Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~Alternative names: The Strongest Sage Of Disqualified Crest~ The World's Strongest Sage Reincarnated Himself To Become Even Stronger~, 失格紋の最強賢者 ~世界最強の賢者が更に強くなるために転生しました~ In a certain world, there was someone who excelled in magic combat, people called him 『Sage』. Seeking the strongest combat art, he devoted himself to research every magic and combat arts in existence. And the conclusion he arrived at was very cruel, 『My body is not fit for magic combat』. Y...

Latest chapter:Chapter 1454: Damn america

Updated:2021-12-03 17:21

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《Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~》latest chapter

Chapter 1454: Damn america
Chapter 1451: Fellow Daoist help!
Chapter 1438: All good actors
Chapter 1434: Easy to go up the mountain is difficult to go down!
Chapter 1433: The first lineup in history!
Chapter 1432: Crazy decision
Chapter 1426: The devil created by man
Chapter 1424: Hole cards
Chapter 1421: Guan Xingquan's preferences
Chapter 1419: Evacuate
Chapter 1416: Ask for trouble
Chapter 1413: Brave man
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《Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sarani Tsuyoku Naru Tameni Tenseishimashita~》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Buyers picking things up
Chapter 2: National Food Stamps for Cattle Breaking
Chapter 3: Secrets in the waistband
Chapter 4: Original light copper plate
Chapter 5: go home
Chapter 6: Codebook?
Chapter 7: Legendary weapon
Chapter 8: Cultural relic dealers in Shanghai
Chapter 9: Bluff
Chapter 10: The girl in the box
Chapter 11: I raise you
Chapter 12: Jinling 12 hairpin
Chapter 13: Lost skills
Chapter 14: Cut off
Chapter 15: It's time to do business
Chapter 16: Chunhua Yuanbao carries a Buddha statue to provide money
Chapter 17: How much did you sell?
Chapter 18: Go to see girlfriend
Chapter 19: The best for you
Chapter 20: Hit 2 base
Chapter 21: To kill for 10,000
Chapter 22: trade
Chapter 23: Build a vault
Chapter 24: Go to America
Chapter 25: Pharmaceutical factory site
Chapter 26: Cigarettes for coins
Chapter 27: Hongwu cellar
Chapter 28: Qizhen
Chapter 29: Brother-in-law's extra
Chapter 30: Huge silver dollar
Chapter 31: Lao Niu Cha, do you know
Chapter 32: This is good
Chapter 33: I can't meet it once in 8
Chapter 34: Bingfa Hanzhong
Chapter 35: Lucky Boy
Chapter 36: Abandoned Temple Relic
Chapter 37: Very rewarding
Chapter 38: Nanyang Taobao
Chapter 39: Lively antique night market
Chapter 40: Mythical Beast Mirror
Chapter 41: Warring States Jade
Chapter 42: Dragon-shaped wear
Chapter 43: From Huainan
Chapter 44: His dad is a commander
Chapter 45: Shot while lying down
Chapter 46: Goodbye beauty
Chapter 47: Let go of that girl!
Chapter 48: The world is so small
Chapter 49: Take your daughter-in-law home?
Chapter 50: Excessive enthusiasm (QQ group has been established)
Chapter 51: Became Tang monk meat
Chapter 52: All kinds of gods
Chapter 54: This is 2 local tyrants
Chapter 55: This exposes
Chapter 56: Set off
Chapter 57: America, I am coming
Chapter 58: Turned out to be for it
Chapter 59: Startled to sweat
Chapter 60: Come on
Chapter 61: It's worth one thousand six hundred oceans
Chapter 62: Buy it and marry you
Chapter 63: Your dad is dead this time
Chapter 64: Lively Chinatown
Chapter 65: 3. 1.8 billion!
Chapter 66: Not taking advantage of common sense
Chapter 67: Choose Citi
Chapter 68: I'm just an antique dealer and collector
Chapter 69: Good 1 pair of long legs
Chapter 70: 1 hit 200 million
Chapter 71: God stick
Chapter 72: Huge investment
Chapter 73: Can't stay
Chapter 74: Build a manor
Chapter 75: Depart from Xichuan
Chapter 76: Tianfu Relics (Part 1)
Chapter 77: Tianfu Relics (middle)
Chapter 78: Tianfu Relics (Part 2)
Chapter 79: Wonderful magic
Chapter 80: tell a story
Chapter 81: Time to withdraw!
Chapter 82: American Auction
Chapter 83: Underground vault
Chapter 84: How can you buy things like this?
Chapter 85: Datang! Datang!
Chapter 86: What is Tangdao
Chapter 87: Thief
Chapter 88: I didn't mean it
Chapter 89: On the plane
Chapter 90: Xiangjiang, here I am!
Chapter 91: ivory
Chapter 92: 1 well-known gift
Chapter 93: Collection is not just for money
Chapter 94: Guilty
Chapter 95: ? Generous? Not necessarily!
Chapter 96: Unbelievable antique
Chapter 97: Why go to england
Chapter 98: Almost bad
Chapter 99: truth
Chapter 100: monopoly
Chapter 101: 1 hooligan
Chapter 102: More cruel than bandits!
Chapter 103: I have ammunition depot
Chapter 104: Countermeasure
Chapter 105: I miss you
Chapter 106: Arrived in Beijing
Chapter 107: tip
Chapter 108: depressed
Chapter 109: Go to the hospital
Chapter 110: Unbelievable! (This
Chapter 111: do not ask who I am
Chapter 112: 15 yuan Qianlong official kiln
Chapter 113: The first eye feels bad
Chapter 114: 22 yuan 5 baby
Chapter 115: Mess 78 buy 1 pile
Chapter 116: Cloth thread
Chapter 117: boring
Chapter 118: Pressure angle
Chapter 119: The city management in this meeting is very cute
Chapter 120: Baylor House
Chapter 121: China's No. 1 National Treasure? !
Chapter 122: 1 car and Tian Yu
Chapter 123: 2 train skins
Chapter 124: Why don't you believe it?
Chapter 125: Kashgar Grand Bazaar
Chapter 126: This price
Chapter 127: Target Minfeng
Chapter 128: Jingjue Ancient City
Chapter 129: You are so poor that you still dig a hair!
Chapter 130: cemetery
Chapter 131: 2 groundhogs
Chapter 132: The mystery of the elusive disappearance
Chapter 133: 0 years mummy
Chapter 134: Quilt for the dead
Chapter 135: Finally found
Chapter 136: 5 stars out of Dongfangli China
Chapter 137: Qiemo Ancient City
Chapter 138: Not happy
Chapter 139: Weng 0 Hui blushes
Chapter 140: You missed
Chapter 141: Get the house
Chapter 142: I'm afraid I'll earn my life
Chapter 143: Do it or not
Chapter 144: Run away!
Chapter 145: All parties respond
Chapter 146: I want a bodyguard
Chapter 147: Hire a bodyguard
Chapter 148: Buy a house, buy a car, buy, buy, buy
Chapter 149: Treasure?
Chapter 150: Morgan Gold Coin
Chapter 151: Lace edge
Chapter 152: People in Cao Ying and Heart in Han
Chapter 153: To the flea market again
Chapter 153: Habit
Chapter 154: Entrainment in the frame
Chapter 155: "The earliest American artifacts"
Chapter 156: Coin rating
Chapter 157: It turns out that Americans also love rice bowls
Chapter 158: Departure from UK
Chapter 159: The guy fighting the bodyguard's self-esteem
Chapter 160: Car trunk goods for sale
Chapter 161: Fifty pound jewelry box
Chapter 162: The 9th largest treasure in the world!
Chapter 163: Looking for Nazi treasure?
Chapter 164: It's done!
Chapter 165: Open the treasure trove
Chapter 166: Mystery map
Chapter 167: You're done
Chapter 168: A strange flower in the socialist world
Chapter 169: Incredible national treasure
Chapter 170: What is this called!
Chapter 171: Fucking customs
Chapter 172: Old Pu
Chapter 173: I'm not a spy
Chapter 174: Was watched
Chapter 175: plan
Chapter 176: Big purchase
Chapter 177: Return to New York
Chapter 178: Get ready guys
Chapter 179: Generous
Chapter 180: Brother-in-law
Chapter 181: Rifle
Chapter 182: Means of transport
Chapter 183: A beast with a tank engine
Chapter 184: Thief
Chapter 185: New myth
Chapter 186: Hateful
Chapter 187: China's new bodyguard
Chapter 188: Don't suffer from lack and unevenness
Chapter 189: How freaks and local tyrants are made
Chapter 190: Secrets in old photos
Chapter 191: Royal faucet
Chapter 192: Palace on the sea
Chapter 193: Treasures of Chinese Culture
Chapter 194: Scroll under construction waste
Chapter 195: The Lost Female History Book
Chapter 196: Surprise
Chapter 197: How to open this door
Chapter 198: very bad
Chapter 200: Cave entrance
Chapter 201: German ammunition depot
Chapter 202: Improper two hundred and fifty
Chapter 203: Blond Chinese Warrior
Chapter 204: Tune me an excavator
Chapter 205: Do it yourself
Chapter 206: Xixi Treasure
Chapter 207: Three tons!
Chapter 208: Pawn divided into 3 lines in a hurry
Chapter 209: Whatever you want
Chapter 210: Red Cannon
Chapter 211: 10 Miles of Red Makeup
Chapter 212: Secret Color Porcelain
Chapter 213: Multiple friends multiple roads
Chapter 214: Go home to practice calligraphy
Chapter 215: A few sets of Huanghuali red sandalwood from the Ming Dynasty
Chapter 216: There are definitely surprises!
Chapter 217: Bronze statue
Chapter 218: Owl Silver Coin
Chapter 219: Hinduism's super stepping stone
Chapter 220: 0 million don't look down on people
Chapter 221: Seventy thousand yuan table
Chapter 222: Unbelievable world-class paintings
Chapter 223: 1000 and 10 million
Chapter 224: Mao Porcelain
Chapter 225: Grab business from the Cultural Affairs Council
Chapter 226: Ancient tombs
Chapter 228: Evil bottle
Chapter 229: Orphan-level national treasure
Chapter 230: Ximenqing is ripped out
Chapter 231: To robbery, to pick up girls
Chapter 232: Devil Sweep
Chapter 233: Expedition
Chapter 234: Load, load hard!
Chapter 235: Zhang Nan's daughter
Chapter 236: Good news and tragedy
Chapter 237: The old surname is in the heart of the government
Chapter 238: I will raise the two of you from now on
Chapter 239: Encounter is fate
Chapter 240: 1 plate
Chapter 242: 1 bowl
Chapter 243: Do I need to mess around?
Chapter 244: Brother Xiao Ma's lines are here
Chapter 245: It's not enough to run out
Chapter 246: Buy a house as early as possible
Chapter 248: Dream castle
Chapter 249: draw
Chapter 250: Tragedy caused by hunger
Chapter 251: A sensation in the antique world of Beijing
Chapter 252: Know what this means
Chapter 253: 0 Huijia
Chapter 254: You are really my brother!
Chapter 255: Jiang Aihua's way of collecting antiques
Chapter 256: Old-fashioned-anti-paijia Taobao
Chapter 257: Strange 3-clawed dragon
Chapter 258: Broken King
Chapter 259: Sky-high price
Chapter 260: Xuande Sprinkled Blue Glazed Bowl with Clouds and Dragon Patterns
Chapter 261: Never let her get on that plane
Chapter 262: Strong reason
Chapter 263: Xuantong official kiln without imitation
Chapter 264: History has not changed
Chapter 265: I have also been a hero
Chapter 266: Captured 1 more
Chapter 267: Don't have the next time
Chapter 268: Not for nothing
Chapter 269: What are you doing?
Chapter 270: Not so scary
Chapter 271: Americans are coming
Chapter 273: American soldiers love barracks
Chapter 274: 1 work as you come
Chapter 275: Shovel snow and shovel a county party secretary
Chapter 276: The barn in the first year of Emperor Fenghuang
Chapter 277: Madonna-don't enter this line
Chapter 278: Wet inside and out
Chapter 279: The ancient tomb that even Tufuzi is disgusting
Chapter 280: Top black paint ancient
Chapter 281: How to make money by fooling out
Chapter 282: Determined to be a successful man
Chapter 283: Boss Huang Sha wants to give gifts
Chapter 284: Ancient battlefield of the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period
Chapter 285: The scabbards of two thousand years ago are in
Chapter 286: The sword of the king!
Chapter 287: From the ancient tomb to the aircraft carrier
Chapter 288: Go to Xiqin to "move" things
Chapter 289: Bronze cellar
Chapter 290: Treasure Vault Open
Chapter 291: Move 18 items first
Chapter 292: 1 piece left
Chapter 293: Then hug a woman
Chapter 304: Very quiet
Chapter 305: Talk about it by yourself under 20 million
Chapter 306: Unparalleled in the world
Chapter 307: The jaw-dropping big toy
Chapter 308: Arrive in Berchtesgaden
Chapter 309: Dig, dig, dig!
Chapter 310: Boss, sent it!
Chapter 302: The most profitable porter in the world
Chapter 312: New discoveries
Chapter 313: gold!
Chapter 314: Crazy wealth
Chapter 315: On the kilogram!
Chapter 316: 1 bright eye
Chapter 317: Glory of the Imperial Marshal
Chapter 318: The human nature of treasure
Chapter 319: This is amazing
Chapter 320: Be low-key, or die early
Chapter 321: Special Ruger
Chapter 322: 1 shot 0 million
Chapter 323: The second set of plans
Chapter 324: This is the rhythm of the war
Chapter 335: Box of the National Museum
Chapter 326: The remains of Gandhara
Chapter 327: Long live the motherland
Chapter 328: The palace on the sea is here
Chapter 329: Frightened
Chapter 330: The most expensive door **** in the world
Chapter 331: Mystery gift
Chapter 332: Personal belongings
Chapter 333: Napoleon's
Chapter 334: The world's first male watch
Chapter 336: Party emblem and diary
Chapter 337: The domineering of the Stars and Stripes
Chapter 338: A 3's place is not expected
Chapter 339: Safety #1, never kill your life
Chapter 340: Investment movie gimmicks
Chapter 341: 1st impression
Chapter 342: Taj Mahal Hotel
Chapter 343: Mineral water is used for cooking
Chapter 344: Life is not easy
Chapter 345: Damn class
Chapter 346: How much is that buddha statue worth
Chapter 347: Seeing the worth of men from women
Chapter 348: Bejeweled
Chapter 349: Inadvertent harvest
Chapter 350: 2 first, 1 second
Chapter 351: Everyone in focus
Chapter 352: Completely famous
Chapter 353: Fell in love with her
Chapter 354: Not for money
Chapter 355: Eye of Golconda
Chapter 356: Coquettish Blue Diamond
Chapter 357: I have 5 diamond mines
Chapter 358: Risk and opportunity coexist
Chapter 359: let's move
Chapter 360: Recruit and deploy troops
Chapter 361: Boss, you need an army
Chapter 362: Brother is not bad money
Chapter 363: Single mom
Chapter 364: Super landlord
Chapter 365: 1 head shorter?
Chapter 368: Give gifts
Chapter 369: Go hunting tiger
Chapter 370: Powerful guy
Chapter 371: well prepared
Chapter 372: Zhang Nan, your brain was kicked by a donkey!
Chapter 373: you only belong to me!
Chapter 374: monopoly
Chapter 375: Delineate diamond mines
Chapter 376: Open secret
Chapter 377: Fry as you like
Chapter 378: Two hundred pig money
Chapter 379: Training base
Chapter 380: I'll harm the queen
Chapter 381: Too costly
Chapter 382: The best truck driver in the world
Chapter 383: Arrived in Yellowknife
Chapter 384: Set off
Chapter 385: My luck is always good
Chapter 386: The rock tube is under your feet
Chapter 387: Diamond!
Chapter 388: Use a washbasin to wash diamonds
Chapter 389: 8 million carats in 1 year
Chapter 390: Boss, sent it!
Chapter 391: Unscientific super giant diamond
Chapter 392: Dig for Lao Tzu
Chapter 393: Cullinan's 1 and a half
Chapter 394: No rent
Chapter 395: Have a daughter for him
Chapter 396: Empty-handed
Chapter 397: aurora
Chapter 398: 2 unlucky eggs
Chapter 399: 1 bunch of old guys
Chapter 400: Oh my God!
Chapter 401: 2 votes
Chapter 402: South African mercenaries
Chapter 403: We are white
Chapter 404: I'm so courageous
Chapter 405: Buy a diamond
Chapter 406: 600 carat giant rough diamond
Chapter 407: Century Diamond
Chapter 408: Waste utilization
Chapter 409: Talking South African Diamond
Chapter 410: Weird
Chapter 411: 2 things in life
Chapter 412: See a live
Chapter 413: Beneficiation
Chapter 420: Guan Boss mighty
Chapter 421: We have no battle damage
Chapter 422: You need to divide the spoils in a war
Chapter 423: Humanoid monster
Chapter 424: Zhang Nan's old business
Chapter 425: Boer's Gold
Chapter 426: Do it yourself
Chapter 427: 10 kilograms 1 piece
Chapter 428: Brother is so proud
Chapter 429: Birthday present when leaving
Chapter 430: Time Fears the Pyramid
Chapter 431: The atomic bomb doesn't work either
Chapter 432: Qi of King 8
Chapter 433: Hetian jade and diamond match better
Chapter 434: Just be nice to us
Chapter 435: toss
Chapter 436: Fine preparation
Chapter 437: Amazing moment
Chapter 438: Lao Mouzi in a red tie
Chapter 439: Be good, i'll be gentle
Chapter 440: Guan boss's love
Chapter 441: Don't refuse
Chapter 442: The treasure is under your feet
Chapter 443: To use the yacht again
Chapter 444: U.S. government
Chapter 445: Don't be too expensive if you want to buy it
Chapter 446: Ancient Roman Tyrant
Chapter 448: Equivalent to gold
Chapter 449: Big ticket
Chapter 450: Chinese gold
Chapter 451: We rely on professionalism
Chapter 452: I'm going to be a father
Chapter 453: The pigeon is going to drown
Chapter 454: 2 evildoers
Chapter 455: Northern Lights Diamond Company
Chapter 456: Return to Berchtesgaden
Chapter 457: Big recruitment
Chapter 458: Eagle's Nest
Chapter 459: 2nd mine
Chapter 460: That is the Amber Palace!
Chapter 461: Move back
Chapter 462: Russian style
Chapter 463: Pearl tears
Chapter 664: 1 bag of rubies
Chapter 465: Super volcano
Chapter 466: giant
Chapter 467: base
Chapter 468: Private territory
Chapter 469: Old way
Chapter 470: Participate in the exhibition
Chapter 471: Swipe or cash
Chapter 472: Black heart price
Chapter 473: A sad weapon
Chapter 474: The richest digger in the world
Chapter 475: 10kg per person
Chapter 476: Death Book and Treasure Map
Chapter 477: Rocket launcher hole
Chapter 478: Break in
Chapter 479: Dazzled
Chapter 480: 1,500 tons...
Chapter 481: 50000000
Chapter 482: More than 50,000 gold bricks
Chapter 483: 1 million per person
Chapter 484: On the thief ship
Chapter 485: Shipped from Myanmar
Chapter 486: The monk also robbed
Chapter 487: Empty warehouse
Chapter 488: This is not silver
Chapter 489: Kanaya Cangjiao
Chapter 490: Another secret story
Chapter 491: Chaptere lied baby
Chapter 492: No. 1 again in the world
Chapter 493: Crush you 2 goods
Chapter 494: Art treasure
Chapter 495: 5 pairs of unparalleled bracelets
Chapter 496: 1 gang of uneducated poor ghosts
Chapter 497: Looks simple
Chapter 498: Boat arrived
Chapter 499: More comfortable than a warship
Chapter 500: Don't tell me it is
Chapter 501: The most incredible thing in the world
Chapter 502: unexpected surprise"
Chapter 503: After chemical weapons, crocodile
Chapter 504: Safety No. 1
Chapter 505: Looking forward to the pirates
Chapter 506: The pirate is coming
Chapter 507: The guy for the behemoth
Chapter 508: Take it back as a toy
Chapter 509: Midway island
Chapter 510: Feeling at home
Chapter 511: Small company with a market value of 600 billion
Chapter 512: Xiao Nizi is coming
Chapter 513: Bad boss
Chapter 516: With bedroom
Chapter 517: Height problem
Chapter 518: The cooking soldiers from China
Chapter 519: Presidential treatment
Chapter 520: New discovery
Chapter 521: Treasure Digging in the Farm (Part 1)
Chapter 552: Treasure Digging in the Farm (Part 2)
Chapter 553: Fraud a hundred years ago
Chapter 554: 1 small hair
Chapter 555: Creativity
Chapter 556: I can finally lie down
Chapter 557: Bodyguard
Chapter 528: Go shopping with me
Chapter 529: Bronze Yi with gluttonous patterns
Chapter 530: His husband is a coppersmith
Chapter 531: Absolute strength
Chapter 532: Magical skills
Chapter 533: Buy watch
Chapter 534: robbery
Chapter 535: Can you bite me?
Chapter 536: Dare to be like the chairman
Chapter 537: Build a big ship for you
Chapter 538: Fat Ruth's Development
Chapter 539: $0 million, you can figure it out
Chapter 540: Diamond wearing bracelets
Chapter 541: 1 group of 800,000
Chapter 542: Dynasty soaked in wine jar
Chapter 543: Tribes that disappeared in the long river of history
Chapter 544: Ancient civilization island
Chapter 545: Ready to say
Chapter 546: Good luck bursting
Chapter 547: The last treasure of the empire
Chapter 548: China is No. 1 in the world
Chapter 549: Neither does it work for women!
Chapter 550: A large plate served as a display
Chapter 551: 1 fish on the plate
Chapter 558: The forest is big and there are all kinds of birds
Chapter 559: The role of Hongwu Tongbao
Chapter 560: Not a place for people
Chapter 561: Give diamonds
Chapter 562: Xueba who eats on his face
Chapter 563: Let's not make a dollar with them
Chapter 564: Do you know how much those plates cost 1
Chapter 565: Things can't be perfect
Chapter 566: Despised
Chapter 367: This is certainly not Yuan Qinghua
Chapter 569: Longevity
Chapter 570: Wonderful day
Chapter 571: Distribution principle
Chapter 572: United Force Hunting Team?
Chapter 573: Wonderful capital
Chapter 574: I am the chief
Chapter 575: Black buddies don't understand overhead
Chapter 576: Super Elephant Tusk
Chapter 577: The First Order of the Chief
Chapter 578: Rhino Horn Scepter
Chapter 579: Small rock candy
Chapter 580: Pile into mountains
Chapter 581: Early death and early reincarnation
Chapter 582: I don't need to give face to anyone
Chapter 583: Arrived in Zimbabwe
Chapter 584: Workaholic
Chapter 585: What do you do to me
Chapter 586: Eat seafood in the African plateau
Chapter 587: There is a situation
Chapter 588: 0 years left
Chapter 589: Ancient temple
Chapter 590: It's done, it's exploded!
Chapter 591: God knows who it is
Chapter 592: Hometown taste
Chapter 593: Go once before becoming hell
Chapter 594: Just a bit bigger
Chapter 596: Responses
Chapter 597: Go to Sudan for a test
Chapter 598: let's move
Chapter 599:
Chapter 600: 1 local tyrant
Chapter 601: The love of the French rose
Chapter 602: equipment
Chapter 603: Pomp
Chapter 604: I am a fool
Chapter 605: If you have it, you will be born
Chapter 606: Won't shake yet
Chapter 607: Big fish
Chapter 608: world record
Chapter 609: I'm timid
Chapter 610: Even the tomb gate is a big discovery
Chapter 611: Movies are nonsense
Chapter 612: Not stolen
Chapter 613: Steel dagger from two thousand five hundred years ago
Chapter 614: Because I'm rich in the enemy's country
Chapter 615: Impossible artifacts!
Chapter 616: Chu X Wang Tongding
Chapter 617: Three hundred years forward
Chapter 618: The road to the west is open
Chapter 619: Get you a golden man
Chapter 620: Dad again
Chapter 621: 1 executive chair
Chapter 622: The origin of the meteorite dagger
Chapter 623: design diagram
Chapter 624: Going to the premiere
Chapter 625: Making celebrities
Chapter 626: The most beautiful diamonds in Hindustan
Chapter 627: Use the Big Mac as a trick
Chapter 628: so big!
Chapter 629: Rich man
Chapter 630: Super M&A
Chapter 631: If you want to play, play the big one
Chapter 632: Sperm upper brain
Chapter 633: Overlord **** the bow
Chapter 634: Men have to develop good habits
Chapter 635: The budget is 100 million
Chapter 636: Digging
Chapter 637: That would be a disaster
Chapter 638: Acquisition started
Chapter 639: Nonsense
Chapter 640: Wife giving birth
Chapter 641: Dad never leave you again
Chapter 642: Your old sister, I opened a clothing factory
Chapter 643: The meal delivery boy in a helicopter
Chapter 644: I was waiting here
Chapter 645: Full moon
Chapter 646: This lake is not the other lake
Chapter 647: Departure from Austria
Chapter 648: House number is expensive
Chapter 649: Things that can't be sold
Chapter 650: Problematic radar station
Chapter 651: Where is his home
Chapter 652: Himmler's baby
Chapter 653: The origin of Children's Day
Chapter 654: I'm still a Martian
Chapter 655: Sissi's Jewels
Chapter 656: Shocking ruby ??set
Chapter 657: Who is princess sissi
Chapter 658: One billion castles
Chapter 659: Can't afford to die
Chapter 660: 64 million
Chapter 661: The people feed the country
Chapter 662: Is this troublesome?
Chapter 663: Get it done
Chapter 665: Have strength
Chapter 666: There is no worst, only worse!
Chapter 667: Paul's comrade-in-arms
Chapter 668: Cannibalism
Chapter 669: action
Chapter 670: I'm already scared
Chapter 671: Human head
Chapter 672: Too cruel
Chapter 673: Spoof
Chapter 674: Shocked the nation
Chapter 675: Shogunate Treasures
Chapter 676: Honey, i don't like women
Chapter 677: Hate at the same time
Chapter 678: Defeat the Presidential Guard
Chapter 679: No. 1 in history
Chapter 680: People are invincible when they are cheap
Chapter 681: Amazing Adjani
Chapter 682: Cocktail party
Chapter 683: Arrived in Tokyo
Chapter 684: 900 meters from the Emperor
Chapter 685: pretty girl
Chapter 686: Showa first beauty
Chapter 687: Poor Ultraman
Chapter 688: The roots of troubles
Chapter 689: This is pretending
Chapter 690: Devil's armor
Chapter 691: Stick love blowing
Chapter 692: Yonghe 9 years
Chapter 693: Money in front of you is important
Chapter 694: Wang Xizhi's handwritings are all here
Chapter 695: It's actually one!
Chapter 697: Is there a trick to buying a hunting ground?
Chapter 698: Hateful box
Chapter 699: Super giant mine
Chapter 700: Enemy attack
Chapter 701: I have reinforcements
Chapter 702: Nearest support
Chapter 703: Unilateral slaughter
Chapter 704: Angolan mercenaries
Chapter 705: Devil Guan Xingquan!
Chapter 706: Unlucky to be deceived
Chapter 707: Then coup
Chapter 708: New bodyguard
Chapter 709: Super giant
Chapter 710: We learn "Sea Wolf"
Chapter 711: Our family is not short of money
Chapter 712: 2 why
Chapter 713: Target the presidential palace!
Chapter 716: Self-inflicted
Chapter 717: Take what you need
Chapter 719: 2 guns killed half of the Wehrmacht
Chapter 720: Can't afford it
Chapter 721: Red Book
Chapter 722: Special pistol
Chapter 723: It's even cooler to grab it!
Chapter 724: Almost turned into a mahjong tile
Chapter 725: Thick "Large" finished!
Chapter 726: The most expensive big watermelon in the world
Chapter 727: Save more for the kids
Chapter 728: Picasso is nothing
Chapter 729: Leonardo da Vinci's "Medusa"
Chapter 730: It will be blamed!
Chapter 731: Going to the Philippines again
Chapter 732: Come to me!
Chapter 733: earthquake!
Chapter 734: Don't go
Chapter 735: Kill one's life
Chapter 736: Only saved 1 person
Chapter 737: Recognition and respect
Chapter 738: Heroes who "run the road"
Chapter 739: Treasure hunt has become mine
Chapter 740: You can kill Suharto!
Chapter 741: Blue collar worker
Chapter 742: Enter the tunnel
Chapter 743: Where is the treasure
Chapter 744: Stunning
Chapter 745: Boss 1 Aromatherapy
Chapter 746: Zhang Nan is not the one who spoils children the most!
Chapter 747: Marc and Jacob
Chapter 748: Full of gold armor
Chapter 749: There are gray areas everywhere
Chapter 750: Collector's treasure
Chapter 751: This trip is directly buried!
Chapter 752: Brush presence
Chapter 753: Dying privilege
Chapter 754: National Treasure
Chapter 755: More than copper plate
Chapter 756: The earliest Chinese Buddha statue
Chapter 757: Big profiteer
Chapter 758: Not good, so ugly!
Chapter 759: Crush it!
Chapter 760: Something is going to happen
Chapter 761: Nomura Jiro's professional ethics
Chapter 762: Someone divides the cake
Chapter 763: Queuing to jump
Chapter 764: All beings
Chapter 765: 3 are
Chapter 766: Make wedding clothes for others
Chapter 767: Give me a low profile
Chapter 768: Kill a police inspector
Chapter 769: Not afraid of devils
Chapter 770: Don't try to fool us!
Chapter 771: Not a lady, but a lady
Chapter 772: Give gifts and give gold and silver wrong
Chapter 773: Forcing the good to be a prostitute
Chapter 774: Famous paintings in the cabin
Chapter 775: Presidential Order
Chapter 776: Home of the rich
Chapter 777: 1 plane is nothing
Chapter 778: Charlie's Teaching
Chapter 779: Ice Warrior
Chapter 780: It's an idiot if you don't have neutral
Chapter 781: Old friend
Chapter 782: Not everyone has fun
Chapter 783: I deserve to be pitted to follow the trend
Chapter 784: Giant diamonds don't happen every day
Chapter 785: Movies are toys and tools
Chapter 786: 1 group of scum, hypocrites
Chapter 787: A lie becomes truth if repeated 0 times
Chapter 788: I don't want to see him
Chapter 789: Trick!
Chapter 790: American Treasure Hunt
Chapter 791: 6 "coffee cups"
Chapter 792: Don't play this stuff
Chapter 793: 1 pile of brain damage, neurosis!
Chapter 794: The folk national treasure is it
Chapter 795: Flea market at the entrance of the museum
Chapter 796: palace?
Chapter 797: Thirty yuan to 1.4 billion yuan
Chapter 798: Unparalleled blue!
Chapter 799: Change or not?
Chapter 800: The "stars" with one and no two
Chapter 801: Too cheap, multiply ten times!
Chapter 802: Do you want dinosaur eggs?
Chapter 803: As much as you want
Chapter 804: Little guy giving gifts
Chapter 805: I hate monkeys even more
Chapter 806: Raise fat pigs into wild boars
Chapter 807: Global deployment
Chapter 808: 2 unlucky eggs
Chapter 809: Dress up
Chapter 810: Blow me to death!
Chapter 813: To be a favor again
Chapter 814: Still have to practice
Chapter 820: Go diving
Chapter 821: Black reef
Chapter 822: Treasure hunting temporarily changed to fishing
Chapter 823: Tongguan Kiln
Chapter 884: Arab Merchant Shipping
Chapter 824: Arab Merchant Shipping
Chapter 825: Unknown to the world
Chapter 826: Hai Lao Porcelain, it's fate!
Chapter 827: The history of tea bottles
Chapter 828:
Chapter 829: Not yet developed
Chapter 830: Pigs all over the field
Chapter 831: Nothing is good
Chapter 832: Damn it, it's not history!
Chapter 833: Avoid
Chapter 834: How many people are on the baseball team?
Chapter 835: Nothing wrong
Chapter 836: As long as there is money
Chapter 837: The most expensive in the world
Chapter 838: Take a break
Chapter 839: I heard nothing
Chapter 840: Cathay Cheese
Chapter 841: Catch the week
Chapter 842: Look upside down
Chapter 843: Dolls and plans
Chapter 844: World Cup
Chapter 845: U.S. Army Calls for Rescue
Chapter 846: Rescue
Chapter 847: Big tempo
Chapter 848: Fastest
Chapter 849: Medical soldier
Chapter 850: Are there any alive!
Chapter 851: She is still alive!
Chapter 852: Rescue arrived
Chapter 853: This is hope
Chapter 854: air transport
Chapter 855: Pull brother 1
Chapter 856: So be it
Chapter 857: Incredible
Chapter 858: What kind of money to bet on!
Chapter 859: Red high heels
Chapter 860: Dig it
Chapter 861: You have to wait, or you will die!
Chapter 862: cheer!
Chapter 863: Ajani says hello to you
Chapter 864: Give me 1
Chapter 865: aftershock!
Chapter 886: The first eleventh day!
Chapter 887: There is still alive!
Chapter 888: Miracle of life
Chapter 889: The outbreak of war
Chapter 890: Unlucky Arabia
Chapter 891: Compromise and Independence 1 No 2
Chapter 892: The joy of archeology
Chapter 893: Shipwreck in Yuan Dynasty
Chapter 894: I want it!
Chapter 895: Money can be capricious
Chapter 896: Zheng He's ship?
Chapter 897: To positive type Yuan blue and white
Chapter 898: Size difference
Chapter 866: The first eleventh day!
Chapter 867: There is still alive!
Chapter 868: Miracle of life
Chapter 869: The outbreak of war
Chapter 870: Unlucky Arabia
Chapter 871: Compromise and Independence 1 No 2
Chapter 872: The joy of archeology
Chapter 873: Shipwreck in Yuan Dynasty
Chapter 874: I want it!
Chapter 875: Money can be capricious
Chapter 876: Zheng He's ship?
Chapter 877: To positive type Yuan blue and white
Chapter 878: Size difference
Chapter 879: Top-notch goods that subvert the tradition
Chapter 881: Imperial edict
Chapter 882: Official seal
Chapter 904: Small 100 million
Chapter 905: Pick warehouse
Chapter 908: seek death!
Chapter 922: You want to give you 1
Chapter 923: The story about the green hat
Chapter 938: Damn grave thief
Chapter 939: "Pharaoh" is wrong
Chapter 940: Keep the axe and bow for me
Chapter 941: Secret room
Chapter 942: The Wisdom of Tufuzi!
Chapter 943: The means of the master!
Chapter 944: How did you cover it!
Chapter 947: The "box" is here!
Chapter 948: Building
Chapter 949: Prince walks everywhere
Chapter 199: Abandoned 2nd war military highway
Chapter 294: Huaxia Habits
Chapter 295: 8 of the most
Chapter 296: Brutal Derusting
Chapter 297: Savage is also technical
Chapter 298: 4 curious babies
Chapter 299: Four hundred carats of diamonds
Chapter 300: Stock up guns and ammunition
Chapter 301: For the treasure of the Nazis
Chapter 303: If something happens, just run back
Chapter 880: New discoveries
Chapter 883: A deadly box!
Chapter 885: More than just a suitcase
Chapter 899: Daughter's game
Chapter 900: A few boxes of babies
Chapter 901: 4 Congratulations on the Chinese people's prosperity
Chapter 902: Differences in cultural relics
Chapter 903: Secret Color Porcelain
Chapter 906: The filial sons and grandchildren who love to run the hills
Chapter 907: The Han Tomb is a nuisance
Chapter 909: Lord Belle has no real estate certificate
Chapter 910: "Master Belle" and "Huan Zhugege"
Chapter 911: Kublai Khan's stuff
Chapter 912: Gall fat
Chapter 913: smart people
Chapter 914: Apprentice
Chapter 915: Madden Apprenticeship
Chapter 916: The sky is big, the sister is the biggest!
Chapter 917: Not ashamed
Chapter 918: It's safe to move back
Chapter 919: good news
Chapter 920: On the plane
Chapter 921: Not fit
Chapter 924: The girl who wants to cross
Chapter 925: Self-help
Chapter 926: It's a legend
Chapter 927: Go to dig the pyramid
Chapter 928: It's not him, it's us.
Chapter 929: True pyramid
Chapter 930: Undocumented pyramid
Chapter 931: "Mastaba"
Chapter 932: punish
Chapter 933: State Guest House
Chapter 934: I do not care!
Chapter 935: Excavation
Chapter 936: It's easier to do at night
Chapter 937: Weight reduction board
Chapter 945: Fabulous design
Chapter 946: Pick and pick
Chapter 950: Planning to go to germany
Chapter 951: That's my dad!
Chapter 952: Lao Pu
Chapter 953: Some things will not be said in textbooks
Chapter 954: In the house
Chapter 955: Set firecrackers
Chapter 956: dig!
Chapter 957: Not to mention 1 house is all!
Chapter 958: Not tuned
Chapter 959: Bohemian
Chapter 960: Which emperor's?
Chapter 961: pair
Chapter 962: Damn big-nanny!
Chapter 963: Mint inventory
Chapter 964: German
Chapter 965: Avoid next time
Chapter 967: at East!
Chapter 968: Golden train!
Chapter 969: Gold sample
Chapter 970: The exquisite goddess on the cloud
Chapter 971: 30,000 trips
Chapter 972: Reliquary
Chapter 973: I'm afraid of eggs-it hurts!
Chapter 974: Authentic Uzi Steel
Chapter 966: Small discoveries mean big discoveries
Chapter 975: Good knife
Chapter 976: 0 million 1
Chapter 977: Little girl's dream
Chapter 978: The important thing is in your own hands
Chapter 979: It won't break
Chapter 980: Jerry
Chapter 981: Dive
Chapter 982: Who else can you pit?
Chapter 983: Unreasonable
Chapter 984: Show your attitude
Chapter 985: Stinky chess
Chapter 986: Mirror
Chapter 987: 13,000 tons
Chapter 988: Go to the sea?
Chapter 989: Sell!
Chapter 990: South China Sea
Chapter 991: Snake and shoot
Chapter 992: The second largest explosion in the century
Chapter 993: Sea Coachman's Ship
Chapter 994: Ming dynasty soup spoon
Chapter 995: Don't speak out
Chapter 996: Steel ship
Chapter 997: Going to make a lot of money
Chapter 998: what is this?
Chapter 999: Things that can be stuffed into the thigh bones
Chapter 1000: Battle Standard Ship
Chapter 1001: There are pirates
Chapter 1002: Pirates never fight
Chapter 1003: Don't see blood
Chapter 1004: The prince? Ha ha!
Chapter 1005: Judging the Wanli Kiln
Chapter 1006: Cannon
Chapter 1007: Who is the latecomer
Chapter 1008: Legacy gold ingot
Chapter 1009: Evil capitalist
Chapter 1010: Experts do it!
Chapter 1011: Tree assembly attracts the wind
Chapter 1012: Special cargo
Chapter 1014: Harmony and contradiction
Chapter 1015: Attitude towards danger
Chapter 1018: Something untouchable
Chapter 1020: To cultivate
Chapter 1021: Strategic nuclear bomb
Chapter 1022: 100,000 tons!
Chapter 1023: Ruin
Chapter 1027: Sing a big show
Chapter 1029: Intense?
Chapter 1031: Paul's trick
Chapter 1033: Detrimental to oneself
Chapter 1034: Tell the world, they are done!
Chapter 1035: The best chance
Chapter 1036: army
Chapter 1038: Armed to the teeth
Chapter 1039: So-called poison bomb
Chapter 1040: Maozi's horror equipment
Chapter 1041: Thin-skinned stuffing
Chapter 1042: First round
Chapter 1044: The real unscrupulous gun
Chapter 1045: Knock on the mountain and shake the tiger
Chapter 1046: Fierce battle and "fierce battle"
Chapter 1048: Righteousness
Chapter 1049: Forever
Chapter 1052: value
Chapter 1053: Ready to attack
Chapter 1057: explode!
Chapter 1058: destroy
Chapter 1059: This is the rhythm of getting rich!
Chapter 1061: plunder
Chapter 1063: Valuable missile
Chapter 1067: Divide money, eat, get rich
Chapter 1071: Understanding Zhang Nan's Red Devil
Chapter 1073: Single mission
Chapter 1074: Travel
Chapter 1075: Batch
Chapter 1076: Want to be emperor?
Chapter 1077: Screwdriver
Chapter 1078: Crazy, it's all sold!
Chapter 1079: This is a big pit
Chapter 1080: Riding a donkey to find a donkey
Chapter 1081: I'm in touch with Lao Pu again
Chapter 1082: Icing on the cake is not as good as giving charcoal in the snow
Chapter 1083: Can't tolerate him not to sell
Chapter 1084: Last time
Chapter 1085: Bomb with heavy truck
Chapter 1086: Target
Chapter 1087: No matter how good it is
Chapter 1088: Mixed bomb
Chapter 1089: reciprocal
Chapter 1090: 18 layers of hell!
Chapter 1092: Withdrawal is an art
Chapter 1094: Brutal robber
Chapter 1095: It's not easy to be a good person
Chapter 1096: Don't want to suffer
Chapter 1097: It's okay to blow up the Empire State Building
Chapter 1098: Inauspicious safe
Chapter 1101: Prepare for war
Chapter 1103: Nice feast
Chapter 1104: If you can't stand it, I have to stand it!
Chapter 1105: Flash
Chapter 1106: Western-style response
Chapter 1108: Blood diamond to ward off evil spirits
Chapter 1109: Happy
Chapter 1110: It's no good not to eat this soft rice
Chapter 1111: Not earning, but picking up!
Chapter 1113: Employment issues
Chapter 1114: To Beijing
Chapter 1116: The child's father's name is you
Chapter 1118: Overrun
Chapter 1119: Prodigal son and rice bucket
Chapter 1120: Different world
Chapter 1121: Have work
Chapter 1123: Trevi Fountain 800 years ago
Chapter 1125: Get something
Chapter 1126: How did the red devil do it?
Chapter 1127: Stand still!
Chapter 1128: Really affordable
Chapter 1129: The best bulletproof car
Chapter 1131: Let his whole family die
Chapter 1133: 1 must be very interesting
Chapter 1134: You got news
Chapter 1136: Go the other way
Chapter 1137: Go to the red-light district
Chapter 1138: The car was grabbed
Chapter 1139: Group action
Chapter 1141: Change gun
Chapter 1142: head shot
Chapter 1143: It's that simple
Chapter 1144: Wu Qing
Chapter 1145: Send gun
Chapter 1146: oil
Chapter 1149: Farewell, our red flag
Chapter 1150: Which shallot
Chapter 1151: This boss is awesome!
Chapter 1155: It is recommended to change the gun
Chapter 1157: This boss is a great man
Chapter 1158: Use gold bars as a reminder
Chapter 1159: Dream castle
Chapter 1161: Unlucky Crown Prince
Chapter 1162: Questions that no traveler can answer
Chapter 1163: Guess who I saw?
Chapter 1165: Do a good job
Chapter 1167: Use 1 to give it back
Chapter 1168: Gnaw
Chapter 1169: Ghastly place
Chapter 1170: Complex Europe
Chapter 1173: "robbery"
Chapter 1174: Non-professional feeding of crocodiles
Chapter 1177: Brutal cleanup
Chapter 1181: Secular
Chapter 1182: The priceless treasure of ancient Rome!
Chapter 1184: Hot pot has to go with wine
Chapter 1185: Make magic
Chapter 1186: To die is no worse than to live
Chapter 1187: The limitations of the times
Chapter 1188: Legacy of the Knights Templar
Chapter 1189: Bloody Lessons Learned!
Chapter 1190: Fire, Theft, and Judy
Chapter 1194: Food problem
Chapter 1197: It's better to grow old gracefully
Chapter 1199: "I Daqing" can't hold it
Chapter 1122: Can I change 2 atomic bombs?
Chapter 1200: Why sell a house
Chapter 1203: Jewish Relics
Chapter 1204: major discovery
Chapter 1205: This is the original product!
Chapter 1209: This is the book!
Chapter 1210: wax!
Chapter 1211: Have to follow my rules
Chapter 1213: Rolling
Chapter 1215: Bird hit
Chapter 1216: Something may happen!
Chapter 1217: Fell!
Chapter 1218: Rescue
Chapter 1219: Show off
Chapter 1220: This is the rule!
Chapter 1221: Home
Chapter 1222: 1 come and come
Chapter 1224: The plane is a bit smaller
Chapter 1225: President's pomp
Chapter 1228: The giant diamond that Zhang Nan doesn't like
Chapter 1230: Absolutely unreliable
Chapter 1231: All weird
Chapter 1234: The company takes care of this!
Chapter 1236: Can make a documentary
Chapter 1237: Not only paris
Chapter 1238: Ungrateful white-eyed wolf
Chapter 1239: Real 8 mm
Chapter 1240: Multipronged
Chapter 1241: arrival
Chapter 1242: Hopeless country
Chapter 1244: The largest arms dealer is the United States
Chapter 1245: Bunker
Chapter 1246: Cave library
Chapter 1249: I don't feel bad when I sell Ye Tian
Chapter 1250: Tens of thousands
Chapter 1251: Once frantic
Chapter 1252: Eat all
Chapter 1256: Look down on
Chapter 1257: Superman came and caught blind
Chapter 1258: Don't run the red light tonight!
Chapter 1259: Save face
Chapter 1261: They are cheaper!
Chapter 1263: Hang the street light pole again
Chapter 1266: 2 sides syrah
Chapter 1267: The media can kill people too!
Chapter 1269: Don't buy it
Chapter 1273: The cook's approach
Chapter 1274: Funny president and ridiculous system
Chapter 1276: Hapless little
Chapter 1278: "Vase" wants to rebel?
Chapter 1279: Humanoid submarine
Chapter 1281: Malaysia Party
Chapter 1282: This is in trouble!
Chapter 1284: bracelet
Chapter 1285: How many scumbags
Chapter 1286: tasty
Chapter 1288: If you have more, you have to lower the price
Chapter 1290: Call me!
Chapter 1291: Full row volley
Chapter 1292: frenzied
Chapter 1293: My friends are stunned
Chapter 1295: Poverty limits imagination
Chapter 1297: Dollar is paper
Chapter 1299: Cool
Chapter 1302: Rockets bombing warships
Chapter 1303: Life is not Wolf Warriors II
Chapter 1305: Forgive you for not dare!
Chapter 1306: Don't think too much about making money
Chapter 1307: Not playing harmoniously with the opponent (just now
Chapter 1309: transport
Chapter 1310: Lively July
Chapter 1311:
Chapter 1314: Room without breakfast
Chapter 1316: The Butterfly Effect
Chapter 1317: U.S. mining is not easy
Chapter 1321: Flame gem
Chapter 1322: Played as a monkey
Chapter 1323: Go to Hangai Mountain
Chapter 1325: Rich is the Lord
Chapter 1326: Annoying city
Chapter 1327: Looking for a woman here is like looking for death
Chapter 1328: Shan Yumu
Chapter 1329: Dating Kung Fu
Chapter 1330: Wang Zhaojun's husband's anti-theft tomb?
Chapter 1333: Multi-belt excavator, bulldozer
Chapter 1334: Camp
Chapter 1335: Free
Chapter 1337: Gold flakes
Chapter 1338: gold medal
Chapter 1339: Path knife!
Chapter 1340: Hun Sword
Chapter 1341: Buried after death
Chapter 1343: You have to be self-knowing when doing bad things
Chapter 1344: No one is wrong
Chapter 1345: Don't eat more
Chapter 1346: Women should not be sacrificed
Chapter 1347: Listen to me all the dog days!
Chapter 1348: Exotic
Chapter 1349: Someone chasing li
Chapter 1350: check!
Chapter 1351: Beauty in the camp
Chapter 1355: Heir's crown
Chapter 1356: Gone only 1
Chapter 1357: Don't see white heads in the world
Chapter 1358: Hongyan
Chapter 1359: Yun Xiang's clothes are so beautiful
Chapter 1360: Huaxia Crown
Chapter 1361: Big case?
Chapter 1362: Zhang Nan wants to solve the case
Chapter 1364: Army card!
Chapter 1366: Top priority
Chapter 1368: A god-like opponent, a pig-like teammate
Chapter 1370: Han Jian
Chapter 1371: Big tricks
Chapter 1372: Gold will go
Chapter 1373: 3 abuses
Chapter 1374: Run into a neurosis
Chapter 1375: Drama
Chapter 1376: Zhang Nan's Museum
Chapter 1377: Andre's guess
Chapter 1378: Grassroots into the mansion
Chapter 1379: Don't be too crazy
Chapter 1380: That Ellen is bad enough!
Chapter 1381: Negotiate terms with the "President"
Chapter 1382: threat
Chapter 1383: gift
Chapter 1384: Women making movies
Chapter 1385: frame
Chapter 1386: I slapped him to death!
Chapter 1387: Making money, occupying land and clues
Chapter 1388: Upstart Yuri
Chapter 1389: Correspondence to Alpha
Chapter 1390: Improve the training team of officers!
Chapter 1391: Dead horse
Chapter 1392: Safe house
Chapter 1393: I seem to be able to rescue one more time
Chapter 1394: Marbella
Chapter 1395: fortress
Chapter 1396: Better than nothing
Chapter 1397: Men's Team
Chapter 1398: Sasha and Danny
Chapter 1399: Reload
Chapter 1400: Armed to the teeth
Chapter 1401: Ready
Chapter 1402: Large bomb
Chapter 1403: Heavy fire assault
Chapter 1404: Last thought
Chapter 1405: Tactic number two
Chapter 1408: Boss's is even more excessive
Chapter 1410: Here comes the rush
Chapter 1412: Cruel and merciless
Chapter 1414: Through the wall
Chapter 1415: No more polite
Chapter 1417: Safety Stinger
Chapter 1418: What are you doing to me!
Chapter 1420: What hand style?
Chapter 1422: I just make sense!
Chapter 1423: Bargaining chip
Chapter 1425: The more the better
Chapter 1427: Not only are there gangsters abroad
Chapter 1428: help
Chapter 1429: Strong contrast
Chapter 1430: This is really ho!
Chapter 1431: Mr. Zhang's power
Chapter 1435: hearsay
Chapter 1436: Small misunderstanding
Chapter 1437: True size
Chapter 1439: Transportation
Chapter 1440: The local tyrants have many tricks
Chapter 1441: No more small
Chapter 1442: Don't guess where to buy
Chapter 1443: Pity
Chapter 1445: World Trade Center
Chapter 1446: Big chimney!
Chapter 1447: Type 2 situation
Chapter 1448: Joint strength, reputation guarantee!
Chapter 1449: alliance
Chapter 1450: suspects
Chapter 1452: Your trouble is big
Chapter 1453: Fortress of trouble
Chapter 1013: With explosives
Chapter 1016: Open skylight
Chapter 1017: Still have to keep a low profile
Chapter 1019: Prepare for a raid
Chapter 1024: Don't come
Chapter 1025: Who is Chen Shimei
Chapter 1026: Cannon at hand
Chapter 1028: Dry addiction
Chapter 1030: judge
Chapter 1032: Warship territorial waters
Chapter 1037: Prepare
Chapter 1043: Steel rain
Chapter 1047: How
Chapter 1050: No qualifications!
Chapter 1051: Recruit
Chapter 1054: Red devil!
Chapter 1055: Soviet Union's Strongest Special Agent Force
Chapter 1056: attack
Chapter 1060: Old habits
Chapter 1062: Tuition has fallen
Chapter 1064: Old plane
Chapter 1065: With a helicopter?
Chapter 1066: UNITA's Fortune
Chapter 1068: Send money
Chapter 1069: hope
Chapter 1070: Red Devil House
Chapter 1072: The most precious thing is people
Chapter 1091: expert
Chapter 1093: Brand can't fall
Chapter 1099: In the name of De Beers
Chapter 1100: shameless
Chapter 1102: game rules
Chapter 1107: Compromise under pressure
Chapter 1112: Stupid
Chapter 1115: Self-seeking
Chapter 1117: Prince's house
Chapter 1124: It's a big deal again
Chapter 1130: Thanks moscow
Chapter 1132: Target is a senator
Chapter 1135: Want an intelligence analyst
Chapter 1140: Weak chicken
Chapter 1147: Won't be troubled with money
Chapter 1148: Big heart
Chapter 1152: Not swallow
Chapter 1153: Carry and run
Chapter 1154: Little sister's gift
Chapter 1156: 1 person is almost the world
Chapter 1160: Become a migrant worker
Chapter 1164: Killing people do not pay for their lives
Chapter 1166: The thief can't get in!
Chapter 1171: More reliable than the dollar
Chapter 1172: Too ugly!
Chapter 1175: 1 casually pit the dead
Chapter 1176: Scold a pig head
Chapter 1178: The penny of the 9 clan
Chapter 1179: Someone is crying
Chapter 1180: A must-have magic weapon for traversing
Chapter 1183: Magic cup
Chapter 1191: bad idea
Chapter 1192: Protagonist problem
Chapter 1193: Best not to be crazy
Chapter 1195: Go on strike
Chapter 1196: destination
Chapter 1198: Damn inheritance tax!
Chapter 1201: idea
Chapter 1202: Can I change 2 atomic bombs?
Chapter 1206: huge sum of money
Chapter 1207: Pitting the dead does not pay for their lives
Chapter 1208: Mild obsessive-compulsive disorder
Chapter 1212: You are responsible for beauty
Chapter 1214: Run for the prize
Chapter 1223: The wife who demolished the house
Chapter 1226: Large airplane atmosphere
Chapter 1227: Royal treatment
Chapter 1229: Real stereo
Chapter 1232: Don't look down on Brother 3
Chapter 1233: It's a matter of life
Chapter 1235: Acrobat
Chapter 1243: No one wants arms
Chapter 1247: Bullets more than twenty years ago
Chapter 1248: Test gun
Chapter 1253: Think of a way to get more
Chapter 1254: Not worth 1 car
Chapter 1255: Not everything
Chapter 1260: Prostitutes have headshots
Chapter 1262: A good way to destroy the dead
Chapter 1264: support
Chapter 1265: Perverted industrial chain
Chapter 1268: Don't look down on the stick
Chapter 1270: Leave immediately, or else kill it!
Chapter 1271: Fight zombies
Chapter 1272: Grand teacher's chair waits on
Chapter 1275: Big ship
Chapter 1277: Going to Colombia?
Chapter 1280: Spanish "Kappa"
Chapter 1283: Happy trouble
Chapter 1287: Found
Chapter 1289: be safe
Chapter 1294: Gunboat machine!
Chapter 1296: 4 combos
Chapter 1298: Bomb the plane
Chapter 1300: More than 1
Chapter 1301: Comrades of the Soviet Union
Chapter 1304: Run away
Chapter 1308: The truck blows up the submarine (now
Chapter 1312: adjust
Chapter 1313: Swan song
Chapter 1315: Nevada has no gold
Chapter 1318: Take the mountain as a mine
Chapter 1319: Flat tire
Chapter 1320: Invited to visit
Chapter 1324: Map pit
Chapter 1331: Be an official thief
Chapter 1332: Transfer the engineer battalion!
Chapter 1336: Dig for Lao Tzu!
Chapter 1342: How difficult it is to have a name
Chapter 1352: Beauty Another Solution
Chapter 1353: 1 all speak with strength
Chapter 1354: Behind you
Chapter 1363: 1 group of masters
Chapter 1365: Boldly speculate
Chapter 1367: God!
Chapter 1369: broken
Chapter 1406: Saoud will be sentenced to death
Chapter 1409: 2 Fu Dangguan
Chapter 1411: 0 police do not open!
Chapter 1413: Brave man
Chapter 1416: Ask for trouble
Chapter 1419: Evacuate
Chapter 1421: Guan Xingquan's preferences
Chapter 1424: Hole cards
Chapter 1426: The devil created by man
Chapter 1432: Crazy decision
Chapter 1433: The first lineup in history!
Chapter 1434: Easy to go up the mountain is difficult to go down!
Chapter 1438: All good actors
Chapter 1451: Fellow Daoist help!
Chapter 1454: Damn america