That woman has some real tricks!
Chapter 623 - Purging this woman from her son's side.
Chapter 624 - A little girl saved my cousin.
Chapter 625 - A Memory Taken to Heart yet Unable to Be Recalled
Chapter 626 - Why do you have a different man again?
Chapter 627 - Is it such a scary matter for me to like you?
Chapter 629 - Your mouth really needs a slapping.
Chapter 628 - She might feel that you are assaulting her with money.
Chapter 630 - Listen properly; my boyfriend is Ji Ziming.
Chapter 631 - CEO's walls are being pried apart by his childhood friend.
Chapter 632 - I saw your boyfriend in New York!
Chapter 633 - Miss Pei, your father-in-law asks me to bring you over.
Chapter 635 - Ji Ziming is out of the country for a woman?
Chapter 634 - Hello, father-in-law. Please take care of me.
Chapter 636 - Ming Ming likes Ge Ge now.
Chapter 637 - Do you still want our son to get married or not?
Chapter 638 - Pei Ge, I'll give you a chance with my son.
Chapter 639 - A Taste of Their Medicine
Chapter 640 - She will never enter the Ji family.
Chapter 641 - A woman is harassing your Ji Ziming.
Chapter 642 - From today onward, you are Manager Pei!
Chapter 643 - Starting out as Manager Pei!
Chapter 644 - Dad, where did you send Pei Ge?
Chapter 645 - Dad, return Pei Ge to me.
Chapter 647 - Two people are missing each other.
Chapter 646 - Manager Pei is raging!
Chapter 648 - Men in love cannot be reasoned with.
Chapter 649 - Ziming is not the type to two-time.
Chapter 651 - CFO Pei transforms from a little lamb to a fierce beast.
Chapter 650 - The Cool and Imposing CFO Pei
Chapter 652 - This woman is not to be trifled with at all!
Chapter 653 - CFO Pei's Strong Support Team
Chapter 655 - Bumping into Fu Mingxuan on the Way Back to Beijing
Chapter 654 - No matter when, do not underestimate yourself.
Chapter 656 - I'm sorry; I still can't get over her.
Chapter 657 - If he is truly looking for me, he will come in person.
Chapter 658 - Does your goddess have anything to do with Pei Ge?
Chapter 659 - Mingxuan's goddess might very well be Pei Ge.
Chapter 660 - This is a treasure dad will leave for you.
Chapter 661 - Tell me honestly; do you like Pei Ge?
Chapter 662 - First Appearance of Clues
Chapter 663 - As expected of the girl I took a fancy!
Chapter 665 - His feelings for Pei Ge are clearly ‘love'.
Chapter 664 - For CEO Ji, her potential exploded!
Chapter 667 - Annoying fellow, I miss you!
Chapter 666 - CEO Ji, give a romantic and heartfelt confession!
Chapter 669 - The most romantic confession I like is…
Chapter 668 - Two men prepared surprises for Pei Ge.
Chapter 670 - It will be an unforgettable night for her.
Chapter 671 - The man who arrives walks on the ‘moonlight'.
Chapter 672 - The man comes to marry her with iridescent clouds beneath his feet.
Chapter 673 - I want to give you the most romantic confession.
Chapter 674 - I want you to love only me with your all.
Chapter 675 - I don't like you, but I love you.
Chapter 676 - CEO Ji's Max-level Flirting Skill
Chapter 677 - Stupid woman, our contract has just started.
Chapter 679 - I confessed to Pei Ge first.
Chapter 678 - Hello, auntie. I am your daughter's boyfriend.
Chapter 681 - Xiao Ji, I would like to meet your parents.
Chapter 680
Chapter 683 - Let us find a time to meet with our future in-laws.
Chapter 682 - Pei Ge, it surely is true love for CEO Ji to you.
Chapter 685 - Your second uncle scammed your father his company.
Chapter 684 - I like you, and that is enough.
Chapter 687 - Jealous and Possessive Boyfriend
Chapter 686 - I will have second uncle kowtow and admit his wrongdoings in front of dad's grave.
Chapter 689 - The murderer is Qitong?
Chapter 688 - Something serious happened to Qin Qitong.
Chapter 690 - Qin Qitong, Framed
Chapter 691 - The Qin Family's Queer Situation
Chapter 693 - He seems to have seen her before.
Chapter 692 - Rather than a pig-like teammate, the enemy is just too god-like.
Chapter 694 - Xiao Ji must call me mom in the future.
Chapter 695 - Ziming, that woman might be coming back.
Chapter 696 - I dare to swear on my life for her.
Chapter 697 - Bi Zheng, I was wrong about you!
Chapter 698 - The child in that woman's womb is not my dad's?!
Chapter 699 - Thwarting that Evil Woman's Scheme
Chapter 700 - When the stepmother is so strong, the birth father is now a stepfather.
Chapter 701 - Pei Ge battles the old white lotus.
Chapter 702 - Ziming, you are finally here to back me up!
Chapter 703 - She is my girlfriend. I believe only her.
Chapter 705 - Pei Ge, I will never misunderstand you.
Chapter 704 - Are all men this stupid?
Chapter 707 - The great CEO Ji is jealous!
Chapter 706 - When are you giving me wedding treats?
Chapter 708 - A Fairytale-like New Year's Night
Chapter 709 - Pei Ge, I want to kiss you.
Chapter 711 - Xiao Ji and my daughter's relationship is good.
Chapter 710 - The great CEO Ji likes to watch corny, romantic dramas?
Chapter 713 - May I ask if benefactor is asking for marriage or career?
Chapter 712 - This man has ulterior motives regarding my daughter.
Chapter 714 - Have a child that looks like Ji Ziming.
Chapter 715 - The Best Boyfriend in the World
Chapter 717 - He did this with another woman in the past.
Chapter 716 - Date Venue Reserved by Mr. Local Tyrant
Chapter 719 - This woman used to be a bright light in his life.
Chapter 718 - Ji Ziming, do you like me?
Chapter 721 - How could Qiao Jingyun be this kind of person?
Chapter 720 - My girlfriend is pretty, and she is better than you.
Chapter 722 - Pei Ge, you vixen!
Chapter 723 - Our Ge Ge is going to be engaged with Xiao Ji!
Chapter 724 - We will be in-laws with the Ji family in the future.
Chapter 725 - Pei Ge, I will not let you have Ji Ziming.
Chapter 726 - Darling CEO Ji, be obedient and do not think too much.
Chapter 727 - I want to be someone who is worthy of Ji Ziming. Translator: Atl
Chapter 728 - Our House
Chapter 729 - CEO Ji personally cooks soup for her.
Chapter 730 - Arrogance nurtured from being pampered too much by a man!
Chapter 731 - Dating is all about flaunting one's love!
Chapter 732 - The great CEO Ji's cooking tastes familiar.
Chapter 733 - You are my girlfriend; I give you this right.
Chapter 735 - You are a better match for me than anyone else.
Chapter 734 - The Only Relationship in This Life
Chapter 737 - That woman will never be able to beat me.
Chapter 736 - You can punish me by letting my son take your name and have him call you mom.
Chapter 738 - Dress Well for the Special Occasion Today
Chapter 739 - Love-attracting Peach Makeup
Chapter 741 - Pei Ge's good news with Mr. Ji is coming.
Chapter 740 - Pei Ge, you're going to meet your future in-laws?!
Chapter 743 - Mr. Ji's suitors can fill up the Great Wall.
Chapter 742 - Miss Qiao, Ge Ge is CEO Ji's fiancée.
Chapter 744 - Ming Ming and Ge Ge are fated to be husband and wife.
Chapter 745 - I treat Ge Ge as my daughter-in-law.
Chapter 747 - Be it now or in the past, I only love Pei Ge.
Chapter 746 - Let us choose an auspicious date for their engagement!
Chapter 749 - You are the only one I need.
Chapter 748 - I used to like her.
Chapter 750 - Ji Ziming, you are being unfair to Pei Ge!
Chapter 751 - You will not only lose Pei Ge but also your buddy.
Chapter 753 - My boyfriend cannot be this cute!
Chapter 752 - How is my girlfriend this cool?
Chapter 755 - A boyfriend like yours is rare these days.
Chapter 754 - I prefer eating the food you cook.
Chapter 756 - One can get freebies with a handsome face!
Chapter 757 - The great CEO Ji is not only vain but also a joker.
Chapter 759 - Mr. Ji, are you intending to sleep with me?
Chapter 758 - The All-round, Perfect Boyfriend
Chapter 760 - Pei Ge, I want you.
Chapter 761 - CEO Ji, get in my bed only after you wash up!
Chapter 763 - Should I sleep him or sleep with him?
Chapter 762 - Beauty Ji, this liege shall let you warm her bed.
Chapter 764 - The Official Cohabitation of a Wedded Couple!
Chapter 765 - Flaunting Their Sweet Life!
Chapter 767 - Let us join forces to break up those two.
Chapter 766 - Who do you think you are, Qiao Jingyun?
Chapter 769 - Speak! Who is this Yunyun? Hmph!
Chapter 768 - A Third Wheel to Lady Boss and the CEO Again
Chapter 770 - This Qiao Jingyun is after her boyfriend.
Chapter 771 - Compared to my benefactor, Pei Ge is of course more important.
Chapter 772 - She has an ill-fate with Ji Ziming.
Chapter 773 - The lady boss who is successful in love and career.
Chapter 774 - I am willing to spend no matter how much on you.
Chapter 775 - Ji Ziming changed for that woman.
Chapter 777 - Ziming, we must head home and have dinner with your parents.
Chapter 776 - She lost to a woman inferior to her in every way.
Chapter 779 - Ziming, you are now a crazy wife protector.
Chapter 778 - Pei Ge is really nice; it is me who prefers it like this.
Chapter 781 - Some relationships cannot be forgotten even if he wishes.
Chapter 780 - Zhou Zhuoyang, a person cannot stay the same forever.
Chapter 782 - Well done, son!
Chapter 783 - Who is more important between the two?
Chapter 784 - I am willing to call off the wedding for you.
Chapter 785 - Please stay away from me in the future.
Chapter 786 - Thanks to your betrayal, I met Ji Ziming.
Chapter 787 - Do you not know that LDR is very risky?
Chapter 788 - I will get what I want with my hands!
Chapter 789 - Pei Ge did not jump into our trap.
Chapter 791 - You must be regal to be my Ji family's daughter-in-law.
Chapter 790 - Miss Pei, I am here to fetch you under master's orders.
Chapter 792 - Kick others out and usurp the position!
Chapter 793 - Shhh! I want to give him a surprise!
Chapter 794 - Give him a surprise or a scare?
Chapter 795 - My woman is not someone you guys can touch!
Chapter 797 - I like this surprise a lot.
Chapter 796 - Stupid woman, I said that I only like you alone.
Chapter 799 - He wants everyone to know that this woman is his.
Chapter 798 - In my eyes, no one can compare to you.
Chapter 800 - We need to quickly pick the marriage date.
Chapter 801 - Let us directly change our engagement to marriage!
Chapter 803 - Lily's Makeup Skills, Akin to Plastic Surgery
Chapter 802 - You will definitely be the center of attention tonight.
Chapter 804 - Pei Ge's entire ensemble is worth millions
Chapter 805 - Pei Ge, You Look Really Gorgeous Today
Chapter 807 - I am his girlfriend.
Chapter 806 - The Star of the Show
Chapter 809 - This CEO cannot resist the charm of a beautiful woman.
Chapter 808 - This is My Girlfriend, Please Look After Her
Chapter 811 - The man who protected her as she grew up had abandoned her.
Chapter 810 - An extremely jealous CEO Ji is very scary.
Chapter 813 - Pei Ge, move back. Let us continue cohabiting.
Chapter 812 - He has a girl he truly likes now.
Chapter 814 - You are behind Pei Shishi's engagement being annulled.
Chapter 815 - Mom, is your daughter that kind of person?
Chapter 817 - : You are an internet sensation now!
Chapter 816 - You are famous now! You are on the news!
Chapter 819 - Your relationship with him is on TV.
Chapter 818 - They will think that I got the position because of you.
Chapter 821 - He knows that she is his angel.
Chapter 820 - My man only likes me.
Chapter 822 - : You are my woman; I will protect you well.
Chapter 823 - Our new manager is the CEO's girlfriend.
Chapter 825 - Why make things hard for a fellow woman?
Chapter 824 - Relying on a man is not a capability; relying on yourself is.
Chapter 827 - I am his girlfriend. He is willing to change for me.
Chapter 826 - Why do you not know what he likes?
Chapter 828 - He seems to be especially mindful of my girlfriend.
Chapter 829 - There is this thing called ‘taking advantage of the crack to enter'.
Chapter 831 - Pei Ge's Legion of Online Fans
Chapter 830 - Noble and Inviolable Goddess
Chapter 832 - Let us start fighting, manager!
Chapter 833 - I am angry! Come and comfort me!
Chapter 834 - Let us make a three-point covenant.
Chapter 835 - Let us get married after getting engaged next week.
Chapter 836 - I will give her the best engagement party.
Chapter 837 - She is finally getting married.
Chapter 839 - My precious son forgets his mother now that he has his soon-to-be wife.
Chapter 838 - Make Her Rightfully Mine
Chapter 841 - Friend, she is the woman in my heart.
Chapter 840 - He is getting engaged to her next week.
Chapter 842 - Women are trouble, especially Pei Ge.
Chapter 843 - Why must you snatch her from me?
Chapter 845 - He either is sexually incompetent or has someone else in his heart.
Chapter 844 - She is the woman I love; I will not give her up.
Chapter 847 - She transforms into Madam Kill-all.
Chapter 846 - He is in a rush to marry you.
Chapter 848 - He has no immunity when it comes to her.
Chapter 849 - There are many ways to take wedding photos.
Chapter 850 - Do I look good in this wedding dress?
Chapter 851 - What a coincidence! Are you here for the engagement photoshoot as well?
Chapter 853 - Handing you to him, I can be rest assured.
Chapter 852 - You look good in those dresses, so I bought them.
Chapter 854 - Today is the day our boss gets engaged.
Chapter 855 - She is no longer his girlfriend from here on.
Chapter 857 - You definitely did not do the deed with him.
Chapter 856 - If I had his child back then…
Chapter 858 - Fiancée-fetching Troop that Is too Suave for Friends
Chapter 859 - This is his fiancée and his only love.
Chapter 861 - His phone's passcode is her birthday.
Chapter 860 - The whole world knows that you are getting engaged to him today.
Chapter 862 - Pei Ge, if you're blissful, then I'm relieved.
Chapter 863 - Our daughter is someone else's from today onward.
Chapter 864 - The Lavish Bride that the World Envies
Chapter 865 - The Betrothal Gift Worth Billions
Chapter 867 - I am willing to become your wife.
Chapter 866 - The betrothal means nothing, for everything I own is yours.
Chapter 868 - The great CEO slowly reveals his wife-slave colors.
Chapter 869 - Thankful to you for appearing in his life.
Chapter 870 - A Slightly Odd Fu Mingxuan
Chapter 871 - Having an intimate time with a ‘mysterious' man.
Chapter 873 - This monk has turned into a hoodlum.
Chapter 872 - The First Time Outdoors
Chapter 874 - A Refreshing and Intriguing Rebellious CEO
Chapter 875 - The CEO is a hoodlum when drunk.
Chapter 877 - Do you think he has eaten her already?
Chapter 876 - I entrust myself to you wholly.
Chapter 878 - You acted indecently toward me when you were drunk.
Chapter 879 - Stupid woman, do you think I am sober now?
Chapter 880 - I am finally getting a grandchild!
Chapter 881 - Rest assured, in-law; I will treat her well.
Chapter 883 - We only recognize her as our daughter-in-law.
Chapter 882 - Pei Ge, you vixen!
Chapter 884 - Our madam makes the CEO jealous.
Chapter 885 - Alone time interrupted by a group of tactless people.
Chapter 887 - A couple must put a little distance between them.
Chapter 886 - Danger gradually approaches…
Chapter 889 - The d*mn period ruined my plan!
Chapter 888 - She is my benefactor; that is all.
Chapter 890 - This winner in life is an internet sensation.
Chapter 891 - Control yourselves and do not get pregnant.
Chapter 892 - A good husband is willing to splurge on his wife.
Chapter 893 - Money is not a problem since your ‘husband' is rich.
Chapter 895 - First Appearance of Suspicions
Chapter 894 - You are now more famous than a celebrity.
Chapter 896 - She apparently lost her memory in the past.
Chapter 897 - Wanting us to hold a wedding photoshoot in five places…
Chapter 898 - You do not want to be with me that much?
Chapter 899 - Could Pei Ge be that girl from back then?!
Chapter 900 - I am not Ji Ziming's savior.
Chapter 901 - A Coordinated Series of Schemes
Chapter 902 - The tumultuous ‘honeymoon' has started!
Chapter 903 - Twenty days left until our wedding.
Chapter 905 - While fate is defined by the heavens, she believes humans are the masters of their fate!
Chapter 904 - The Result of the Investigation
Chapter 907 - I will be happy as long as you disappear.
Chapter 906 - The Truth of the Kidnapping Incident over a Decade Ago
Chapter 908 - Cinderella all the girls are jealous of.
Chapter 909 - CEO, someone is slandering your ‘wife' online.
Chapter 910 - Trust me; I will handle this.
Chapter 911 - Getting despised for something she did not do.
Chapter 912 - The Romantic Aegean Sea and the Unknown Crisis
Chapter 913 - Unknown Secrets on the Verge of Being Discovered
Chapter 914 - I have learned of your wrongdoings.
Chapter 915 - I will be a good husband and a father!
Chapter 916 - I absolutely love… these dishes you made.
Chapter 917 - She is now both our benefactors.
Chapter 918 - You are my woman; I will stand in front of you.
Chapter 919 - You will suffer the consequences for provoking my woman.
Chapter 921 - If there is anything in the future, we will face it together.
Chapter 920 - I have decided to end things earlier.
Chapter 922 - I know the secret that you have been hiding.
Chapter 923 - Other than dead people, no one knows my secret.
Chapter 925 - Marrying into this family means I, as your mother-in-law, will be on your side!
Chapter 924 - Uncle, it is every man for himself.
Chapter 927 - She is about to make the headline on the entertainment section
Chapter 926 - How could you forget something so important?
Chapter 928 - Thank you for appearing in his life.
Chapter 929 - He will forever be the loser in front of this woman.
Chapter 931 - What are you two doing behind my back?!
Chapter 930 - Fu Mingxuan, is doing this… truly worth it?
Chapter 933 - I did not molest you when I was drunk, did I?
Chapter 932 - Stay far away from my woman next time.
Chapter 934 - My ‘husband' is so cute!
Chapter 935 - Pei Ge, a very handsome man is looking for you.
Chapter 936 - This is our wedding; you can do whatever you want.
Chapter 937 - The beginning of the exciting bachelor party!
Chapter 938 - I will take good care of you on my hubby's behalf.
Chapter 939 - Do you recall having amnesia?
Chapter 941 - A friendly reminder: The murderer might be your second uncle.
Chapter 940 - Your father's death is a premeditated murder.
Chapter 943 - I will treat her well without you saying it.
Chapter 942 - You must treat her well.
Chapter 944 - A certain CEO protects his chastity dearly after falling into someone's plot.
Chapter 945 - Ziming, where are you? I am here to look for you.
Chapter 947 - They finally did it.
Chapter 946 - Ziming, I want to give myself to you!
Chapter 948 - She is the woman who slept with him!
Chapter 949 - How could it be her? I feel indignant!
Chapter 951 - Did you really go to the wrong bed?!
Chapter 950 - Nothing happened between us last night.
Chapter 953 - I will marry you as long as you do not harm her.
Chapter 952 - Please do not tell her about this.
Chapter 955 - Your neck was bitten by a bug?
Chapter 954 - I wanted to sleep with him but was rejected.
Chapter 957 - The great CEO ran away after he bedded her.
Chapter 956 - Is my cousin really good in that department?
Chapter 959 - There is something fishy regarding my dad's death.
Chapter 958 - Re-investigate without Ringing Alarm Bells
Chapter 961 - I am only helping her because she is stupid!
Chapter 960 - The first evidence appears!
Chapter 962 - Do not reject me, okay?
Chapter 963 - Properly take note of your image.
Chapter 964 - The great CEO has pre-marital gamophobia?!
Chapter 965 - The Calm Before the Storm
Chapter 967 - Did my body not satisfy him?
Chapter 966 - Did the great CEO run away from the wedding?
Chapter 968 - Your father had one more killer!
Chapter 969 - There is no eyewitness or evidence for your father's case.
Chapter 971 - Mu Heng caused a certain CEO fall into a pothole.
Chapter 970 - The great CEO reappears!
Chapter 972 - The person on the phone with her was him.
Chapter 973 - I am sorry and I miss you, too.
Chapter 975 - The seed of doubt has been planted.
Chapter 974 - I will never let go of your hand for life.
Chapter 976 - A Showdown Right before the Storm
Chapter 977 - Pei Shishi, you are unfit to receive my father's blessings.
Chapter 978 - I know all your secrets.
Chapter 979 - I was not in the wrong! I did not kill him!
Chapter 981 - If you kill me, the secret will be exposed.
Chapter 980 - Why did you not save my father?!
Chapter 982 - You mother got hit by a car!
Chapter 983 - Your mother is in critical condition.
Chapter 984 - Meeting a friend at the hospital while mother is in critical condition…
Chapter 985 - Does he truly love you?
Chapter 987 - I-I ran down your big auntie.
Chapter 986 - I know who the culprit is! It is that person!
Chapter 988 - Do not admit it to the police.
Chapter 989 - You are a person of interest in a murder case.
Chapter 990 - Dad, cousin already knows that you are her father's killer.
Chapter 991 - Do not be afraid; I am here.
Chapter 992 - We are one family so do not worry.
Chapter 993 - He does not really love you!
Chapter 995 - My wedding has been postponed.
Chapter 994 - You are part of the family so you do not have to tiptoe around people.
Chapter 997 - Are you concerned about me or her?
Chapter 996 - I am going back to support her!
Chapter 998 - You know yourself if you are the culprit.
Chapter 999 - The person who got my mother out is him.
Chapter 1000 - Pei Ge, Qiao Jingyun is pregnant.
Chapter 1001 - He has never loved you.
Chapter 1002 - I want to get to the bottom of this!
Chapter 1003 - At the Same Place with Its Usual Appearance but with Changed People
Chapter 1004 - If you don't like me, why did you marry me?
Chapter 1005 - You jerk, you are always like this!
Chapter 1006 - Can… I trust you?
Chapter 1007 - Her condition is dire.
Chapter 1009 - She is sick?
Chapter 1008 - As long as the child in her stomach disappears…
Chapter 1011 - Your marriage certificate is fake.
Chapter 1010 - You two are lying to me.
Chapter 1012 - Rest assured; I will definitely not break up with him.
Chapter 1013 - Please, please don't be fake.
Chapter 1014 - Miss, your marriage certificate is fake.
Chapter 1015 - What should I do…
Chapter 1017 - The Beginning of the Storm
Chapter 1016 - Everything is too much to be a coincidence.
Chapter 1018 - You dared to betray our God Ji!
Chapter 1019 - Are all these people mad?
Chapter 1020 - Pei Ge is pregnant, too?!
Chapter 1021 - Is the child Ji Ziming's?
Chapter 1022 - Do you want to keep this child or abort it?
Chapter 1023 - I know that all these are her doing.
Chapter 1025 - Save my baby…
Chapter 1024 - You lied again!
Chapter 1026 - He is flying home! His girl needs him!
Chapter 1027 - He will make an exception for her sake.
Chapter 1029 - Does he still want her?
Chapter 1028 - The lady's child is…
Chapter 1031 - Son, your fiancée got abducted!
Chapter 1030 - That lassie has a difficult life!
Chapter 1032 - The dream is so beautiful that she does not wish to wake up from it.
Chapter 1033 - Baby, you are a glutton just like your mom
Chapter 1034 - She has become delusional?
Chapter 1035 - She knows that he is here for the other.
Chapter 1036 - How am I incomparable to her?
Chapter 1037 - Her boyfriend is not bad!
Chapter 1038 - Rest assured that you still have me…
Chapter 1039 - You should leave this place.
Chapter 1041 - Follow us overseas.
Chapter 1040 - Not everything can be achieved simply through effort.
Chapter 1042 - I want to study in Cambridge.
Chapter 1043 - I want to further my studies at Harvard.
Chapter 1044 - We do not owe each other anymore.
Chapter 1045 - Baby, mommy only has you left.
Chapter 1047 - The Last Phone call to Bid Farewell
Chapter 1046 - That man is not worth it.
Chapter 1048 - You will be my most important and best friend forever.
Chapter 1049 - The only number she remembers is his.
Chapter 1050 - Let us break up.
Chapter 1051 - The one you love is me and can only be me.
Chapter 1052 - She is my woman!
Chapter 1053 - She is pregnant with my child
Chapter 1054 - She will never find happiness with you.
Chapter 1055 - It is your fault that she and my child are gone…
Chapter 1057 - How could you two betray him?
Chapter 1056 - The one I love is her; I will explain it to her.
Chapter 1058 - It turned out that she saw everything.
Chapter 1059 - She will become my wife; she will be happy.
Chapter 1061 - You killed our child.
Chapter 1060 - She has just lost her child; you should accompany her.
Chapter 1063 - A new chapter commences…
Chapter 1062 - For her sake, everything is worth it.
Chapter 1064 - Sir, she may no longer be here.
Chapter 1065 - Why did you betray me?!
Chapter 1067 - Egger? Loving Ge? Love Ge Ge?
Chapter 1066 - My dearest, you have arrived.
Chapter 1068 - Your body is not in the condition to have this child.
Chapter 1069 - I want to keep this child.
Chapter 1070 - Is my woman someone you guys can humiliate?
Chapter 1071 - Getting Nothing after All the Scheming
Chapter 1073 - Pei Ge with a Larger Stomach but a Skinnier Body
Chapter 1072 - He has gone crazy after losing her.
Chapter 1074 - If there is an intention to hide, there is no way one can be found.
Chapter 1075 - His woman is not someone others can taint.
Chapter 1077 - The person behind her must have a powerful background.
Chapter 1076 - What must he do if he fails to find her?
Chapter 1079 - I thought of him again.
Chapter 1078 - From the size of your stomach, it might be twins.
Chapter 1081 - The legendary Egger is surprisingly this young and dashing.
Chapter 1080 - Who exactly is that man?
Chapter 1082 - As long as she is Pei Ge, I will like her.
Chapter 1083 - My heart that loves her has never changed.
Chapter 1084 - Maybe he is her destined match…
Chapter 1085 - I think I know who he is now.
Chapter 1087 - How can they compare to her?
Chapter 1086 - Companionship is the best confession.
Chapter 1089 - Meeting an Unexpected Man
Chapter 1088 - You know it if I am speaking nonsense.
Chapter 1090 - It is him. He has appeared…
Chapter 1091 - I am afraid he will take my children.
Chapter 1092 - I want you to cut off all contact with her.
Chapter 1093 - Why are you sending her away?
Chapter 1094 - The dream is too beautiful to wake up from.
Chapter 1095 - He found her!
Chapter 1096 - She is your fiancée; why are you looking for her to me?
Chapter 1097 - He wants to protect her and her children well.
Chapter 1098 - Hello, Harvard; I am Pei Ge.
Chapter 1099 - Oh! My Honey bottle, I've finally met you.
Chapter 1100 - Are you sure that you are pregnant with only two?
Chapter 1101 - Groundbreaking News!
Chapter 1102 - This lady here is going to give birth prematurely; her condition is critical.
Chapter 1103 - There is another child in your stomach.
Chapter 1104 - Use her life to exchange for the two babies'!
Chapter 1105 - A miracle by God as the mother and children are safe.
Chapter 1106 - What does it feel like to be a first-time father?
Chapter 1107 - The Mother of Triplets
Chapter 1108 - The baby passed away earlier.
Chapter 1109 - Where is my other child?!
Chapter 1110 - You are still young; you will have more in the future.
Chapter 1111 - I promise that no one else can hurt you again.
Chapter 1112 - You will be happy in the future.
Chapter 1113 - You have just gotten engaged!
Chapter 1114 - Pull yourself together!
Chapter 1115 - It was all his fault; it would have been better if we had never met.
Chapter 1116 - Hating him as much as she used to love him!
Chapter 1117 - Little An An takes care of his sister.
Chapter 1118 - My child is not related to him at all.
Chapter 1119 - Wake up fast and see your grandchildren.
Chapter 1120 - The children grew up well.
Chapter 1121 - Return! Pei Ge Five Years Ago and Five Years Later
Chapter 1122 - That jerk must be married with kids.
Chapter 1123 - The Iron Lady of New York's Wall Street
Chapter 1124 - The Temper of the New Superior
Chapter 1125 - Second uncle and second auntie, I am back!
Chapter 1126 - He has never forgotten her.
Chapter 1127 - Who says that I still care about that woman?
Chapter 1128 - Ping An would probably like this toy.
Chapter 1129 - Daddies and Mommies in the Toy Store
Chapter 1130 - Falling in Love with a Woman at First Sight
Chapter 1131 - His soulmate is the Queen?
Chapter 1132 - Sister, if only you were my mommy!
Chapter 1133 - The game starts now.
Chapter 1134 - She has been regretting it every day for five years.
Chapter 1135 - Sorry, but I am already married with two kids.
Chapter 1136 - The daughter of the Pei family has grown up…
Chapter 1137 - I still like you even though you are married with children.
Chapter 1138 - A Happy and Sweet Four-person Family
Chapter 1139 - Are you still looking for her?
Chapter 1140 - She dreamed that her child called that woman ‘mom'.
Chapter 1141 - He is married with a child…
Chapter 1142 - Ran Ran really likes that uncle earlier.
Chapter 1143 - Could this be the nature of blood connections?
Chapter 1144 - Baby's daddy does not like Baby's mommy.
Chapter 1145 - You fell in love at first sight to a woman you don't know?!
Chapter 1146 - Plans Change
Chapter 1147 - His interest has been piqued by her.
Chapter 1148 - The position of Mrs. Ji has already been filled up.
Chapter 1149 - This woman is much harder to deal with than Pei Ge.
Chapter 1150 - Her beauty surpasses all.
Chapter 1151 - I am not a woman whom you can trifle with.
Chapter 1152 - Sugar daddy? This queen is that sugar daddy!
Chapter 1153 - The Ji family will publicly acknowledge me today.
Chapter 1154 - Luckily, the children do not look like him.
Chapter 1155 - Baby needs a complete family.
Chapter 1156 - Pei Ge saved the Ji family's gem.
Chapter 1157 - You are my mother.
Chapter 1158 - Did you say that she is Regina?
Chapter 1159 - You are not interested in her, too, are you?!
Chapter 1160 - She is strange.
Chapter 1161 - Mommy, mommy, do not abandon me.
Chapter 1162 - This woman gives him a feeling called Pei Ge.
Chapter 1163 - Wu wu! Daddy stole Baby's ‘mommy'!
Chapter 1164 - Little boy, his doting mother, and his stern wife-slave father
Chapter 1165 - Why would a mother use her child?
Chapter 1166 - Who is this woman? Why is he…
Chapter 1167 - Mommy, daddy is being fierce with me baby again!
Chapter 1168 - Baby wants to sleep with mommy!
Chapter 1169 - The one surnamed Ji, what have you done to my goddess?!
Chapter 1170 - Who are you exactly…
Chapter 1171 - You actually believe me instead of Ji Ziming.
Chapter 1172 - Who exactly is your fiancée?!
Chapter 1173 - Powerful and Prideful Pei Ge
Chapter 1174 - The kid was pushed down by his mother!
Chapter 1175 - I heard that you have two children.
Chapter 1176 - I heard that you are married.
Chapter 1177 - Mommy apologizes. I am at fault; I should not have lied to you.
Chapter 1178 - Sorry; please do not abandon me.
Chapter 1179 - Daddy really likes you!
Chapter 1180 - Daddy, I want her to be my mother!
Chapter 1181 - She might be the woman he has been looking for…
Chapter 1182 - We will leave our boy to you.
Chapter 1183 - Too bad that the time is not right, or else…
Chapter 1184 - He should not have realized that she is Pei Ge.
Chapter 1185 - She must be the woman I have always been looking for.
Chapter 1186 - Our future young mistress might change again.
Chapter 1187 - He might have found out that I am Pei Ge.
Chapter 1188 - She is not a woman you can like.
Chapter 1189 - She is my future wife—your sister-in-law.
Chapter 1190 - Huh?! What?! You're pregnant?!
Chapter 1191 - You are the first to know that I am pregnant!
Chapter 1192 - I am their father. It is a given for me to dote on them!
Chapter 1193 - She is unable to reciprocate such deep feelings.
Chapter 1194 - I remember hearing this story in my dreams.
Chapter 1195 - He is a good fit for these little guys' father.
Chapter 1196 - I love your mother, so I want to marry her.
Chapter 1197 - You are finally awake!
Chapter 1198 - : Regina is not Pei Ge!
Chapter 1199 - I am quite supportive of you dating him.
Chapter 1200 - I plan to return in a few days' time.
Chapter 1201 - He stuffed a woman in our company.
Chapter 1202 - Who is this woman who looks exactly like her?
Chapter 1203 - I am his girlfriend.
Chapter 1204 - Your matter is not my business!
Chapter 1205 - You truly dote on your girlfriend.
Chapter 1206 - My patience is limited.
Chapter 1207 - Are you Pei Ge…
Chapter 1208 - : Brothers will always be more important than women!
Chapter 1209 - You must cherish her properly this time.
Chapter 1210 - It has been a while.
Chapter 1211 - The person caught can be punished in any way.
Chapter 1212 - This is prepared to help the two reconcile.
Chapter 1213 - You are good. Have played this before?
Chapter 1214 - Be careful of him.
Chapter 1215 - You are the mother of two children; what are you being all shy for?
Chapter 1216 - There, there. Be obedient, my prisoner.
Chapter 1217 - I do not want to play games with you anymore.
Chapter 1218 - What if I am Pei Ge?!
Chapter 1219 - We should stop torturing each other.
Chapter 1220 - Do not ever dream of fleeing from me!
Chapter 1221 - Do not force me to hate you!
Chapter 1222 - I feel upset when I see your tears.
Chapter 1223 - What right do you have to say that you like me?!
Chapter 1224 - Do not ever dream of leaving my side again.
Chapter 1225 - He must have planned this long ago!
Chapter 1226 - Not bad. You are pretty fast!
Chapter 1227 - You are happier to see it than me.
Chapter 1228 - I took care of it all these years just to wait for you.
Chapter 1229 - Unless that boy is not yours and hers…
Chapter 1230 - You are my woman. You cannot go anywhere.
Chapter 1231 - If you really love me, then please let go of me.
Chapter 1232 - Not in my life! You are mine for the rest of your life!
Chapter 1233 - You can talk about marrying me only if your parents agree to it.
Chapter 1234 - How great it would be if they never had misunderstandings.
Chapter 1235 - It is you who dragged me to your bed last night.
Chapter 1236 - What exactly is your relationship with her?!
Chapter 1237 - She is the woman I want to marry in this life.
Chapter 1238 - You can only be my woman!
Chapter 1239 - She is my wife; we even have two children.
Chapter 1240 - That friendly uncle looks familiar!
Chapter 1241 - He looks very lonely.
Chapter 1242 - When can we meet little brother?
Chapter 1243 - Let us go find your mother.
Chapter 1244 - Husband? That is just her lie.
Chapter 1245 - I am here to prepare breakfast for you.
Chapter 1246 - This is my house with her.
Chapter 1247 - The two look similar.
Chapter 1248 - She looks like the mother of these three children.
Chapter 1249 - I do not like it, so little brother does not like it!
Chapter 1250 - Be a good sister and call me brother.
Chapter 1251 - Disappear from his world; just like what you did five years ago.
Chapter 1252 - Did you take after your parents?
Chapter 1253 - She cuckolded him?!
Chapter 1254 - Their father is that good-looking uncle?
Chapter 1255 - Either way, my children are not yours!
Chapter 1256 - Do you like mommy or that uncle?
Chapter 1257 - Your kids really like me.
Chapter 1258 - Her two children will like him.
Chapter 1259 - Do you think that you have won?
Chapter 1260 - Whatever it is that you want, I will give it to you.
Chapter 1261 - I do not like you; I only love you.
Chapter 1262 - I don't want someone who can't protect me
Chapter 1263 - She is no longer the same person she once was!
Chapter 1264 - Your son was taken away by her!
Chapter 1265 - How could someone understand another person's thoughts so well?
Chapter 1266 - Their family of five should be very happy.
Chapter 1267 - Let me handle this.
Chapter 1268 - Even when she replaced her, she could still not get what she wanted.
Chapter 1269 - You really think that it will stay a secret forever?
Chapter 1270 - She is waiting for ‘the moment of truth'.
Chapter 1271 - : She has already stepped into hell.
Chapter 1272 - Next time will be the day their family of four reunite. (1)
Chapter 1273 - Next time will be the day their family of four reunite. (2)
Chapter 1274 - Can you afford my salary?
Chapter 1275 - Wait for me to be toyed to death by her? Heh!
Chapter 1276 - I know that these kids are mine.
Chapter 1277 - When she is involved, I do not want to back down.
Chapter 1278 - What makes you think that the children are his?
Chapter 1279 - Could they be his children?
Chapter 1280 - When do you think I got pregnant with your children?
Chapter 1281 - She is my wife, and they are my children.
Chapter 1282 - Do you like her that much?
Chapter 1283 - How can you be the company CEO when you are so dumb?
Chapter 1284 - Gemei is the most beautiful hope there is.
Chapter 1285 - From today on, this company's name will revert to the original.
Chapter 1286 - What if she has gotten revenge? Her father…
Chapter 1287 - Now that she has gotten her revenge, it is time for her to consider marriage.
Chapter 1288 - I was jealous and envious, but I still managed to beat you.
Chapter 1289 - : If you leave him, I will tell you a secret.
Chapter 1290 - When did this man start behaving like a father?
Chapter 1291 - In the future, my mommy is your mommy.
Chapter 1292 - You are so adorable, so I of course am willing.
Chapter 1293 - Her children are not yours.
Chapter 1294 - I just realized that the one I like is you.
Chapter 1295 - I only like her.
Chapter 1296 - The children are still young; they need a father.
Chapter 1297 - Do you remember when we did it?
Chapter 1298 - He has probably never touched that woman.
Chapter 1299 - Who incited you to kill my father?
Chapter 1300 - Tell me the other murderer's identity.
Chapter 1301 - Who on earth is the murderer behind the scenes!
Chapter 1302 - Where did she give birth to her child?
Chapter 1303 - I want to go there at once!
Chapter 1304 - She decided to be with him.
Chapter 1305 - No matter what the situation is, she will always be mine.
Chapter 1306 - What is up with his and that woman's child?
Chapter 1307 - You snatched my man and killed my child.
Chapter 1308 - It turns out that he really likes her.
Chapter 1309 - You are not in pain but my heart is.
Chapter 1310 - Hello, love rival; I am her husband.
Chapter 1311 - You do not like her just because of that?
Chapter 1312 - You claim to like her, but you are her best friend's man.
Chapter 1313 - Do you truly believe that the one you like is me?
Chapter 1314 - I will personally protect my wife.
Chapter 1315 - No one can stop me from marrying you.
Chapter 1316 - There are conditions for me and the children to acknowledge you.
Chapter 1317 - A man who has not had meat in a long time will continue to be a vegetarian in the future.
Chapter 1318 - Good morning, my dearest hubby!
Chapter 1319 - When will you marry mommy?
Chapter 1320 - I will definitely give you the most romantic wedding.
Chapter 1321 - Is it worth it? It is not worth it at all…
Chapter 1322 - It is just a man! It is not worth it!
Chapter 1323 - I lost a child before, too. I know your pain.
Chapter 1324 - Daddy is missing!
Chapter 1325 - He is catching up to her as their father.
Chapter 1326 - Wifey, what love-filled lunch did you make for me?
Chapter 1327 - Your daddy is not married into our family yet!
Chapter 1328 - She wants to be with Ji Ziming and live in the moment.
Chapter 1329 - : She feels more like the girl in his memory than that woman.
Chapter 1330 - Was her dream truly caused by his story?
Chapter 1331 - Since I love her, I will not let those things happen to her.
Chapter 1332 - I really regret funding your studies back then!
Chapter 1333 - As much as I am shameless, I will never do anything like that!
Chapter 1334 - You are not dumb but just too kindhearted.
Chapter 1335 - I will protect you and our children.
Chapter 1336 - Are you perhaps the kids' father?!
Chapter 1337 - He used to me, and half a decade later, he still does.
Chapter 1338 - I swear never to let her be in harm's way again.
Chapter 1339 - How much do you love her? More than myself.
Chapter 1340 - First appearance of clues; the truth surfaces.
Chapter 1341 - The actual person who saved him is her!
Chapter 1342 - You are the girl who saved me then.
Chapter 1343 - You have always been my love, now or in the past.
Chapter 1344 - Memories on the Edge of Recollection
Chapter 1345 - She may be recovering her memory bit by bit.
Chapter 1346 - This… is where the kids were born.
Chapter 1347 - Other than you, I have never touched a woman.
Chapter 1348 - If he is Ping An, then everything makes sense.
Chapter 1349 - Actually, he is not a good guy.
Chapter 1350 - I will only marry the woman who gave birth to my two children.
Chapter 1351 - If you do not believe it, take a look at this paternity test.
Chapter 1352 - Is daddy really our father?
Chapter 1353 - Are they really children of the Ji family?
Chapter 1354 - He is not that woman's son; he is mine!
Chapter 1355 - Where is he? I have something to confirm with him!
Chapter 1356 - Because he is my son! I have triplets!
Chapter 1357 - I only know now that my Ping An is actually Ji Chi.
Chapter 1358 - Ping An is missing!
Chapter 1359 - She took him away?!
Chapter 1360 - Someone is hurting little brother. Mommy, let us go save him.
Chapter 1361 - No one can hurt our children…
Chapter 1362 - I will see how happy you can be once I kill your child.
Chapter 1363 - Why did not I realize sooner that my son is still alive?
Chapter 1364 - Come at me instead! Don't harm my child!
Chapter 1365 - : If only my mommy is her!
Chapter 1366 - If you want to save your child, come exchange him with yourself.
Chapter 1367 - I will bring our child back to safety.
Chapter 1368 - Mommy is here to bring you home…
Chapter 1369 - I have been waiting a long time for you.
Chapter 1370 - Mommy is sorry; I did not protect you well.
Chapter 1371 - Mommy, daddy and I are here to find you!
Chapter 1372 - Qiao Jingyun, it's not too late yet.
Chapter 1373 - Even if I am dead, I will not let you off!
Chapter 1374 - As long as I can save her, what do I care about my daughter?
Chapter 1375 - It is better for her to have an early reincarnation than to have a father like you.
Chapter 1376 - : It is useless even though you gave birth to triplets for that family.
Chapter 1377 - It is you who robbed me of everything.
Chapter 1378 - : This woman deserves to die!
Chapter 1379 - For her son's sake, she is willing to have her hands covered in blood.
Chapter 1380 - I only want you by my side.
Chapter 1381 - I will definitely bring you and the child out.
Chapter 1382 - How can you save him based on your own abilities?
Chapter 1383 - Aiya! I have finally caught you!
Chapter 1384 - The lady, whom he viewed as an enemy, saved him.
Chapter 1385 - Beg me while kneeling, and I might just let him go!
Chapter 1386 - This Unhelpful Ingrate
Chapter 1387 - Successful Rescue of Ping An
Chapter 1388 - Since she really wants to die, let us fulfill her wish.
Chapter 1389 - Please wake up unharmed.
Chapter 1390 - Who are you? You are not my mother…
Chapter 1391 - Why does my son not recognize me?
Chapter 1392 - I am not called Ping An, nor am I your little brother.
Chapter 1393 - Amnesia is nothing; it is fine to reteach him.
Chapter 1394 - Her son is actually calling another woman ‘mommy'?!
Chapter 1395 - Do not ignore me.
Chapter 1396 - You are a bad woman who wants to snatch away my daddy.
Chapter 1397 - Daddy, do not go looking for that bad woman anymore.
Chapter 1398 - Perform a thorough checkup of his brain.
Chapter 1399 - I need to have your brain cured.
Chapter 1400 - Let him get to know us again.
Chapter 1401 - Ji Chi is under hypnosis.
Chapter 1402 - She detests her as much as she liked her in the past.
Chapter 1403 - Do not need a mother now that you have a wife.
Chapter 1404 - We will get married once our son recovers.
Chapter 1405 - Mommy, I had a dream about little brother.
Chapter 1406 - Follow me back to my parents' house. Something happened to our son.
Chapter 1407 - We will definitely make little brother remember us.
Chapter 1408 - Go call Miss Qu over.
Chapter 1409 - Remember your place.
Chapter 1410 - The unofficial mistress of the Ji household.
Chapter 1411 - Pei Ge demonstrates her prowess!
Chapter 1412 - You are my wife; what is there to be shy about?
Chapter 1413 - What role did the Qu family play in this incident?
Chapter 1414 - If only she had been braver back then…
Chapter 1415 - Strive on; everything will get better.
Chapter 1416 - Stay in our house and take care of Ji Chi.
Chapter 1417 - Staying in Ji Mansion Together
Chapter 1418 - All for the Children
Chapter 1419 - He is just taking her for you.
Chapter 1420 - Her son should remember her.
Chapter 1421 - Happy Times for the Family of Four
Chapter 1422 - The Disappearing Wariness
Chapter 1423 - A Happy Family
Chapter 1424 - Ji Ziming's Explosion of Jealousy
Chapter 1425 - Ji Ziming's Heartfelt Confession
Chapter 1426 - Qu Jingwan cooks up a scheme.
Chapter 1427 - The Reversal at the Ending
Chapter 1428 - You are my woman.
Chapter 1429 - You want me to die of exasperation so that Pei Ge can marry into the family sooner, right?
Chapter 1430 - The great CEO is jealous of his kids.
Chapter 1431 - You are an elegant swan, while she is an ugly duckling.
Chapter 1432 - The secret surfaces…
Chapter 1433 - Recollecting and Reminiscing
Chapter 1434 - You are much more important than a piece of clothing.
Chapter 1435 - Their relationship returns to a starting point.
Chapter 1436 - A Stroll to Relax
Chapter 1437 - A Family Trip
Chapter 1438 - Disturbance at the Front Lobby
Chapter 1439 - Disturbance at the Banquet Hall
Chapter 1440 - Qu Jingwan's Scheme
Chapter 1441 - Let us have two more children.
Chapter 1442 - Another Trick by Old Qu
Chapter 1443 - The lie could become the truth, too.
Chapter 1444 - His mother chastises him.
Chapter 1445 - Something happened to Pei Ge.
Chapter 1446 - The Family Together, Surrounded by Loved Ones
Chapter 1447 - Searching for the Truth
Chapter 1448 - The Truth Becoming More Blurry
Chapter 1449 - Mommy is injured and daddy is hurt the most.
Chapter 1450 - Madam Ji came to visit Pei Ge.
Chapter 1451 - Casting a long line to catch a big fish.
Chapter 1452 - Pei Ge has her plans.
Chapter 1453 - Mother Ji brings Ji Chi to visit Pei Ge.
Chapter 1454 - The relation between the mother-son pair warms up.
Chapter 1455 - Beginning of Investigation
Chapter 1456 - She cannot be without a father.
Chapter 1457 - I am more capable at other things; do you want to try?
Chapter 1458 - The girl has a big revelation.
Chapter 1459 - Who understood whom?
Chapter 1460 - He wants to see all her expressions his entire life.
Chapter 1461 - Hong Qiang left the prison.
Chapter 1462 - I am here to bring you home.
Chapter 1463 - You really cannot stand teasing.
Chapter 1464 - Do you not know how to support someone?
Chapter 1465 - No one can bully you.
Chapter 1466 - Pei Ge is pregnant again?
Chapter 1467 - You have to compensate me now.
Chapter 1468 - Try to your heart's content. You still have me.
Chapter 1469 - Pregnancy Blunder
Chapter 1470 - Do you want a younger brother or younger sister?
Chapter 1471 - You and my son, get married again.
Chapter 1472 - : Qu Jingwan's Scheme
Chapter 1473 - The breakfast you made doesn't taste bad.
Chapter 1474 - Follow the path that you choose no matter how hard it is.
Chapter 1475 - Who is threatening whom?
Chapter 1476 - : Is it torture or sweetness?
Chapter 1477 - The Man with Two Faces
Chapter 1478 - Confession
Chapter 1479 - A present representing my heart that beats for you…
Chapter 1480 - The higher one stands, the more painful the fall will be.
Chapter 1481 - Having a meal alone is loneliness; having a meal with another person is life.
Chapter 1482 - How could a person be split into two?
Chapter 1483 - Who broke the vase?
Chapter 1484 - Friend or Foe
Chapter 1485 - I'll give you as many as you want
Chapter 1486 - : Groundless Claims
Chapter 1487 - Real or Fake
Chapter 1488 - Getting seduced—who's the one getting jealous?!
Chapter 1489 - Let us go home after finishing work.
Chapter 1490 - The Person of Utmost Aristocracy
Chapter 1491 - The spy appears.
Chapter 1492 - Those with objection, please remain silent.
Chapter 1493 - A lie requires many lies to cover up.
Chapter 1494 - You only need to be my wife.
Chapter 1495 - The higher a person stands, the more painful the fall will be.
Chapter 1496 - Are you thirsty from speaking so long?
Chapter 1497 - Oh, god. Who has she met?
Chapter 1498 - What is wrong with pigs? Pigs are very cute.
Chapter 1499 - : An Odd Move
Chapter 1500 - Just listen to madam.
Chapter 1501 - A person's heart will change.
Chapter 1502 - Never wrong a good man and let a bad person off easily.
Chapter 1503 - Heartfelt Confession
Chapter 1504 - If you cannot wear one set a day, then wear two sets in a day.
Chapter 1505 - The fox's tail will still be exposed.
Chapter 1506 - Because you are my woman.
Chapter 1507 - Do not worry; you have me.
Chapter 1508 - If I am not by your side, whose side should I be?
Chapter 1509 - I will accompany you forever
Chapter 1510 - Cousin, I missed you.
Chapter 1511 - Retreat to Advance
Chapter 1512 - I do not want you to feed me.
Chapter 1513 - Remember that we are one family.
Chapter 1514 - The only person I love is the one sitting beside me.
Chapter 1515 - You are my woman, so of course.
Chapter 1516 - Those who did wrong are not worthy of forgiveness.
Chapter 1517 - You and the children are the most important people in my life.
Chapter 1518 - Do you know what you did wrong this time?
Chapter 1519 - Do not wake up easily from a beautiful dream.
Chapter 1520 - That thing you talked about, is it this or that?
Chapter 1521 - : Get a female manager here.
Chapter 1522 - Who are you buying this for?
Chapter 1523 - What do you mean ‘temporary'?
Chapter 1524 - Believe me; I am serious this time.
Chapter 1525 - Suspicions—real or fake?
Chapter 1526 - Refuse to Admit
Chapter 1527 - Who is the one spreading rumors?
Chapter 1528 - You do not trust me.
Chapter 1529 - It is good as long as you are fine.
Chapter 1530 - I will apologize to you, okay?
Chapter 1531 - He kept sneaking a peek at you.
Chapter 1532 - When shepherds quarrel, the wolf has a winning game.
Chapter 1533 - I will make whoever dares to touch you pay for it.
Chapter 1534 - The Awkwardness of a Torn Skirt
Chapter 1535 - You only know how to make me happy.
Chapter 1536 - You are my woman; I will hug you whenever I want.
Chapter 1537 - Do you want me to wear your clothes for you?
Chapter 1538 - He knows that she will give in.
Chapter 1539 - Where to return to?
Chapter 1540 - Jingwan is really too kind-hearted.
Chapter 1541 - Choose, table and me?
Chapter 1542 - I like you the way you are.
Chapter 1543 - What ‘scram' is ‘scram'.
Chapter 1544 - What sort of friendship are you telling me about?
Chapter 1545 - The culprit is actually you.
Chapter 1546 - Threaten him; she is not that important to you.
Chapter 1547 - Willing to Give up Everything for Her Sake
Chapter 1548 - You actually doubted my love for you.
Chapter 1549 - Quarreling the Moment They Meet
Chapter 1550 - She still has her brothers even if daddy is not around.
Chapter 1551 - Three, cute children gather.
Chapter 1552 - : Of course, you will marry me.
Chapter 1553 - No need as she has me.
Chapter 1554 - Mommy has all of you.
Chapter 1555 - The hoodlum was born in your family, too.
Chapter 1556 - Miss Peacock
Chapter 1557 - The Overbearing Qu Jingwan
Chapter 1558 - Because I feel heartache for you.
Chapter 1559 - An unknown person angered Ji Ziming.
Chapter 1560 - I can kill you now.
Chapter 1561 - I will not let you off easily.
Chapter 1562 - Are you really considered her boyfriend?
Chapter 1563 - I am here if anything happens.
Chapter 1564 - I will let anyone who dares harm you pay for it.
Chapter 1565 - Going Back to the US
Chapter 1566 - I find you very cool like this.
Chapter 1567 - Little, white bunny, oh so white…
Chapter 1568 - You cannot marry daddy.
Chapter 1569 - Other than you, I am not afraid of anyone.
Chapter 1570 - The CEO needs a change in palate occasionally.
Chapter 1571 - I am very, very satisfied.
Chapter 1572 - I am a little princess.
Chapter 1573 - I want to protect my mommy and grandma.
Chapter 1574 - You must believe mommy.
Chapter 1575 - She is not easy to deal with.
Chapter 1576 - : How are they more good-looking than I am?
Chapter 1577 - I can tear down this hospital of yours.
Chapter 1578 - I can give you everything you want.
Chapter 1579 - The Prettiest and Sexiest Woman
Chapter 1580 - Casting a long line to catChapter a big fish…
Chapter 1581 - Someone is following us.
Chapter 1582 - Win her smile…
Chapter 1583 - Do you not want this hospital anymore?
Chapter 1584 - The person I love the most is mommy.
Chapter 1585 - A Big House versus a Small House
Chapter 1586 - Okay. Let us separate.
Chapter 1587 - How is she supposed to believe all of these?
Chapter 1588 - No Cure
Chapter 1589 - Proud, Little Princess
Chapter 1590 - Why is it you guys?
Chapter 1591 - : Did you just ask me to propose?
Chapter 1592 - I will still marry you.
Chapter 1593 - It is fine as long as you are happy.
Chapter 1594 - Can it be restored to its original state?
Chapter 1595 - Earn People's Favor through Impressive Feats
Chapter 1596 - Your mood is his weather forecast.
Chapter 1597 - We can go back now.
Chapter 1598 - Are you blaming me for not wearing clothes?
Chapter 1599 - Why are you this horrible?
Chapter 1600 - Stay further away from me. I cannot take it.
Chapter 1601 - Then, I will just drink your milk.
Chapter 1602 - What is different?
Chapter 1603 - It is natural to dote on your wife.
Chapter 1604 - Call me if anything happens.
Chapter 1605 - My skills are pretty good.
Chapter 1606 - A Familiar Face
Chapter 1607 - You are the CEO's wife.
Chapter 1608 - She was right in her gamble this time.
Chapter 1609 - You only have to know that I am here to help you.
Chapter 1610 - Knew that She would not Let Him Off Easily
Chapter 1611 - Because you are my woman.
Chapter 1612 - I will settle it as it goes.
Chapter 1613 - Everything could never be like before again.
Chapter 1614 - : In his heart, she is a matchless treasure.
Chapter 1615 - Neither could he afford to win or lose.
Chapter 1616 - A smile that did not even last for three seconds.
Chapter 1617 - Is there another meaning to it?
Chapter 1618 - I will settle her myself.
Chapter 1619 - Then, would I not be busy to death?
Chapter 1620 - You have me and that is enough.
Chapter 1621 - Everything has been settled.
Chapter 1622 - : I said before that we are family.
Chapter 1623 - I will give you a car as compensation.
Chapter 1624 - Thank you sir, madam for today.
Chapter 1625 - The swallow finally flew away.
Chapter 1626 - I will deal with him myself.
Chapter 1627 - I will sever father-son ties with you.
Chapter 1628 - If there is her, there is no me; if there is me, there is no her.
Chapter 1629 - He is just a child in my eyes.
Chapter 1630 - Is that what brothers are for?
Chapter 1631 - What clothes are you wearing? You look best like this.
Chapter 1632 - Threaten
Chapter 1633 - Accident
Chapter 1634 - : Only Like This
Chapter 1635 - Perhaps she is my most capable subordinate.
Chapter 1636 - Do you want a bag or diamonds.
Chapter 1637 - You are not really looking for Ji Ziming, are you?
Chapter 1638 - You guys are revolting!
Chapter 1639 - Bro, you cannot carry on anymore, can you?
Chapter 1640 - I asked about you.
Chapter 1641 - You are a really ruthless person.
Chapter 1642 - Are you alright?
Chapter 1643 - Why don't you let me continue saying it for you?
Chapter 1644 - I am a businessman and need something back in return.
Chapter 1645 - It seems that Pei Ge moves fast.
Chapter 1646 - You know my answer already.
Chapter 1647 - Mr. Qu is hurt.
Chapter 1648 - Your eyes can only hold me.
Chapter 1649 - The bet is one night.
Chapter 1650 - ‘That is good; that is good.'
Chapter 1651 - I am here; do not be scared
Chapter 1652 - Death is another phase in life.
Chapter 1653 - Ji Miao committed suicide in prison.
Chapter 1654 - : I will complete the mission perfectly.
Chapter 1655 - I have seen this portrait before.
Chapter 1656 - Why? Do you know who I am now?
Chapter 1657 - My bodyguards grew up eating carrots.
Chapter 1658 - As long as she is willing to, she will see him if she just turns around.
Chapter 1659 - Mommy, daddy, what are you guys doing?
Chapter 1660 - You are the strongest man in the world.
Chapter 1661 - She can only be his; nobody can take her away.
Chapter 1662 - My wife will come with me, too.
Chapter 1663 - He asked the pair to look for him upstairs.
Chapter 1664 - What if I am not done speaking?
Chapter 1665 - Mr. Qu, are you mistaken?
Chapter 1666 - With me around, I will never let you get hurt.
Chapter 1667 - This is your grandmother.
Chapter 1668 - This uncle seems not bad.
Chapter 1669 - Could it be that you're here to find my daughter-in-law?
Chapter 1670 - Who exactly is this old man?
Chapter 1671 - Perhaps, maybe, most likely quarreling to no end.
Chapter 1672 - Come do it yourself.
Chapter 1673 - We will end in a short while.
Chapter 1674 - Mom, I want to tell you something.
Chapter 1675 - If you go to take care of your daughter, then what about me?
Chapter 1676 - They should call it a night.
Chapter 1677 - : I am sure. Do you trust me then?
Chapter 1678 - I only want to be with you.
Chapter 1679 - I am afraid you cannot handle this person.
Chapter 1680 - We are all family.
Chapter 1681 - Do you know that she has a younger sister?
Chapter 1682 - You are my woman.
Chapter 1683 - Do not do that; let go.
Chapter 1684 - Daddy, did you and mommy sleep well last night?
Chapter 1685 - You want to meet Qu Jingwan, right?
Chapter 1686 - Learn well from your wife.
Chapter 1687 - I want to negotiate a deal with you
Chapter 1688 - I am afraid that my wife will misunderstand.
Chapter 1689 - Good. I like this smell.
Chapter 1690 - Come over. Let me try it.
Chapter 1691 - Wait for me in the room.
Chapter 1692 - Only because she is good at pleasing men.
Chapter 1693 - Hurry and bring the madam upstairs.
Chapter 1694 - It hurts; I… am hurting a lot…
Chapter 1695 - Are you not going to let me look at my wife?
Chapter 1696 - If you are awake, look at me, okay?
Chapter 1697 - If you are not, why are you helping her?
Chapter 1698 - I will do whatever you say next time.
Chapter 1699 - We will not bring that person tomorrow.
Chapter 1700 - You have me here.
Chapter 1701 - I did not anger that old woman.
Chapter 1702 - A Bodyguard, Driver, and Male Nanny
Chapter 1703 - : Uncle, you cannot leave.
Chapter 1704 - This is likely what it means to be a priceless treasure.
Chapter 1705 - Learn to walk before you run.
Chapter 1706 - You can only be my lazy pig
Chapter 1707 - She cannot help but feel touched.
Chapter 1708 - Do not worry; you have me.
Chapter 1709 - That is merely a pair of shoes.
Chapter 1710 - : Is the CEO's wife jealous?
Chapter 1711 - She is someone who is easy to get along with.
Chapter 1712 - Ge Ge, I am here.
Chapter 1713 - Shall see what he can do about it.
Chapter 1714 - Do you still remember this sunflower painting?
Chapter 1715 - : I will Cook Tonight and Let You Eat All You Want
Chapter 1716 - : Just Wait for Dinner Tonight
Chapter 1717 - We Chinese, are Particular About Meeting Friends over Tea.
Chapter 1718 - Is that Yellow Chick Me?
Chapter 1719 - It is Great if You can Stop Letting Out Cold Air
Chapter 1720 - But You Guys Still Left
Chapter 1721 - Probably Used to Nourish My Life
Chapter 1722 - Must Stay Away from Ran Ran
Chapter 1723 - I Have Nothing but Myself
Chapter 1724 - We didn't Mean to Abandon You
Chapter 1725 - Did You Request for This Room?
Chapter 1726 - Regret Getting on Your Pirate Ship Even More
Chapter 1727 - I Feel Terrible whenever You Cry
Chapter 1728 - I will Not TouChapter You for at Least a Month
Chapter 1729 - Realistic Acting
Chapter 1730 - I'm Not Afraid; I'm the Capital's Sky
Chapter 1731 - Protect My Mother-in-law Well
Chapter 1732 - I Thought that I would Definitely be Gentler to You
Chapter 1733 - : Trust and Belief
Chapter 1734 - What Went Wrong?
Chapter 1735 - You Don't Have to Worry About My Matters
Chapter 1736 - As Long as It is a Request by Her, I Can't Reject It
Chapter 1737 - Don't Make Me Wait Too Long
Chapter 1738 - If You Get Hurt, I will Make Them Pay for It
Chapter 1739 - I will Listen to You From Now On, Alright?
Chapter 1740 - I will Definitely Do What I Say
Chapter 1741 - : Granduncle, This is Not Embarrassing
Chapter 1742 - Do You Know This Woman?
Chapter 1743 - : But I Only Want Food and Water from Your Home
Chapter 1744 - If Your Wife Sees It,
Chapter 1745 - : If Anything Happens, You Still Have Me
Chapter 1746 - I am Still Ji Ziming's Fiancée
Chapter 1747 - Is There Any Benefit in Helping You?
Chapter 1748 - I will Not Disappoint You
Chapter 1749 - I was Deceived by You
Chapter 1750 - I Feel that Two Flowers are Blooming Together
Chapter 1751 - I will be Wherever You Are
Chapter 1752 - Only Then can I be at Ease
Chapter 1753 - Our Qu family is Saved
Chapter 1754 - Fine, I'll do it; Move aside
Chapter 1755 - Stop Crying; You Look Ugly
Chapter 1756 - I Don't care if You Wear It or Not
Chapter 1757 - I Have Never Lied to You
Chapter 1758 - The Person Who Said that is Me
Chapter 1759 - : Alright, I will Wait for You
Chapter 1760 - : You Lied to Me Just Now
Chapter 1761 - Ge Ge, I am So Envious of You
Chapter 1762 - Isn't This Oath a Little Too Vicious?
Chapter 1763 - : Seriously, Young People are So Insensible
Chapter 1764 - So, You Think that We are Not Compatible
Chapter 1765 - Don't You have Anything to Say to Me?
Chapter 1766 - What Position does He Occupy?
Chapter 1767 - Uncle, Put Me Down
Chapter 1768 - I am Here to Settle Scores with You
Chapter 1769 - Take Care of Me Forever
Chapter 1770 - Uncle, Let Go of My Leg
Chapter 1771 - Do You know that My Heart will Ache if You Say That?
Chapter 1772 - I Won't because I Understand You
Chapter 1773 - There is So MuChapter Beautiful Love in This World
Chapter 1774 - Even Worse than a Male Chauvinist
Chapter 1775 - Were You Angry Just Now?
Chapter 1776 - You Have Yet to Age
Chapter 1777 - Perhaps Worldly-wise or Sincere
Chapter 1778 - I Just Like to Worry about Nothing
Chapter 1779 - You Guys are the Ones Playing Games
Chapter 1780 - I Know. I Know that I Have You
Chapter 1781 - It is Not Nice but Very Nice
Chapter 1782 - Will You Make It for Me? No.
Chapter 1783 - Am I Not Treating You Well Enough?
Chapter 1784 - The Little Woman Who Will Love You Forever
Chapter 1785 - What has It Got to Do with Her Illness?
Chapter 1786 - Don't Let Anyone in the House Know
Chapter 1787 - CEO Ji is Throwing a Tantrum Now
Chapter 1788 - Don't Worry, I am Here
Chapter 1789 - Do You Know who that Woman is?
Chapter 1790 - Should We Bring Forward Our Plan?
Chapter 1791 - Come Over and Let Me Have a Look
Chapter 1792 - Ge Ge, You Still Don't Believe Me
Chapter 1793 - You Guys are Still Too Young
Chapter 1794 - I Cannot Lose My Wife
Chapter 1795 - You Must Learn to be More Obedient in the Future
Chapter 1796 - It is Enough that You Have Me
Chapter 1797 - What a Fool
Chapter 1798 - Ge Ge, Wake Up
Chapter 1799 - Empress, the Empress of an Emperor
Chapter 1800 - A Royal Drama
Chapter 1801 - You can Decide How MuChapter You Want
Chapter 1802 - Hello, Grandpas
Chapter 1803 - These Noodles Taste Better than Mine
Chapter 1804 - What are You Doing in the House?
Chapter 1805 - : Wife Doting Maniac CEO Ji
Chapter 1806 - So, Will You Regret It?
Chapter 1807 - Without Him, I Won't Starve to Death
Chapter 1808 - Must You Go Back?
Chapter 1809 - What a Lazy Cat, You Actually Slept Again
Chapter 1810 - We are the Perfect Pair
Chapter 1811 - You Don't Even Have the Right to Compete with Me
Chapter 1812 - No One Knows who I am
Chapter 1813 - Are You Going to Fall in Love with Me Again?
Chapter 1814 - Because I Met You
Chapter 1815 - Bring a Big Gift
Chapter 1816 - Full of Happiness
Chapter 1817 - CEO, I will Leave Now
Chapter 1818 - Mommy, I will Listen to You
Chapter 1819 - Quietly Blooming Camellia
Chapter 1820 - When did You Start Liking Me?
Chapter 1821 - None of Us Will Let It Happen
Chapter 1822 - Clear and Bright
Chapter 1823 - Put That Thing Down For Me
Chapter 1824 - You Are Really Shrewd
Chapter 1825 - A Woman's Heart Was Indeed Scary
Chapter 1826 - A Dispensable Character
Chapter 1827 - What Truth Do You Want Me to Say?
Chapter 1828 - We Will Support You from Behind
Chapter 1829 - That Was Her Everything
Chapter 1830 - Ge Ge, You Are Indeed Ruthless
Chapter 1831 - Uncle Drank This Tea Before Too
Chapter 1832 - No Need to Explain, I Know
Chapter 1833 - Should I Ask You for A Blind Date?
Chapter 1834 - You Have No Choice
Chapter 1835 - Finally Relieved
Chapter 1836 - : The Most Important Thing Is To Stay Alive
Chapter 1837 - His Mother Was A Wonderful Woman
Chapter 1838 - Because Of Old Lady Qu
Chapter 1839 - As Long As All Was True
Chapter 1840 - Ge Ge, Let's Go Home
Chapter 1841 - People Would Die from being Charmed to Death
Chapter 1842 - Do You Already Know Something?
Chapter 1843 - What Are You holding In Your Hand?
Chapter 1844 - : Has The Birthday Party Already Begun?
Chapter 1845 - How Could Happiness Be Defined Like This?
Chapter 1846 - A Poor Men Like Me
Chapter 1847 - You Really Know How To Joke
Chapter 1848 - Are You Ready Now?
Chapter 1849 - Still A Step Too Late
Chapter 1850 - A Rare Beauty In This World
Chapter 1851 - Another Type, Enemies
Chapter 1852 - Doubt
Chapter 1853 - Ruined
Chapter 1854 - How About I Let It Return to Its Rightful Owner Now?
Chapter 1855 - I Am A Good Person
Chapter 1856 - You Are A Member of the Qu Family
Chapter 1857 - Ge Ge, Do You Hate Me?
Chapter 1858 - The Person I Have Been Searching For
Chapter 1859 - WhiChapter Of Your Words Is True?
Chapter 1860 - You Mentioned It To Me?
Chapter 1861 - Don't Be Afraid, You Still Have Me
Chapter 1862 - I Realized That I Could Not Do It
Chapter 1863 - Waiting For The Right Time
Chapter 1864 - You Must Believe That I Am Right Behind You
Chapter 1865 - It Must Be Tough For Herself Too
Chapter 1866 - I'll Bring You Home
Chapter 1867 - No Possibility of Stopping
Chapter 1868 - Why Is This Book… Here?
Chapter 1869 - Truly Unscrupulous
Chapter 1870 - That Depends On Where It Is
Chapter 1871 - You Are As Important As Her
Chapter 1872 - You Are Still You, The Most Wonderful You
Chapter 1873 - Only I Can Stand Beside You
Chapter 1874 - Daddy, Don't Go
Chapter 1875 - Are You Rebelling?
Chapter 1876 - More Than A Month
Chapter 1877 - You Just Need To Remember This
Chapter 1878 - Isn't This What You Want?
Chapter 1879 - You Deserve All Of This
Chapter 1880 - So Empty and Cold
Chapter 1881 - She Did Not Lose That Badly
Chapter 1882 - Become A Successful Woman
Chapter 1883 - The Non-Retractable Path to Becoming Opponents
Chapter 1884 - Rain on the Streets
Chapter 1885 - As Long As Duo Duo Is Willing
Chapter 1886 - Just Stay At Home and Accompany Duo Duo
Chapter 1887 - Is This How You Think of Me?
Chapter 1888 - A Person's Fate Is Determined
Chapter 1889 - Is Mr Li Afraid?
Chapter 1890 - I'm Quite Strong
Chapter 1891 - You Bitch, Get Lost
Chapter 1892 - I Want You For The Rest of My Life
Chapter 1893 - : At Least We Are In Love Now
Chapter 1894 - Do You Hate Me That Much?
Chapter 1895 - She Is A Homebody
Chapter 1896 - You Must Work Hard, I Bet You Will Succeed
Chapter 1897 - Do You Really Understand My Son?
Chapter 1898 - How Could She Bear to Give Up?
Chapter 1899 - How MuChapter Do You Think I Should Give Him?
Chapter 1900 - Aren't You Being A Little Ruthless?
Chapter 1901 - Don't Be Afraid, I'm Here
Chapter 1902 - : This Girl Is Not An Easy Target
Chapter 1903 - Uncle, Let's Go Back
Chapter 1904 - Xiao Yu, You and Mr. Li
Chapter 1905 - I'll Leave The Company To You
Chapter 1906 - I Want To Give Duo Duo A Beautiful Future
Chapter 1907 - Wait For Me Outside
Chapter 1908 - Will Mr Li Have Any Major Problems?
Chapter 1909 - Xiaoyu, Don't Be Like This
Chapter 1910 - I Am Begging You Not To Leave, Okay?
Chapter 1911 - Can We Start Over?
Chapter 1912 - : You! How Can You Be So Cruel!
Chapter 1913 - Just Do Your Job Well
Chapter 1914 - You Two Are Really Alike
Chapter 1915 - What God Sent To Help You
Chapter 1916 - Jealous of Duo Duo and Mr Li
Chapter 1917 - When Do You Want To Get Married?
Chapter 1918 - Did I Do Something Wrong?
Chapter 1919 - Mr Gu, You Are Finally Here
Chapter 1944 - Qu Jingwan, Don't Force Me