The True Nature of the Ghost Doctor: The Ugly Girl Will Go Against the Sky

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The True Nature of the Ghost Doctor: The Ugly Girl Will Go Against the SkyAlternate Title:鬼医本色:废柴丑女要逆天 She is an ancient martial arts genius in the twenty-first century who is excellent in both medicine and poison. She is the only bloodline of the first direct line of the first military general family in the Dong Ling Empire, with a pair of black eyes, so that she was broken as a waste at birth. Once she crossed over, she became her. Black hair and black eyes are …… useless? She sneered, “I’d like to see who is a waste of talent!” The medical system in ...

Latest chapter:Chapter 2115: Can't stop here

Updated:2022-03-09 06:04

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《The True Nature of the Ghost Doctor: The Ugly Girl Will Go Against the Sky》latest chapter

Chapter 2115: Can't stop here
Chapter 2114: Mrs Fang returns
Chapter 2113: People, most of them are self-interested
Chapter 2112: Picture-in-picture, hidden mystery
Chapter 2111: Are you telling a story?
Chapter 2110: That can be exciting!
Chapter 2109: Vulture being fed medicine
Chapter 2108: I'm right!
Chapter 2107: Go to Thin Swamp
Chapter 2106: Go to the enchantment now?
Chapter 2105: I learn very fast
Chapter 2104: Someone moved the medicine bottle
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《The True Nature of the Ghost Doctor: The Ugly Girl Will Go Against the Sky》All Chapters List

Chapter 1: Cross, survive in the mouth of the beast
Chapter 2: Counterattack, sharp-edged
Chapter 3: Trick, punish the scum girl
Chapter 4: First encounter, goug her eyes
Chapter 5: Shocked, the first black-eyed man
Chapter 6: God book, one is a treasure
Chapter 7: Get stronger and kiss unexpectedly
Chapter 8: Go home and be dismissed
Chapter 9: The truth, the accomplices
Chapter 10: Crusade, kill this waste!
Chapter 12: Make a fool of yourself, the scum girl has smallpox
Chapter 13: Rampant, join forces to kill this waste!
Chapter 14: Black heart, scumbag seizes military power
Chapter 15: The liar is matched with no brain worm, a natural pair!
Chapter 16: Calculate, catch it all in one go
Chapter 17: Passionate, sisters married together
Chapter 18: Disgusting, refused to marry in public
Chapter 19: Drugs, entangled in public
Chapter 20: Condemned, the plot reversed
Chapter 21: Shot, shocked the audience!
Chapter 22: Refresh, dispose of the garbage!
Chapter 23: The only one, the darling of heaven!
Chapter 24: Room, add an extra pillow
Chapter 25: Patience, do not sleep in the same bed
Chapter 26: Zang Yuege, Royal Academy
Chapter 27: Angry, why don't you scold?
Chapter 28: The storm will not be calm
Chapter 29: Poisoner, you are invincible
Chapter 30: Go out and meet hostility
Chapter 31: Reverse, be beaten and scolded in the street!
Chapter 32: Preaching, self-esteem and self-love
Chapter 33: I'm so angry that I hit you all over the floor!
Chapter 34: Bold, good step!
Chapter 35: Arrogant, **** medicine
Chapter 36: Appear, he is looking at me!
Chapter 37: Cute, discuss marriage
Chapter 38: Collided, unfathomable man
Chapter 39: Hard work, looking for the black spirit crystal
Chapter 40: Fight, fancy a pile of scrap iron together
Chapter 41: Shot, shocking
Chapter 42: Looking for death, your mouth smells so bad!
Chapter 43: Talk, she was me!
Chapter 44: Arrogance, the frog at the bottom of the well!
Chapter 45: Shocked, the purity is very high
Chapter 46: Robbery, stunning appearance
Chapter 47: Fly away, treat her differently
Chapter 48: The scum girl, was hit and vomited blood
Chapter 49: She protects you, how can she deceive you
Chapter 50: Help, listen to the master
Chapter 51: Doubt, no one can build it
Chapter 52: Invitation to participate in the peach blossom feast
Chapter 53: Accidentally, got a black spirit crystal
Chapter 54: Seal, tell the truth in one word
Chapter 55: Transaction, don't hide it
Chapter 56: Too much, come to occupy her bed again
Chapter 57: Assassinated, a powerful poisoner
Chapter 58: Changes, the loss of spiritual power
Chapter 59: I think she died on the opposite platform
Chapter 60: Hinder, deliberately make things difficult
Chapter 61: Buy and act according to the rules
Chapter 62: Deliberately, shoot her with an arrow
Chapter 63: Fearless, a group of shit-eating dogs
Chapter 64: Get rid of people, let's get out of here!
Chapter 65: Irony, black-haired toad
Chapter 66: Test, arrogant
Chapter 67: Memories, grow rapidly
Chapter 68: Test, get cheap and sell well
Chapter 69: Suddenly, spiritual power is declining!
Chapter 70: Clumsy, self-righteous
Chapter 71: Testing, not waste!
Chapter 72: Mu Feng, a real powerhouse!
Chapter 73: Change face, the battle begins
Chapter 74: Standoff and walk out of the gate of the palace without life
Chapter 75: Bet, kneel and lick my shoes
Chapter 76: Play stubbornly, don't admit it
Chapter 77: Despicable, just leave if you dare not fight
Chapter 78: Engage in battle, how fierce and fierce
Chapter 79: So fast, there is no way to fight back!
Chapter 80: Cruel, why not dare?
Chapter 81: Proudly, divide her into five parts!
Chapter 82: Scared to cry
Chapter 83: The strong, let the royal fear
Chapter 84: Ignore, so angry!
Chapter 85: Go back home and take her to practice
Chapter 86: Accident, teach her cheats
Chapter 87: Stagnate, take his hand
Chapter 88: No see, go to the Royal Academy
Chapter 89: Find the difference, do you want to die?
Chapter 90: Sir, against her
Chapter 91: Be enraged
Chapter 92: Onlookers, can't reach her!
Chapter 93: Shocked, Mr. Mu Qingchen
Chapter 94: Retort, slap in the face
Chapter 95: Comprehension, you can demonstrate
Chapter 96: Especially, ask Mu Qingchen to borrow something
Chapter 97: Disdain, amazing results
Chapter 98: Doubt, you don't have eyes?
Chapter 99: Astonished, surpassed by a waste
Chapter 100: Coveted, suddenly no one can be found
Chapter 101: Mysterious
Chapter 102: Hiring, conscientious advice
Chapter 103: Force, only do big things
Chapter 104: Open your mouth, I'll find it for you next time
Chapter 105: Pain, take advantage of my master
Chapter 106: Wake up and look for the spirit-building fruit
Chapter 107: Restricted, get out of bed!
Chapter 108: Hungry, can't leave
Chapter 109: Angry, don't I have a grudge against you?
Chapter 110: Cultivation, don't you go together?
Chapter 111: Make fun of
Chapter 112: Recite, get someone to testify
Chapter 113: Ignore, leave without permission
Chapter 114: By chance, I met Siamese babies
Chapter 115: Take it out and solve it together
Chapter 116: Leaving, is this a dead person?
Chapter 117: Chat, enter Lingyue Pavilion
Chapter 118: Precaution, the mysterious white house
Chapter 119: Considerate, like you more and more
Chapter 120: Separation and return home together
Chapter 121: Explanation, surgical separation
Chapter 122: In the palace, someone is behind the scenes
Chapter 123: Strange, very unusual
Chapter 124: Molested, in a one-to-five!
Chapter 125: The strong, the bad ones!
Chapter 126: Shot and suddenly blinded
Chapter 127: Grumpy, the room was searched once
Chapter 128: Talk i'm hungry
Chapter 129: You go, the feeling of heartbeat
Chapter 130: Accident, hands clasped
Chapter 131: Drunk, drink a bottle of fairy dew
Chapter 132: Hold on, don't hold others!
Chapter 133: Uncomfortable, in my arms
Chapter 134: Come down, it's so comfortable
Chapter 135: Kiss, heart beating for another person
Chapter 136: I don't understand, go to see the **** pictures by myself
Chapter 137: Shocked, have a chance to become a disciple of Zang Yuege
Chapter 138: Reading, sneaky
Chapter 139: Disgusting, someone is coming to make trouble
Chapter 140: Go back, whether it's a man or a ghost
Chapter 141: Frankly, agree to the operation
Chapter 142: Blushing, do you have a sweetheart?
Chapter 143: Name it, take it
Chapter 144: Make trouble
Chapter 145: Apologize, nosy
Chapter 146: Come forward, I have given it to Miss Duanmu
Chapter 147: Go out, **** off
Chapter 148: Calculate and fight
Chapter 149: Fight against the weak
Chapter 150: Burns, holding hands in the public
Chapter 151: Picking up vegetables for fear of being disfigured
Chapter 152: Get along, give her a bottle of fairy dew
Chapter 153: Shy, are you in love?
Chapter 154: Estrus, i like to kiss you
Chapter 155: Very angry, read books that shouldn't be read
Chapter 156: Helpless, your sweetheart
Chapter 157: Scum, coveting him to kill without mercy!
Chapter 158: Demonstration, additional conditions
Chapter 159: Queen, whispered to her
Chapter 160: Threaten, let go
Chapter 161: Beg me, make things big
Chapter 162: Insult, kneel down and beg me
Chapter 163: Intimacy, scared for the first time in my life
Chapter 164: Request, I have an important responsibility
Chapter 165: Horror, talk about marriage, talk about marriage
Chapter 166: Helpless, do you like me kissing you?
Chapter 167: Depressed, the cooked duck flew
Chapter 168: Friend, shocking poison pharmacist
Chapter 169: Monster, was frightened fainted
Chapter 170: Thank you, arrange surgery as soon as possible
Chapter 171: Condition, you kiss me
Chapter 172: Changes, the people of Zang Yue Pavilion enter the city
Chapter 173: Great, Ghost God Sect
Chapter 174: Guess, thought you were going to fall in love with me
Chapter 175: Ancient books, blank
Chapter 176: Brother, pioneer token
Chapter 177: Healing, Crescent Mark
Chapter 178: I'm hot, cool me down
Chapter 179: Go out, open fire
Chapter 180: Search and hide monsters
Chapter 181: Laugh, have a clear conscience
Chapter 182: Questioned, no problem
Chapter 183: Imprisoned, arrested them all
Chapter 184: Blocked, Bai Ting comes before
Chapter 185: Apologies, extremely stupid
Chapter 186: Cooking, wounds open
Chapter 187: Misunderstanding, girls are easy to suffer
Chapter 188: Impossible, her room is his room
Chapter 189: Know medicine, make up a master
Chapter 190: Suddenly, an infectious disease
Chapter 191: Shengyan, go to the station to investigate
Chapter 192: Poisoned and burnt all over
Chapter 193: Anxious, procrastinating
Chapter 194: You are missing the Adam's apple
Chapter 195: Xiangshu, death has no place to bury one's body
Chapter 196: Magic incense, from the perspective of God
Chapter 197: Looking for medicine to provoke the people of the Ghost God Sect
Chapter 198: Experiment, take revenge on Zhu Jinyu
Chapter 199: Annoyed and waited for a long time
Chapter 200: What kind of fire burned when entering the palace?
Chapter 201: Opponent, no self-awareness
Chapter 202: Ask for it, whatever you want
Chapter 203: Opportunity
Chapter 204: Worried, will it be dangerous?
Chapter 205: Care, no news at all
Chapter 206: Qin is all the sin
Chapter 207: Extracted, and finally researched successfully
Chapter 208: Visited and slept dimly
Chapter 209: Come in, reborn
Chapter 210: Has changed, who is more beautiful than Duanmu Yawang?
Chapter 211: Antidote, just try
Chapter 212: The investigation was treated by Duanmu Yawang
Chapter 213: Meet the parents
Chapter 214: Is your grandpa called?
Chapter 215: With her, I personally broke her neck!
Chapter 216: Promise, I am your future husband
Chapter 217: See off the guests, check Gong Yulan only
Chapter 218: Talk, we sleep together
Chapter 219: Fever, as long as you sleep with me
Chapter 220: Blushing, i like to hold you
Chapter 221: Blush, sooner or later
Chapter 222: After class, the people from Zang Yue Pavilion arrived in the imperial city
Chapter 223: Accidentally, Zhu Jinyu appeared
Chapter 224: Heartbeat, who said I'm going to that broken place
Chapter 225: Condition, one finger can kill you
Chapter 226: Lip powder, one per person
Chapter 227: Provocative, frustrated!
Chapter 228: Contempt, twelve star poison
Chapter 229: Provocatively, apply poison powder to your face
Chapter 230: Antidote, I'm going to kill her!
Chapter 231: Fear, find Duanmu Yawang for an antidote
Chapter 232: Awesome, someone is looking for you
Chapter 233: Spread your hands, there is no antidote
Chapter 234: Smart, unaware of quilts
Chapter 235: I won't give it to you if you feed the dog.
Chapter 236: Panicked, frustrated!
Chapter 237: Invite, go to the White House
Chapter 238: Beware, Tit for Tit
Chapter 239: Send Miss Duanmu away
Chapter 240: Staring at you, the people from Zang Yuege are coming
Chapter 241: Attack, you quarreled with the master?
Chapter 242: Annoyed, kicked him out of bed
Chapter 243: Medicinal diet, progress is too fast
Chapter 244: Humans, as long as the master likes it
Chapter 245: Displeased, kiss me
Chapter 246: Together, cause a sensation
Chapter 247: Together, very close
Chapter 248: Nervous, the assessment begins
Chapter 249: Threats, please feel free
Chapter 250: do my best
Chapter 251: Guess, Mr. Xin Yuemu
Chapter 252: I have a happy person
Chapter 253: In response, cancel the qualification for assessment!
Chapter 254: Strength, arrogance
Chapter 255: Husband, fake and serious
Chapter 256: Shocked, medium level
Chapter 257: Shame, human body diagnosis and treatment
Chapter 258: Diagnosis and treatment are different from ordinary people
Chapter 259: Interception is different from ordinary people
Chapter 260: Seduce, Xiaoya Wang is not blind
Chapter 261: Walk away with him
Chapter 262: Love words, you don't like being with me
Chapter 263: Wrong, do you dislike me?
Chapter 264: Scared, you are all in that kind of relationship
Chapter 265: Blushing, cooked rice with raw rice?
Chapter 266: Preparation, meeting ceremony
Chapter 267: Li Hentian, about his family
Chapter 268: Visiting, Bai Xici is ill
Chapter 269: Misdiagnosis is not heat stroke at all!
Chapter 270: Deal, leave angrily
Chapter 271: Research, red poisonous insect
Chapter 272: Green and white, men and women live in the same room
Chapter 273: Frankly, what's the matter between you and Gongyu?
Chapter 274: Suddenly, Bai Xici's illness develops
Chapter 275: Don't worry, I'm here
Chapter 276: It's enough to have a partner
Chapter 277: Antibody, twists and turns
Chapter 278: I apologize for being an apprentice wronged you
Chapter 279: Provocative, don't you dare to compete?
Chapter 280: Promise, two requirements
Chapter 281: Badly wounded, weird black
Chapter 282: If you hurt her, you have to die!
Chapter 283: Comfort, it's my job to save my friend
Chapter 284: Treatment, how do you want to coax me?
Chapter 285: Come and sleep
Chapter 286: Let's fight, everyone gathers
Chapter 287: The first round, inspection of pharmaceuticals
Chapter 288: Win and be suspicious again
Chapter 289: Ghost City, Great Pharmacist
Chapter 290: Shocked, the fourth-grade high-grade base fluid!
Chapter 291: Know thyself, ever-victorious
Chapter 292: Apologize, like dying
Chapter 293: Ghost card, regarded as the guest of honor
Chapter 294: Hungry, extra sweet
Chapter 295: Reluctant to leave for a while
Chapter 296: Surprisingly, the emperor came personally
Chapter 297: No see, wrath of the emperor
Chapter 298: Hire, kill him!
Chapter 299: The black spirit crystal was taken away!
Chapter 300: The Golden Crow Sect, with bad intentions
Chapter 301: Betting on rocks, taking a big advantage
Chapter 302: Vomiting, a smell of rotten flesh
Chapter 303: Met, little girl long time no see
Chapter 304: Be wary and unkind
Chapter 305: Pick a gambling stone
Chapter 306: Stay away and watch the show
Chapter 307: Zhu Jinyu, body corruption
Chapter 308: Human body cauldron
Chapter 309: Ridicule, superb spirit stone
Chapter 310: Bet, give her the sky-high price for free
Chapter 311: I have no eyes, picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelon
Chapter 312: Suddenly, the two pavilions were seriously injured!
Chapter 313: Sentient vegetative
Chapter 314: Enchantment, misty waves
Chapter 315: Real water, real fire, burns
Chapter 316: Flip a book, an anecdote
Chapter 317: Prescription, nine-tailed red fox
Chapter 318: Depressed, go to Baijiapu
Chapter 319: Weird, something happened to Bai Tingzhi!
Chapter 320: Decided to go to the mountain of death!
Chapter 321: The eve before departure, make a facelift!
Chapter 322: Enter the palace and get back what belongs to her!
Chapter 323: Night in the emperor's secret room
Chapter 324: The secret room, I want to return the black spirit crystal
Chapter 325: Beasts, double repair tripod furnace
Chapter 326: Trade, take me to Jiuyou Mountain
Chapter 327: Precaution, can you be reserved and eat?
Chapter 328: Angry, killed him on the boat!
Chapter 329: Explode and punish Zhong Huainan
Chapter 330: Outrageous, the shrew scolds the street!
Chapter 331: Decided to bring three people around
Chapter 332: Check out, ready to go
Chapter 333: Counter-accusation, he is indecent to me!
Chapter 334: Plum palm, break your neck!
Chapter 335: Save me, the blood is filled!
Chapter 336: Threat, let all of your lives be worse than death!
Chapter 337: Willful, eat back to the spirit pill
Chapter 338: Blame her, Zhong Yuxiu is really annoying!
Chapter 339: Unreliable, eaten by a beast
Chapter 340: Rob, tell you not to mess with me!
Chapter 341: Kill him, smash him into thousands of pieces!
Chapter 342: Hui Ling Ji, the frozen corpse
Chapter 343: Recognize, hide the corpse
Chapter 344: Secretly, wait and see!
Chapter 345: Patience, play psychological warfare!
Chapter 346: Practice and upgrade quickly!
Chapter 347: Suggestion, uneasy and kind
Chapter 348: Tough, lacking a few important medicinal materials
Chapter 349: Missed, foggy
Chapter 350: The fog faded and casualties were everywhere
Chapter 351: Guard, a knife in the back of the encounter!
Chapter 352: If you don't die, you will be saved
Chapter 353: Benefactor, snake body is poisonous
Chapter 354: Bad luck, meet someone you don't want to see
Chapter 355: Three whips, get rid of half-life!
Chapter 356: Meet again, repeat the same technique
Chapter 357: Angry, kill decisively!
Chapter 358: Rebirth, let him be buried with the nine races!
Chapter 359: Fengming grass, stumbled and fell!
Chapter 360: Bleeding, really met a ghost?
Chapter 362: This handsome, the dead is resurrected
Chapter 363: Contract, i'm yours
Chapter 364: Sleeping, waking up for a thousand years
Chapter 365: Accidentally attacked
Chapter 366: Torture, spend a few hours
Chapter 367: Spit to death, drank dead water
Chapter 368: Can you take medicine?
Chapter 369: To follow, she was chosen from the beginning
Chapter 370: Leave, a white jade pull finger
Chapter 371: Hit the evil, whose time is wrong?
Chapter 372: The story, the original move Tianjun
Chapter 373: In a hurry, don't belittle Gong Yulan
Chapter 374: Disgusted, go away
Chapter 375: Weeping, he lives very hard!
Chapter 376: Offer a reward, I'll cut your head!
Chapter 377: Assassination, no brave husband under heavy money!
Chapter 378: Looking for someone, all three moved
Chapter 379: The celestial phenomena are mutated, and the beasts are bound to win!
Chapter 380: Noisy again, believe it or not I am killing you now?
Chapter 381: Dazzling, the beast is coming!
Chapter 382: Huo Fei, you belong to our family
Chapter 383: Shame, i want to protect you
Chapter 384: Interrogated, can you go now?
Chapter 385: Coveted, wanting her finger
Chapter 386: Arguing, Xiaoye will grow up to be an uncle!
Chapter 387: Yuanjia Road is narrow, take off your mask!
Chapter 388: Delusion, fate is peculiar
Chapter 389: Wait for me, i'm for your good
Chapter 390: Sister, transfer front
Chapter 391: Decided to leave Jiuyou Mountain
Chapter 392: Maple Leaf, come to Longxu Town
Chapter 393: Ghost market, submit chips
Chapter 394: Detect and take people to the VIP room
Chapter 395: Haughty, it depends on the ghost market medicine list
Chapter 396: Trading, if you want to preach, please find someone else
Chapter 397: Fight all night, full of red!
Chapter 398: Being stared at, **** battles for three nights!
Chapter 399: Guest, invited to participate in the auction
Chapter 400: Time scroll, scare children
Chapter 401: Make another deal, the VIP seat of the auction
Chapter 402: VIP seat, different
Chapter 403: Asking for medicine and meeting acquaintances
Chapter 404: Reipressure, meet the strong again!
Chapter 405: Unfortunately, encountering two rivals!
Chapter 406: Wait, the auction will be delayed
Chapter 407: The auction starts and the auction list is exchanged
Chapter 408: High price, her medicine was robbed
Chapter 409: Sister, Ling Rouxin is right for you
Chapter 410: Six Realms, because you are the best!
Chapter 411: Impermanence seems to be wicked
Chapter 412: The two principals, Emperor Killer auctioned privately
Chapter 413: This boy is definitely not in the pool!
Chapter 414: Alchemist, a mutually beneficial transaction
Chapter 415: He is destined to be famous all over the world!
Chapter 416: Fragile, dying child
Chapter 417: Go shopping, sleep together
Chapter 418: Uncle, are you afraid of that waste?
Chapter 419: Track, make a new look
Chapter 420: The three who dumped all beings
Chapter 421: I'm so relieved, I finally found something to eat
Chapter 422: Control, the power of God!
Chapter 423: Disguise, be recognized!
Chapter 424: Angry, she is going to kill Zhu Jinyu!
Chapter 425: Suddenly, the two disappeared!
Chapter 426: Out of the ordinary, powerful blue-eyed person
Chapter 427: Two things, a peaceful night
Chapter 428: Divine grace, gender transfer
Chapter 429: Cruel, gouging your heart with bare hands!
Chapter 430: Hand blade, never look down!
Chapter 431: Silver card, domineering
Chapter 432: Intercept, please help Xiaoli!
Chapter 433: Bring a child to the door for help
Chapter 434: Scared little black mummy
Chapter 435: Surprised, the second black-eyed person in the world
Chapter 436: Poor, bruised
Chapter 437: Check and treat
Chapter 438: Yun Lingcao is full of mystery
Chapter 439: Teach me and develop new prescriptions
Chapter 440: Joy, they are here!
Chapter 441: Intercept, make a comeback
Chapter 442: Double-sided attack, send you to hell!
Chapter 443: Rob people, unable to cooperate
Chapter 444: Fighting, Gong Yulan stopped coming!
Chapter 445: Jealous, recognized her
Chapter 447: Who are you, kiss in the street!
Chapter 447: Shocked, the little master of the nine heavens
Chapter 448: Go back, want to see her true appearance
Chapter 449: Naturalization, how can we save them?
Chapter 450: Do bad things, you love to be shy
Chapter 451: Deliberately
Chapter 452: Gentle, i want to be with you
Chapter 453: Like, they should be close relatives, right?
Chapter 454: Eating, having fun
Chapter 455: Worry about her
Chapter 456: In the palace, there is eyeliner in the palace
Chapter 457: Come to pursue, get rid of the Duanmu clan
Chapter 458: Outsmart, Queen's Birthday Banquet
Chapter 459: Talk, things are more complicated than she thought
Chapter 461: Dreaming back, Zhu Jinyu is back
Chapter 461: Tactics, falsehoods and conspiracy
Chapter 462: Difficult to find, by your own efforts
Chapter 463: Happy, embrace quietly
Chapter 464: Lie down and sleep together
Chapter 465: Supervise, hurry up and become stronger
Chapter 466: Uncle Yang, Queen's Birthday Banquet
Chapter 467: Not simple, easy to break
Chapter 468: Pride, open your eyes and talk nonsense
Chapter 469: Conspiracy, laxative
Chapter 470: Father and mother, the past
Chapter 471: Yang Shili, the grievances back then
Chapter 472: Feel the chill, want to get rid of it and then hurry up!
Chapter 474: Sudden change, something went wrong in your house!
Chapter 474: The attack, everything is too coincidental!
Chapter 475: Displeased, dig the ground three feet!
Chapter 476: Lord Protector, you are drunk
Chapter 477: Ask, just say if you don't want to die!
Chapter 478: Underestimate the enemy, become weaker day by day
Chapter 479: That year, Duanmu Chi Ling had an accident
Chapter 480: Strangle and treat her for dinner!
Chapter 481: Compare, just allow you to poison?
Chapter 482: Start, kill Yang Qingfeng
Chapter 483: Sorry, I found the trace of King Zhongyong
Chapter 484: Array technique, rebuild the enchantment
Chapter 485: Injured, she has me
Chapter 486: Sorry, I didn't see anything!
Chapter 487: Peace of mind, easily solved
Chapter 488: Angry i'm back
Chapter 489: Into the palace, revenge begins
Chapter 490: Sparring, using the original moving sky sword
Chapter 491: Curse, if I die, your grandpa must die too!
Chapter 492: Threatened, led by the nose
Chapter 493: Anti-threat, using "The Forge"
Chapter 494: Surgery, so close
Chapter 495: Caring, full of human breath
Chapter 496: Intimacy
Chapter 497: Ghost world, creepy
Chapter 498: Indirect body, cardiac arrest!
Chapter 499: Died, personally treat
Chapter 500: Angry, Shanren has a clever plan
Chapter 501: Cooperation, only hate is left!
Chapter 502: Entering the palace, grabbed the scattered incense burner!
Chapter 503: Disfigured, are you crazy
Chapter 504: Force the palace, want to meet you
Chapter 505: Kisses are the fault of beauty
Chapter 506: Prepare, you need to look at the erotica picture
Chapter 507: Created
Chapter 508: Poisoning
Chapter 509: Emperor, you want to be emperor
Chapter 510: Complicated, not a fuel-efficient lamp
Chapter 511: Reward
Chapter 512: Chaotang, the sky is about to change
Chapter 513: Die and successfully ascended the throne
Chapter 514: Fighting is really stupid!
Chapter 515: Heartache, tear you to pieces!
Chapter 516: Cruel, avoid harm spell
Chapter 517: Threats, grievances, grievances, revenge!
Chapter 518: Talk, know the whereabouts of Mu Feng
Chapter 519: Criminal commander, visit the prisoner
Chapter 520: To be forced to ask, Duanmu Chiling made a sacrifice
Chapter 521: Your life is in my hands!
Chapter 522: Resurrection, so evil?
Chapter 523: Stone cell, visit Zhu Jinyu
Chapter 524: Cinnabar mole, news from Duanmu Chiling
Chapter 525: Take care, go to the Red Flame Empire instead of Grandpa
Chapter 526: Good news, news of failure
Chapter 527: Discuss, go to the Red Flame Empire alone
Chapter 528: See off, outline the dream
Chapter 529: Say goodbye and lend me the painting
Chapter 530: Leave, someone is following us
Chapter 531: Mysterious bird, dotting the eye with blood
Chapter 532: Qingluan, the sacred bird Lan Linger
Chapter 533: Brother, tens of thousands of years old
Chapter 534: Stranded, weird empire
Chapter 535: Reach the Red Flame Empire
Chapter 536: Staying in a farmhouse, looking for a ghost market
Chapter 537: I was buried and cremated
Chapter 538: Make trouble, go to the competition
Chapter 539: Fortune telling, this bird is so special
Chapter 540: Deyin, this is your name
Chapter 541: Diao Min, he didn't even kneel when he saw my Highness
Chapter 542: Domineering, you still know medicine?
Chapter 543: Your Highness wants to be your friend!
Chapter 544: Ask, who do you learn from
Chapter 545: Coincidentally, Deyin, please stay
Chapter 546: Isn't it as interesting as you?
Chapter 547: Zi Chen is clear, and Chi Yan is unique
Chapter 548: Sorry, I'm afraid of being hurt
Chapter 549: Predestined, Gongyu Dechun
Chapter 550: Terrible medicine, living dead
Chapter 551: Changfeng Pavilion, to prevent Lan Chengche from being burned to death
Chapter 552: Rebound and stay in Changfeng Pavilion
Chapter 553: Inquire about Yung's family
Chapter 554: A chance encounter with the Lans
Chapter 556: Talk in detail, hide strength
Chapter 557: Meet, butler Mo is here
Chapter 555: Sad, false rumors
Chapter 558: Chu Jialan, as rare as you
Chapter 559: The deceased is the big one, see the blue and clear
Chapter 560: Bo eyeballs, nonsense
Chapter 561: Shame, don't want to cremate the blue clear
Chapter 562: Negotiate and leave with Blue Chengche
Chapter 563: Ridiculous, pretending
Chapter 564: Check, the situation is optimistic
Chapter 565: Indifferent, how about I give you some gifts?
Chapter 566: Gifts to help you upgrade
Chapter 567: Contempt, you are not qualified!
Chapter 568: Query, just have a try!
Chapter 569: In the competition, who is bullying who doesn't know yet!
Chapter 570: The competition officially begins
Chapter 571: If the game meets the opponent, hand it over to the inspector to decide
Chapter 572: Sixth product, reshape talent
Chapter 573: Questioned, superior
Chapter 574: Scream, Chu Jialan has an accident!
Chapter 575: Moving, the situation is complicated
Chapter 576: High position, uneasy and kind
Chapter 577: He, study return to spirit
Chapter 578: Master, he ignores me
Chapter 579: On the fifth day, Deyin still didn't come out
Chapter 580: Stop, still not breathing
Chapter 581: It's hard to say, but one step away
Chapter 582: Appeared, Gong Yulan stopped coming
Chapter 583: When I woke up, the owner was very discerning
Chapter 584: Strong, miss him after leaving for a while
Chapter 585: Friend, ask about the situation
Chapter 586: Bold, why don't you come and kiss one?
Chapter 587: I'm here, I want to invite you to the palace
Chapter 588: Take a walk, look so soft
Chapter 589: Good, give her medicine
Chapter 590: Mofu, fortune telling to Duanmu Chiling
Chapter 591: Accurate, count it for you?
Chapter 592: Invitation letter, the emperor arrives
Chapter 593: Tentative, ghost market activity
Chapter 594: In the past, a large number of strong people disappeared
Chapter 595: Don't believe it, the same breath
Chapter 596: Block, devour enchantment
Chapter 597: Stingy, care about everything
Chapter 598: Weird, the antidote fails
Chapter 599: Contradiction, only merciful to her men
Chapter 600:
Chapter 601:
Chapter 602: Persecution, Gong Yulan only shot himself
Chapter 603: Found, a pile of coffins
Chapter 604: Wicked door, I was stunned by the devil just now
Chapter 605: Open the coffin, the coffin disappears
Chapter 606: Injured, manipulating the coffin
Chapter 607: Heavy pressure, strong confrontation!
Chapter 608: Going in and out, a dead man
Chapter 609: It seems that those men are more important than me
Chapter 610:
Chapter 611: Conversation, memory is not deep
Chapter 612: Go to the ghost market and take it for yourself
Chapter 613: Find fault, deceive people too much
Chapter 614: Covet, you are too mean
Chapter 615: Enjoyable, kill the Quartet
Chapter 616: Shy, when will you be back?
Chapter 617: Test, found the result
Chapter 618: Unscientific, DNA detection
Chapter 619: Something happened again, so I asked Gong Yulan for help.
Chapter 620: Stingy, sudden quarrel
Chapter 621: Excited, found the soul of Bai Tingzhi!
Chapter 622: Blindly, are you angry?
Chapter 623: Homecoming, your friend has an accident
Chapter 624: Don't move, let me hug
Chapter 625: Dream, sudden resuscitation
Chapter 626: Ziyuan, the cold bird
Chapter 627: Mo Mansion, Lu Yi Li Mansion
Chapter 628: Numb, looking for a secret room
Chapter 629: Li Ling, someone is attacking the enchantment
Chapter 630: Huo Fei was seriously injured in the battle
Chapter 631: Boiling, the ancient mythical beast reappears
Chapter 632: A mess
Chapter 633: Blame, no one is going to blame you
Chapter 634: Return to the spirit, everyone here
Chapter 635: Success, Bai Tingzhi woke up.
Chapter 636: Ask, he is guarding you
Chapter 637: Answer, do what you can
Chapter 638: Rusty, Huo Fei acted like a baby
Chapter 639: Goal, get the ancient beast
Chapter 640: Talk, do whatever it takes
Chapter 641: Guess, why the barrier was broken
Chapter 642: Met, that woman is very familiar
Chapter 643: Impressions, Bai Xici's paintings
Chapter 644: Good news, remember the picture
Chapter 645: Decided to leave the enchantment
Chapter 646: Unexpectedly, Lu Yi is back
Chapter 647: Follow the law, learn everything
Chapter 648: Thanks, surrendered
Chapter 649: Come over, let the pharmacist clean his hands
Chapter 650: Treatment, hurt too much
Chapter 651: Apologize, Gong Yulan just returned
Chapter 652: Leave, there is no cure
Chapter 653: Hunxi Mountain, another direction
Chapter 654: Not comparable, no three heads and six arms
Chapter 655: Brother, it's really him
Chapter 656: The sword in his hand is not ordinary
Chapter 657: Desperately, Gongyu Deyin is actually a black-haired person with black eyes
Chapter 658: Just rely on you, her name is Duanmu Yawang
Chapter 659: Threat, not affected by poison
Chapter 660: Self-defeating spiritual roots, pointing to a clear path
Chapter 661: Come, find Rong Guangsong
Chapter 662: Master, do you believe him?
Chapter 663: Find me? Checked a lot of things
Chapter 664: Who are you, Xiao Baibai's master?
Chapter 665: Investigation, the magical blue house
Chapter 666: Not pleasing, why are you looking for him?
Chapter 667: Say goodbye, leave the imperial city
Chapter 668: Probing, the source of Linghu?
Chapter 669: Have you been disguised before?
Chapter 670: Say goodbye to them?
Chapter 671: Contempt, do you think I am human?
Chapter 672: Similar, are you sure this is your eldest brother?
Chapter 673: DNA test, he is my elder brother
Chapter 674: Set off, leave the Chi Yan Empire
Chapter 675: Danger, Huo Fei goes to sleep
Chapter 676: Bad luck
Chapter 677: Backing, a dangerous triangle
Chapter 678: Luo Jiuchen, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers
Chapter 679: Master, put together a table for dinner
Chapter 680: Persuade
Chapter 681: Forbidden, West Street entrance
Chapter 682: Go away, Yuanjia is on a narrow road
Chapter 683: Go back to time, get lost
Chapter 684: The first time someone can go out
Chapter 685: Worried, my body is lighter
Chapter 686: Dead body, go to the government
Chapter 687: I remember the faces of these corpses
Chapter 688: Luochenfang, visit Luojiuchen
Chapter 689: Encountered a ghost? Catch her over and play
Chapter 690: Sudden fever of leaves
Chapter 691: Threatened, I just want to eat venison today
Chapter 692: Shocked, invited disciple talk
Chapter 693: Against the sky, risk the world
Chapter 694: Induction, suddenly heartache
Chapter 695: Go to Luochenfang
Chapter 696: News, meet the people of the Golden Crow Sect again
Chapter 697: Yelang is arrogant, Lord Gongyu is here
Chapter 698: Am I someone who can be deceived?
Chapter 699: Teach, the teacher is respected
Chapter 700: Expand the pulse, get out of me no matter how much noise
Chapter 701: Tea toast, a bunch of rascals
Chapter 702: Do you want to molest me?
Chapter 703: Against the sky, shocking everyone
Chapter 704: Envy, go to the Wind Blade Alliance
Chapter 705: Save me, why are you?
Chapter 706: Warning, cut off his arm!
Chapter 707: Reckless Street, there is no impermeable wall in the world
Chapter 708: Are there ghosts in the Chi You Empire?
Chapter 709: You said you didn't kill me
Chapter 710: Shameless master
Chapter 711: Quarrel, deceive women
Chapter 712: The tall man, the old man who suddenly appeared
Chapter 713: Suddenly, go to Wuzhi Street with me
Chapter 714: Request, be sure to help us
Chapter 715: Picky, a blue-eyed trash
Chapter 716: No one in this world looks better than him
Chapter 717: Panic
Chapter 718: I am not so difficult
Chapter 719: Shocked, reckless medical skills
Chapter 720: Ghost doctor, grab someone from Yan Wangye
Chapter 721: When did I say he could wake up?
Chapter 722: Suddenly, halfway intercepted
Chapter 723: Exaggerate, kill him in minutes
Chapter 724: Extreme, we must thwart him!
Chapter 725: Visiting, the patient wants to see you
Chapter 726: Fight back and repay the savior
Chapter 727: Nourish Gu, turn into a pool of blood
Chapter 728: Repay me, I can take you to the Chi You Empire
Chapter 729: Meeting ceremony, go to Wangzhi Street
Chapter 730: Team up, the old man comes
Chapter 731: Recognize and fight against our island owner
Chapter 732: Nervous, successfully entered the street of arrogance
Chapter 733: Tips, where to kill the weak!
Chapter 734: Stay, press your fingerprints
Chapter 735: Puzzled, brand new
Chapter 736: Looking for a place where there is no day
Chapter 737: Stay in store, tips and tricks
Chapter 738: Sekkisei, she is warning you!
Chapter 739: Pointing, there are contradictions in the tips and tricks
Chapter 740: Fear, the abyss!
Chapter 741: Don't you think this inn is weird?
Chapter 742: Dilemma, there is no other choice
Chapter 743: After breaking the formation, the two were kidnapped!
Chapter 744: Ridiculous, you are too naive
Chapter 745: Covet, swallow them alive!
Chapter 746: Shop, line up to enter the quality house
Chapter 747: Go back and ask them for help!
Chapter 748: Discrimination, I hope someone can break this imbalance
Chapter 749: Magic Array, please take us away!
Chapter 750: Deprive, manipulate, drop blood to recognize the Lord!
Chapter 751: Cry and betrayed my brother
Chapter 752: After staying for a year, the shopkeeper Deng questioned
Chapter 753: Get in trouble, collect money and help people eliminate disasters
Chapter 754: Arrest people, it's best not to go out these seven days!
Chapter 755: Renewal, very satisfied with your medicine
Chapter 756: Obsessed, repeating nightmares
Chapter 757: A blessing in disguise, who is there? !
Chapter 758: Nothing is absolute
Chapter 759: Magic medicine, Lingpaku base liquid
Chapter 760: The medical competition, it turned out to be Miss Duanmu
Chapter 761: Bet, who do you bet to win?
Chapter 762: Who should appear next to her
Chapter 763: Hold your breath and cover your mouth and nose!
Chapter 764: Want to die, do you want medicine?
Chapter 765: Suddenly, the black mist filled!
Chapter 766: Irony, the nanny who has never seen the world!
Chapter 767: It's up to you, you have a good temper?
Chapter 768: Have the ability to go against the sky!
Chapter 769: Honestly I am very upset
Chapter 770: Beautiful as a fairy, not as good as a cat or a dog
Chapter 771: Extraordinary, funny
Chapter 772: Appreciation, rude and no tutor!
Chapter 773: Not happy, let him withdraw from the competition!
Chapter 774: Proposition, start of the test
Chapter 775: Do you want to hear the truth or lies
Chapter 776: Appeared and met the two masters
Chapter 777: Class 5, on-site evaluation of drugs
Chapter 778: Just listening to the voice, it is indeed quite young!
Chapter 779: Misunderstanding, wrap yourself tightly
Chapter 780: I guessed it, she won't lose
Chapter 781: Black-eyed waste, she is actually a girl? !
Chapter 782: The two confronting each other
Chapter 783: What's the use of such a waste
Chapter 784: Ask for advice, no difference
Chapter 785: Next time, cook mature rice with Gongyulan Zhisheng rice
Chapter 786: Accidentally, I was knocked out!
Chapter 787: Miss Duanmu, our master would like
Chapter 788: Recklessly clinging to the temple
Chapter 789: Digging, we are very sincere
Chapter 790: Yaoxiang, wait for her to see the Lord
Chapter 791: She can only choose one of the two to save people and ask questions!
Chapter 792: Agree, exchange two conditions
Chapter 793: Go to the drugstore
Chapter 794: Disputes, it depends on who will get slapped in the face!
Chapter 795: There are so many medicines
Chapter 796: Are you bluffing?
Chapter 797: Old age, don't have the medicine you want
Chapter 798: We don't play modest
Chapter 799: Grandpa, the relationship between Xueyi and Sekkisei
Chapter 800: Are you looking for our lord?
Chapter 801: Something happened in the pharmacy, please help
Chapter 802: Sekkisei find her
Chapter 803: Disputes, no one is allowed to touch Green Dragon Ginseng!
Chapter 804: Don't you want to quibble!
Chapter 805: Excellent, she can't reach the height
Chapter 806: There is a way to rescue the Qinglong ginseng
Chapter 807: I want twenty catties of scrap
Chapter 808: You are not qualified to order me
Chapter 809: Let's make a friend
Chapter 810: Compared with you, the lord knows them better
Chapter 811: If you're too full, you'll get a slap in the face
Chapter 812: Get angry, get out!
Chapter 813: Is there something wrong with Sekkisei?
Chapter 814: A black-eyed trash with no hair
Chapter 815: Xueyi, how do you talk?
Chapter 816: Rush to the pharmacy at night
Chapter 817: Master, you have been found!
Chapter 818: Accidentally smashed the arrogant jade?
Chapter 819: Miss Duanmu has gotten into trouble?
Chapter 820: Pharmacist discussion
Chapter 821: Ask Miss Duanmu for help?
Chapter 822: In what status are you, how can you come out to beg for someone in person? !
Chapter 823: We are going to have three big buckets of bath water
Chapter 824: Five fingers are worn
Chapter 825: Request, promise me a condition
Chapter 826: Why do you say that what you developed is the antidote?
Chapter 828: Question, are you too arrogant?
Chapter 828: I really should let Gong Yulan take care of you
Chapter 829: How is it, are you convinced?
Chapter 830: Cultivation, Sekkisei suddenly came
Chapter 831: Yawang, let me take you away
Chapter 832: Medicine Qi, don't trust Mr. Shen
Chapter 833: DAN detection, the results are all consistent!
Chapter 834: Intuition, the Lord is in a good mood?
Chapter 835: This situation is amazing!
Chapter 836: Xueyi won't get anything wrong, right?
Chapter 837: Stunned, accidentally hit the mandarin duck
Chapter 838: Never thought of letting you leave the hall of delusion
Chapter 839: The cloth binds the eyes, ready to leave the Hall of Wisdom
Chapter 840: Leave, block the way!
Chapter 841: Old Shen, come and kill her personally!
Chapter 842: Yan Jun, solve her personally!
Chapter 843: As a poisoner, you are weak!
Chapter 844: Crit, beyond the normal level!
Chapter 845: Miss Duanmu, it's rude
Chapter 846: Threaten each other and send her away
Chapter 847: It's all over
Chapter 848: For nothing, you don't seem to grow up much
Chapter 849: Are you a ghost or a man?
Chapter 850: Gong Yulan has only been looking for her for a month
Chapter 851: Stay, two rooms
Chapter 852: Same room, quiet and warm
Chapter 853: Don't make trouble, weird image text
Chapter 854: The strong, whereabouts are uncertain
Chapter 855: Slowly, shouldn't clinging be an individual?
Chapter 856: Four Demon Lords, looking for the lost gods
Chapter 857: Infighting, the four demon lords discord
Chapter 858: Rehearsal, there are experts in
Chapter 859: Go back, Xianlu ran out
Chapter 860: I will help you with me
Chapter 861: Considerate, let her pick all the beasts!
Chapter 862: Jianghu rescued, Luo Jiuchen looked for her
Chapter 863: Shocked, surprised the charcoal fire people!
Chapter 864: What can you find?
Chapter 865: Weird, sharp increase in patients
Chapter 866: View patient records
Chapter 867: Is it possible that the Four Great Demon Lords did it?
Chapter 868: You just remember Xianlu?
Chapter 869: I don't understand, what is a cell?
Chapter 870: Artificial, against the sky!
Chapter 871: Assistant, you hate me
Chapter 872: Black heart, battered heart
Chapter 873: Black spirit? What the hell!
Chapter 874: Tianshui, there really is a foreign body!
Chapter 875: Black spirit crystal? Restore pulse and heartbeat
Chapter 876: Not everyone can be friends for them!
Chapter 877: The three people who have drunk the fairy dew and haven't woken up
Chapter 878: Need Tianshui to wake up
Chapter 879: Blue clear wake up
Chapter 881: Chat with Lan Chengche
Chapter 881: Mu Qingchen and Mufeng wake up together
Chapter 882: If you can't die, I will make you regret living!
Chapter 883: Beyond, will stand above us
Chapter 884: You look like you, your husband never disliked you?
Chapter 885: Reached an unknown consensus
Chapter 886: There is no never-ending feast
Chapter 887: Teached, a stimulating look
Chapter 888: See you, friends worth making
Chapter 889: Is it a waste of time to stay with her?
Chapter 890: Protect her, call your brother, right?
Chapter 891: Raw food, weird patient
Chapter 892: Help, a thousand-year-old ice crystal bed
Chapter 893: Bored, go to Saiyinjiang
Chapter 894: Unexpectedly, the machine can't find the problem
Chapter 895: Practice for another ten years
Chapter 896: Surprise, finally found!
Chapter 897: Youlong under the microscope
Chapter 898: Suddenly, the two heads were taken away!
Chapter 899: Master, I was scared to death just now
Chapter 900: Self-protection, someone entered the room
Chapter 901: Find faults, diagnose and treat patients
Chapter 902: Unexpected medicine list
Chapter 903: Tune the tiger away from the mountain
Chapter 904: I'm back, something strange
Chapter 905: Bacteria, the silent four
Chapter 906: Weird, white heart!
Chapter 907: Don't bother, dislike me?
Chapter 908: The white stone that blends with the heart
Chapter 909: Worried, will something happen?
Chapter 910: After the operation, the patient improves
Chapter 911: Go back, a man of self-cultivation
Chapter 912: Study, cute kid
Chapter 913: Invite, let's sit together
Chapter 914: Bai family, educated
Chapter 915: Take them to Luochenfang
Chapter 916: Ask Luo Jiuchen to get medicine
Chapter 917: Strange, thank you personally for serving the tea ceremony
Chapter 918: Mutation, the antidote has been worked out
Chapter 919: Astonished, worship her as a teacher
Chapter 920: Easy, finally solved
Chapter 921: The six are back together
Chapter 922: You won, miss you
Chapter 923: Drinking, ready to leave
Chapter 924: Would you like to be frivolous to me too?
Chapter 925: Ambiguous, I forgot I was drunk
Chapter 926: Goodbye, the three left
Chapter 927: Benefactor, a wicked patient
Chapter 928: Ye Jiang, a rogue proton
Chapter 929: Class, education begins
Chapter 930: Teach, get twice the result with half the effort
Chapter 931: Going back, coincides with Jiang Shengwei
Chapter 932: Fainted, they were poisoned
Chapter 933: What do you think of Ziyue in marriage?
Chapter 934: Already happy
Chapter 935: Benefactor, I'll go wherever you go
Chapter 936: Similar, Shigaki injured
Chapter 937: Distressed and worried her
Chapter 938: Try all the **** pictures
Chapter 939: Sin, the terrific Ziyuan
Chapter 940: Mistress, stay and watch the night
Chapter 941: Two person world, go to fall in love
Chapter 942: Black eyes, restore women's clothing
Chapter 943: Fresh, go to Beidan Imperial Capital
Chapter 944: Do something, don't do something
Chapter 945: Invitation, don't you want your eyes?
Chapter 946: Conditions, except for princes and nobles
Chapter 947: Jealousy, intimacy
Chapter 948: Stunning, love at first sight
Chapter 949: Cling, let's go in first
Chapter 950: Dirty, overwhelming
Chapter 951: Answer paper, interesting test
Chapter 952: Shocked, is this a master?
Chapter 953: Advanced, announce results
Chapter 954: Extreme level, directly enter the venue
Chapter 955: Just her? How can this be? !
Chapter 956: Two people in the limelight
Chapter 957: Shocked, a blue eyed pharmacist!
Chapter 958: Warning, meet the poisonous saint again
Chapter 959: Get married and meet Fan Li again
Chapter 960: What is it with you, Xiao Xianggong Yulan?
Chapter 961: -Nine hundred and sixty-third
Chapter 962: Questioning, personal grievances
Chapter 963: Arguing, find the strong to evaluate
Chapter 964: Venerable Volley, are you going to be my closed disciple?
Chapter 965: No, he's not as good as you
Chapter 966: Re-elect the top three
Chapter 967: Happy, the hero sees the same
Chapter 968: Token, you can find Lingyue Pavilion
Chapter 969: Only Duanmuya looked into his eyes
Chapter 970: I watched the air for a day
Chapter 971: Come back, a genius who practices sorcery
Chapter 972: Fei, how old are you?
Chapter 973: Gong Yulan stops leaving, I want to repay
Chapter 974: Say goodbye to Luo Jiuchen
Chapter 975: Sad, leave Floating Cloud Street
Chapter 976: Ghost hits the wall, passing by the Chi You Empire
Chapter 977: Encountering ghosts, Yin Huiyin
Chapter 978: Xiaoyin, attractive to them
Chapter 979: All kinds of species, you are different from them
Chapter 981: Don't make a deal with Wuji Street
Chapter 982: Principle, threatened by grace
Chapter 983: Seriously, give up face
Chapter 984: Nausea, horrifying illness
Chapter 985: Magical, negligible
Chapter 986: Uncertain, selfish
Chapter 987: Is his illness troublesome?
Chapter 988: Suspect, the sequelae of the medicine
Chapter 989: Really sick and vomiting
Chapter 990: Thick phlegm, help blow
Chapter 991: Toss, finally woke up
Chapter 992: I feel so sorry for you
Chapter 993: Xiaoyiner, extract material
Chapter 994: Distressed and guilty, nothing more than a trifle
Chapter 995: Trading conditions, give you three days
Chapter 996: Call for help, my heart beats faster
Chapter 997: Feeding ice, weird disease
Chapter 998: Turning into qi, cold heart is determined
Chapter 999: Perfunctory, eat hard but not soft
Chapter 1000: Panic, prescription stolen
Chapter 1002: Uncle Yin is much better than me
Chapter 1003: Ye Jiang inquired about her news
Chapter 1003: Negotiations, Zhong Qishan agreed to the transaction
Chapter 1004: Fuck her, Zhong Qishan suddenly left
Chapter 1005: Leave, see you next time
Chapter 1006: Go home, count you have a conscience
Chapter 1007: Get together and chat together
Chapter 1008: Girls should be reserved
Chapter 1009: Worship, parents' names
Chapter 1010: About marriage matters
Chapter 1011: Request to recognize her as a granddaughter
Chapter 1012: Turned into anger, turn face again
Chapter 1013: Find a way to rectify the refining pharmacy
Chapter 1014: Teaching Bai Xici
Chapter 1015: Received two gifts
Chapter 1016: One for stone and one for jade
Chapter 1017: Suicide, weird knife marks
Chapter 1018: It's not her parents at all!
Chapter 1019: Queen Mother, what do you think of the emperor?
Chapter 1020: Go to the door personally, as a minister?
Chapter 1021: Tell Duanmu Liguang the truth
Chapter 1022: Investigation, Miss Night is visiting
Chapter 1023: Invite, go to the endless city together
Chapter 1024: Repel, walk together
Chapter 1025: Explore the endless city
Chapter 1026: Come to find someone to help
Chapter 1027: Husband, why isn't your stomach moving?
Chapter 1028: Feedback on survey news
Chapter 1029: A specific entrance to the endless city
Chapter 1030: The two facing off
Chapter 1031: Fragment, what use do you want
Chapter 1032: Say goodbye to the blue sea
Chapter 1033: Leaving the imperial city and heading to the Red Flame Empire
Chapter 1034: Lu Yi, didn't Master Cheng Che be taken away by you?
Chapter 1035: Where is Lan Chengche now?
Chapter 1036: Encountered Chu Heling, how about Brother Cheng Che?
Chapter 1037: How is Brother Cheng Che now?
Chapter 1038: Meet with a few highnesses
Chapter 1039: Prophet, I used to dream of you
Chapter 1040: Talk to your heart, point your master with a sword
Chapter 1041: Master Lu, shall we go to Yulin Ferry together?
Chapter 1042: To Yulin Ferry
Chapter 1043: Laugh, Qinghe can't help it
Chapter 1044: Do not eat the food
Chapter 1045: Check them, go to Mor Daozong
Chapter 1046: Driven away, take one step at a time
Chapter 1047: Fishing and grilling fish, are you people of a cult?
Chapter 1048: Trash, you dare to threaten me?
Chapter 1049: Round and flat, come the strong
Chapter 1050: Just for defense, three masters came
Chapter 1051: Ridiculous, I am also a little bit strong
Chapter 1052: Shot, broke the veins and blood vessels!
Chapter 1053: It's embarrassing, you four go together
Chapter 1054: Adjust your interest rate, Dantian is about to explode
Chapter 1055: After adjusting your breath, it's fortunate not to die
Chapter 1056: Light distance, master, you are too good!
Chapter 1057: Shocked, the aura river in the palm
Chapter 1058: It's a pity that the guess is a beast
Chapter 1059: Deyin? A blue eyed person who knows medicine
Chapter 1060: Jiang Duanmu Yawang, please go up the mountain to apologize
Chapter 1061: Looking, who said I'm going to Mo Daozong?
Chapter 1062: Going to Mo Daozong, Lan Chengche did not go back to Yulin
Chapter 1063: In our hearts, you and Cheng Che are the best
Chapter 1064: Question, you guys have no moral righteousness
Chapter 1065: Not challenging, not interested in participating
Chapter 1066: Seeing a doctor, do you have a way to heal?
Chapter 1067: Will Deyin be our daughter?
Chapter 1068: Saved both hands and life
Chapter 1069: About Wulin Competition
Chapter 1070: Go down the mountain
Chapter 1071: Rescue, Zuo Zun shot her!
Chapter 1072: Intuition, someone targeted her
Chapter 1073: Queuing to search
Chapter 1074: A body search, the genius doctor Qing Wei likes this little white face?
Chapter 1075: Bleeding Stone of Life
Chapter 1076: Liuhuo Empire, have you seen that black eye?
Chapter 1077: Magic Mirror, into Half Moon Island
Chapter 1078: Work, the angry original moving sword
Chapter 1079: Save people, give me your hand
Chapter 1080: Irony, would you be fine like this?
Chapter 1081: Those who follow the blue eyes are so happy
Chapter 1082: Horrified and fainted
Chapter 1083: Just rely on you? Shameless snatch
Chapter 1084: Look at the sword, what did you do to me?
Chapter 1085: Go back, take the others
Chapter 1086: Here you are, i keep going
Chapter 1087: Smart, do you have an opinion on me?
Chapter 1088: Shocked, pie falling from the sky
Chapter 1089: A nest of snakes, what level are you Gongyu Gongzi?
Chapter 1090: Undress? Show you the wound
Chapter 1091: Why are you more hypocritical than a girl?
Chapter 1092: Do you want to give us the spirit crystal?
Chapter 1093: Suddenly, it was suddenly dark!
Chapter 1094: Masked old man, get a high five!
Chapter 1095: Rice, you are still alive
Chapter 1096: Just watch, don't move!
Chapter 1097: Treat, say you have other conditions
Chapter 1098: Pain killer, eat together
Chapter 1099: Shame, it's three-point medicine
Chapter 1100: Angry, who allowed you to ask me about it?
Chapter 1101: Do you think you haven't eaten vegetables in your life
Chapter 1102: Harvest, eat white rice together
Chapter 1103: Give her a wordless cheat book
Chapter 1104: Horror, was thrown into the cauldron!
Chapter 1105: Save her, grandpa, you need treatment
Chapter 1106: Floating zero, reignited life stone
Chapter 1107: Leave, try who will die!
Chapter 1108: My heart hurts, go back to Mo Daozong
Chapter 1109: Condolences, this world is only fourteen days old
Chapter 1110: Sharp, in what capacity are you questioning me?
Chapter 1111: Conversation, can the magic mirror control time?
Chapter 1112: She treats me like a girl?
Chapter 1113: Slander, taste the rain and dew
Chapter 1114: Everyone gets punishable
Chapter 1115: You really shouldn't get involved in this matter
Chapter 1116: Arguably, the two sides confronted each other
Chapter 1117: There are so many people, it's disgusting!
Chapter 1118: Is he actually a daughter? !
Chapter 1119: Proposal, Feng Tian lied!
Chapter 1120: Let Miss Gongyu participate in the competition
Chapter 1121: Beast Crystal, a total of forty-seven levels!
Chapter 1122: Those with blue eyes, shocked the four!
Chapter 1123: Worried, more and more painful wound
Chapter 1124: Pain, weird scar
Chapter 1125: The third stage of the big competition begins
Chapter 1126: Shou Lek, Dabi queuing
Chapter 1127: The battle with Feng Tianfang begins
Chapter 1128: Father and son soldiers in battle, severely wounded two of them!
Chapter 1129: Stupid, I want to retreat
Chapter 1130: Double Dragon Sword? I'm not interested.
Chapter 1131: Feng Ying entered the top three
Chapter 1132: Give medicine, talk to Yidao
Chapter 1133: Brother Fengying is here!
Chapter 1134: Master Yi Dao can't win
Chapter 1135: The accusation, he can't win!
Chapter 1136: Ask a doctor to come and check
Chapter 1137: Clarification, no medication
Chapter 1138: Shocking the world, you met a noble man!
Chapter 1139: The room was entered
Chapter 1140: Plan to go down tonight and leave
Chapter 1141: Your veins are blocked
Chapter 1142: Magic medicine, come here for medicine
Chapter 1143: Humiliation, savior
Chapter 1144: Angry, throw people out!
Chapter 1145: Are you the dark-eyed person?
Chapter 1146: Angry, she actually fooled us!
Chapter 1147: Lingquan, a magical town
Chapter 1148: Fukuyama, pure aura
Chapter 1149: Spirit, take a sip
Chapter 1150: Fu County, rumors about the town
Chapter 1151: Spiritual water, aura everything
Chapter 1152: Water diversion, the source of Linghu has changed
Chapter 1153: The source of the complete Linghu
Chapter 1154: Sister, your purple eyes are ugly
Chapter 1155: Ziyun City, do not eat with the blue-eyed ones
Chapter 1156: Send her to feed the beasts!
Chapter 1157: Chop him into meat sauce!
Chapter 1158: If you want to die for three shifts, you will not survive five shifts!
Chapter 1159: Powerful, it will kill you!
Chapter 1160: I guess you are famous
Chapter 1161: Weird, cannibal two-headed horse
Chapter 1163: Worry, met the demon repair for hundreds of years
Chapter 1165: Get rid of, on the black market
Chapter 1167: love letter? Letter from Gong Yulan
Chapter 1168: Leave, shall we go together?
Chapter 1169: Black market reward list, someone wants to catch you alive
Chapter 1170: Controversy, set off alone
Chapter 1171: Inquire, apply for citizen rank
Chapter 1172: Intercept, you feel tight
Chapter 1173: Being stopped, do you have a hidden illness?
Chapter 1174: Supreme Court, Personal Mortgage Device
Chapter 1175: Enter Supreme Court
Chapter 1176: Dragon Tiger List, Gilded Institute
Chapter 1177: Is the chef a member of the Fire Empire?
Chapter 1178: The son is so sharp
Chapter 1179: Dragon and Tiger ranked first, decided to participate
Chapter 1180: Dragon and tiger battle room battle!
Chapter 1181: Don't worry, fatten up before hitting!
Chapter 1182: I come, join the fight
Chapter 1183: Won, enter the dragon and tiger list
Chapter 1184: Stop her, County Lord Minnow
Chapter 1185: In return, are you poisoned?
Chapter 1186: Grab it and see the floater again
Chapter 1187: Packed, unpredictable mind
Chapter 1188: Black hair and black eyes, the night attacked!
Chapter 1189: Appreciate, kill overnight
Chapter 1190: Trouble, come to live in the city
Chapter 1191: Persuasion, they are all heroes
Chapter 1192: The rejuvenated short old man
Chapter 1193: absurd! A yellow-haired kid!
Chapter 1194: What kind of masters and apprentices
Chapter 1195: Introspection, you are really short-sighted
Chapter 1196: Old Lin, you lost
Chapter 1197: On stage, is he still a teenager?
Chapter 1198: Contempt, the battle begins
Chapter 1199: Laughing, this is too fast, right?
Chapter 1200: Long insight, where did your medicine come from?
Chapter 1201: There was a flaw, shocking all four!
Chapter 1202: Our Supreme Court apologizes to you
Chapter 1203: Ge accepts defeat, shouldn't it be the release of water?
Chapter 1204: Old Lin, I'm not blind
Chapter 1205: After the detection is complete, I'm going to be slapped in the face
Chapter 1206: The result came out, Gongyu De Yinsheng!
Chapter 1207: Stop participating in the fight
Chapter 1208: Beige, are you coming tomorrow?
Chapter 1209: Fu Lingjun, the name of the character
Chapter 1210: Supreme Court, are you familiar with the floater?
Chapter 1211: Token, Tianfeng Inn
Chapter 1212: Schizophrenic Mr. Xiao
Chapter 1213: The spirit banner is a conscientious
Chapter 1214: Xiao Wuzheng Xiao Lingfan
Chapter 1215: The eyes are weird, don't worry
Chapter 1216: Bad taste, dare not approach the inn
Chapter 1217: Boring like a day
Chapter 1218: More interesting than I thought
Chapter 1219: I am young and ignorant, and I am unknown
Chapter 1220: I'll show you a few pieces of advice
Chapter 1221: I'm in a particularly good mood, it's best to keep it secret
Chapter 1222: Well behaved, this young man is lovable
Chapter 1223: Unusually lively battle room
Chapter 1224: Kill him without leaving it!
Chapter 1225: This time, you are going to win
Chapter 1226: arms? It's an artifact!
Chapter 1227: Shocked the audience and scored the highest score in history!
Chapter 1228: A stranger who doesn't understand allusions
Chapter 1229: The battle for reading material without material objects
Chapter 1230: Overwhelming victory
Chapter 1231: Relying on the strong and bullying the weak, coveting the points in her hands
Chapter 1232: Not greedy enough
Chapter 1233: The battle begins, the icing on the cake
Chapter 1234: Question, are you not good at fighting between dragons and tigers?
Chapter 1235: Supreme Court, really amazing!
Chapter 1236: Change one, this one really doesn't work
Chapter 1237: Don't be fooled by her appearance
Chapter 1238: Has anyone troubled you?
Chapter 1239: Son, something happened!
Chapter 1241: Portraits on the scroll
Chapter 1242: Xiao Wuzheng, you idiot
Chapter 1243: The people above, have a meal together?
Chapter 1244: Yaxiangge, see it
Chapter 1245: Shuangxiu, famous as Ziyun City
Chapter 1246: This mother seems a bit interesting?
Chapter 1247: Explain, girl Mei Shi?
Chapter 1248: Admire, look away
Chapter 1249: Guess, cure the disease
Chapter 1250: Puppet, I'm scared to think about it
Chapter 1251: Refused to let her enter the Supreme Court
Chapter 1252: : "I don't know, I can't answer it!
Chapter 1253: Say it, exchange a condition
Chapter 1254: Barely eye-catching
Chapter 1255: I hate you
Chapter 1256: Stop loss in time, Anding Wang persuaded
Chapter 1257: Invulnerable, investigate her
Chapter 1258: Three bottles of medicine, all in the first class
Chapter 1259: Number five, the seat of the pinnacle
Chapter 1260: Surprise, meet Mufeng again!
Chapter 1261: Good relationship, what do you want!
Chapter 1262: Yun Yiyao, the auction begins
Chapter 1264: Big changes in auction rules
Chapter 1264: Panic, so confident?
Chapter 1265: Have to come from the thirst, and return from the defeat
Chapter 1266: Declare grades one by one
Chapter 1267: Not reconciled, crushing us
Chapter 1268: Suggest she buy a golden whip
Chapter 1269: Terrible, three first-class products?
Chapter 1270: Questions are all from your hands?
Chapter 1271: Be wildly robbed, 200,000 start shooting!
Chapter 1272: Six hundred thousand gold ingots, come back from the dead
Chapter 1273:
Chapter 1274: Celestial corpse grass, I want
Chapter 1275: The quarrel was robbed by King Anding
Chapter 1276: Invitation to participate in winter hunting
Chapter 1277: Win, give away the celestial corpse grass
Chapter 1278: You may have been tracked
Chapter 1279: No one dares to mess with Tianfeng Inn
Chapter 1280: Is your friend out there?
Chapter 1281: Vixen, your friend is not a good stubborn
Chapter 1282: Drinking, hypocritical
Chapter 1283: Drunk for a day and two nights
Chapter 1284: Unanswerable, irritable teenager
Chapter 1285: Personally greet, superficial skills
Chapter 1286: Be lured, they don't bow their heads if they don't believe it!
Chapter 1287: Be a matchmaker, you are so nauseous!
Chapter 1288: Who do you say is a fool? !
Chapter 1289: Want to see her true face
Chapter 1290: Arrive at Donggong Mountain
Chapter 1291: Persuade, team up to return favors
Chapter 1292: He really underestimated him!
Chapter 1294: Sit down and discuss everything
Chapter 1294: Inquiry, the Nie family of the floating family back then
Chapter 1295: The past, the past of the floating family
Chapter 1296: Blame for depression, no one has seen Nie's family
Chapter 1297: Delicious, disappointed again and again
Chapter 1298: It's delicious, Lang Youqing concubine intentionally
Chapter 1299: Wanjia means something
Chapter 1300: Aimed at, equal to actors
Chapter 1301: Who is sesame and who is watermelon?
Chapter 1302: Quarrel, no more than eight people in a team
Chapter 1303: Contempt, he can write?
Chapter 1304: Amazing, personally write the question
Chapter 1305: Question, what is your attitude?
Chapter 1306: Assessment, your selfishness
Chapter 1307: The result of answering the question, there is no two of us?
Chapter 1308: Leaving the team is a loss
Chapter 1309: Embarrassment, their ultimate goal
Chapter 1310: Familiar, Master Governor
Chapter 1311: Probe and invite her to read ancient books
Chapter 1312: Seventh princess, come to be fair
Chapter 1313: Seven princesses
Chapter 1315: Persuade and listen
Chapter 1316: Don't you want to give it a try?
Chapter 1317: In the north, the teacher is not good
Chapter 1318: Proficient, go in different directions
Chapter 1319: Tracking, you are just a straw bag!
Chapter 1320: Kick her, you just left?
Chapter 1321: Sorry, please help
Chapter 1322: Stable and natural
Chapter 1323: Danger, on the verge of!
Chapter 1324: Don't think too much, not a demon
Chapter 1325: As promised by the body, the son must think twice
Chapter 1326: Fear, too ungrateful!
Chapter 1327: Astonishment, the eighth-level spirit stone!
Chapter 1328: Regret, but also want the eighth-level spirit stone!
Chapter 1329: Mud, I saw what I wanted
Chapter 1330: Questioning, excuse me for being rude!
Chapter 1331: Shocked, a black spirit stone!
Chapter 1332: Sound, a **** smell
Chapter 1333: Dark, cute little cute
Chapter 1334: Shrink, catch up with them!
Chapter 1335: Great, offended her inexplicably
Chapter 1337: Apology, we really take it to heart
Chapter 1339: Inquiry, it's back
Chapter 1340: Good luck, no danger
Chapter 1342: The Jing Family, the Outsider of the World (1)
Chapter 1343: Ask, do you care about me?
Chapter 1344: Question, a man with ink
Chapter 1346: In this world, no one can
Chapter 1347: Apprehensive, shocked
Chapter 1348: White-eyed wolf
Chapter 1349: Qiongye Yulu, I hope I can have a drink
Chapter 1350: Stubborn, want to participate in adventure activities
Chapter 1351: The soil is really capricious!
Chapter 1352: How can there be black spirit stones in this world?
Chapter 1353: I also like black spirit stones
Chapter 1354: Master Mao, shamelessly!
Chapter 1355: — 1357
Chapter 1356: Night visit, ignorant
Chapter 1359: Angry, Lin Lao night visit
Chapter 1358: It's kind of interesting, I'll talk about them
Chapter 1360: Pulse, like a girl's
Chapter 1362: Feeling, the ten-mile road
Chapter 1363: Eyes closed, beasts are better
Chapter 1364: Rescue him, give him a medicine
Chapter 1365: Do what you can, can save it
Chapter 1366: Ask for help, Yunsu Qianyu
Chapter 1367: I can't bear it, why is he!
Chapter 1368: What's the origin of Lord Mao?
Chapter 1369: Go away, one can't be too shameless
Chapter 1370: By accident
Chapter 1371: Always kind, do you want to look at my face so much?
Chapter 1372: It's better to be alive than to die
Chapter 1373: Excited original moving sky sword
Chapter 1374: Shattered, blood flowed into a river
Chapter 1375: See nothing
Chapter 1376: This is your sword, why do you want to ask me?
Chapter 1377: Reborn flowers, how to see how to penetrate people!
Chapter 1378: Picking, permeable flowers
Chapter 1379: The sound turns around
Chapter 1380: If you have a son, you won't
Chapter 1381: Big bottle of medicine
Chapter 1382: Unheard species
Chapter 1383: Vigil, don't waste this time
Chapter 1384: Wei Yanzheng, a dream night
Chapter 1385: Surprise, they found the treasure
Chapter 1386: Such a person, don't you curse a few words?
Chapter 1387: Su Hezhi, you fool me!
Chapter 1388: Magic, what is a cell?
Chapter 1389: Who said I am going back?
Chapter 1390: Was sucked into the whirlpool
Chapter 1391: Sea monsters, huge waves!
Chapter 1392: Human shark, it smells so fragrant!
Chapter 1393: Weak, negative corner stubbornly resist!
Chapter 1394: It's dead, Gong Yulan stops
Chapter 1395: You are not suitable for the original moving sky sword
Chapter 1396: Remember, going
Chapter 1397: Rot, re-treat the wound
Chapter 1398: Fire roast, you are so amazing!
Chapter 1399: Only you can do it
Chapter 1400: Level 8, give it to you
Chapter 1401: I don't know if it's a man or a ghost
Chapter 1402: This is Lao Tuer Lin?
Chapter 1403: Smash, can this be alive?
Chapter 1404: Quarrel, everyone gathers
Chapter 1405: Righteousness 3, return safely
Chapter 1406: Concerned, the son is really good
Chapter 1407: Kirin powder, Jing family heirloom treasure
Chapter 1408: Accident, the seventh princess confessed
Chapter 1409: Surprised, Princess Ann confessed
Chapter 1410: Master Gongyu, we want to worship you as a teacher!
Chapter 1411: Accident, leave alone
Chapter 1412: four-teen
Chapter 1413: Old Lin came to ask for help
Chapter 1414: Hidden strength
Chapter 1415: Where is the disease? Just want to play her!
Chapter 1416: The genius doctor? It's ridiculous!
Chapter 1417: Let's make arrangements for you
Chapter 1418: Have a ghost, covet a benefactor
Chapter 1419: Really nosy!
Chapter 1420: Impetuous, came back down the mountain
Chapter 1421: Chi Youzuo, Lord Mao is dead
Chapter 1422: No matter how strong, can Jing Gongzi be stronger?
Chapter 1423: Master Jing, you are worthy of the princess
Chapter 1424: Princess An, I'm Jing Zaixing
Chapter 1425: People who come from a small country are also small
Chapter 1426: He seems to have stopped bleeding?
Chapter 1427: The wound healed so quickly?
Chapter 1428: I think it is artificial
Chapter 1429: Don't want to cause trouble
Chapter 1430: It will cause a sensation!
Chapter 1431: Breath out for a while, beg for soft ears
Chapter 1432: Shameless, insult in public
Chapter 1433: Admiring person
Chapter 1434: Who do you like better?
Chapter 1435: The emperor invites you to bring Gongyu Gongzi
Chapter 1436: Please help Mr. Jing
Chapter 1437: I happened to have a marrow flower in my hand
Chapter 1438: Are you familiar with the floater in Tassel Pavilion?
Chapter 1439: Why are you here in Ziyun City?
Chapter 1440: Floating, it's my father
Chapter 1441: Yan Lingzi, please follow the instructions
Chapter 1442: County Lord Minnow, why are you here?
Chapter 1443: Hasn't Mr. Xiao come back yet?
Chapter 1444: The power to hide in the dark
Chapter 1445: What you make is delicious anyway
Chapter 1446: Love debt, there are stars in your eyes
Chapter 1447: Isn't this a kiln?
Chapter 1448: Go to the palace and save the queen!
Chapter 1449: He was pretty sure she was lying
Chapter 1450: Enter the palace, give pointers one or two
Chapter 1451: Serve meridian flowers with both hands
Chapter 1452: Nothing difficult you can't handle
Chapter 1453: Everyone is smart?
Chapter 1454: Familiar stench!
Chapter 1455: Corpse spots on the face of a living person?
Chapter 1456: Thin body, bulging abdomen
Chapter 1459: Could it be a stillbirth?
Chapter 1458: The emperor, please be smart
Chapter 1460: Why are you alone, Mr. Mu?
Chapter 1461: Let's go together tomorrow morning
Chapter 1462: Breakfast, I met Anding Wang and others by chance
Chapter 1463: Everywhere is home
Chapter 1464: Can't control it, can't you learn it!
Chapter 1465: I let you beat me, I can't beat you to death!
Chapter 1466: Fenglin night, goodbye to Mu Qingchen
Chapter 1467: We are happy
Chapter 1468: Nine-story medicine tower, your medicine house
Chapter 1469: The most, it's too rampant
Chapter 1470: Thoughts, burning the pubic region
Chapter 1471: Fenglin night, goddess doctor
Chapter 1472: It's not against the sky, it's going to turn the sky!
Chapter 1473: Take me to endless city
Chapter 1474: Almost treated Gongyu Gongzi as a girl's home
Chapter 1475: I was not obedient when I was a child, and was brought out
Chapter 1476: Similar symptoms, Crane understands painting
Chapter 1477: Teenager with a strange disease
Chapter 1478: Is there something you can't handle?
Chapter 1479: What if they are unwilling to solve it?
Chapter 1480: Qualitative, older people may not be easy to manage
Chapter 1481: Seven days, I shouldn't have peeked
Chapter 1482: Are you also interested in this Gongyu Deyin?
Chapter 1483: There are others in the carriage
Chapter 1484: Tan Jinxuan's provocation
Chapter 1485: Shangfenglin night
Chapter 1486: Miss Duanmu, what can you advise?
Chapter 1487: What is skin tissue? What is malignant tumor?
Chapter 1488: You are the life of Caosuga!
Chapter 1489: Cancer diagnosis and treatment
Chapter 1490: Misunderstood Miss Duanmu
Chapter 1491: Half face, no rules and no squares
Chapter 1492: Is your focus wrong?
Chapter 1493: Explain the needle problem
Chapter 1494: You are too naive
Chapter 1495: Go down the mountain, ask for a prescription
Chapter 1496: Wing room answering questions
Chapter 1497: Consider, do you want to go down the mountain?
Chapter 1498: After all, it's cancer, it's a major surgery
Chapter 1499: Ready for surgery
Chapter 1500: What happened to Patriarch He?
Chapter 1501: Haemophilia, could the operation be unsuccessful?
Chapter 1502: Patriarch is not dead, but awake?
Chapter 1503: Did the emperor find it?
Chapter 1504: Don't be afraid of Xiaoli
Chapter 1505: Two brothers live
Chapter 1506: Unwilling, who is the little brother?
Chapter 1507: Threat from the royal family
Chapter 1508: Want to ask you
Chapter 1509: Give you one more chance
Chapter 1510: Where did you turn the two kiddies back?
Chapter 1511: You are so bold!
Chapter 1512: It's really you, long time no see!
Chapter 1513: Ye Nong Ying, why are you here?
Chapter 1514: Do you know each other?
Chapter 1515: Xiao Wuzheng returns
Chapter 1516: I secretly follow
Chapter 1517: Are you worrying too much?
Chapter 1518: I know you are better than me
Chapter 1519: Ye Nongying helps
Chapter 1520: Gift, enchantment crystal
Chapter 1521: Best dead don't come back 1
Chapter 1524:
Chapter 1524: Guard the ship, there will be robbers
Chapter 1523: Dreaming, the original moving sword
Chapter 1525: Robber, stew you up?
Chapter 1526: No challenge
Chapter 1527: Exile Street, should catch up soon
Chapter 1528: Exile on the street, just get used to it
Chapter 1529: Seventy district, too difficult
Chapter 1530: Give someone a bribe
Chapter 1531: Can you really catch up?
Chapter 1532: Those who are not strong enough are not allowed to enter
Chapter 1533: She can be the number one in medicine
Chapter 1534: Healing for Dreams
Chapter 1535: Live in Exile Street
Chapter 1536: Kills every year
Chapter 1537: Then you are really not so good
Chapter 1538: Fifth-class mansion, the situation of Zhuzhi dream
Chapter 1539: Think I don't care enough about your master?
Chapter 1540: You are our benefactor to the whole family!
Chapter 1541: Let him keep a secret
Chapter 1542: Surely healed?
Chapter 1543: The time is right for surgery
Chapter 1544: Zhu Zhifeng, do you want someone?
Chapter 1545: Miss Duanmu, you have a treasure
Chapter 1546: During the operation, the troublemaker came
Chapter 1547: Superlatively, do a full set of play
Chapter 1548: Healed, the operation was a success
Chapter 1549: If you have anything, go out and talk again
Chapter 1550: Finally the revenge was avenged!
Chapter 1551: Tianzhu, the predecessor of Banish Street
Chapter 1552: Heavenly Road, enter North Street
Chapter 1553: Twenty gold ingots, you can eat and live!
Chapter 1554: We don't have time to worry about how other people's mood is
Chapter 1555: Body odor, these people are simply sick!
Chapter 1556: Why bother with the uncultivated person?
Chapter 1557: Go away, you are a black shop!
Chapter 1558: Disputes caused by a bucket of water
Chapter 1559: Nothing is courteous, you will steal if you are not a traitor
Chapter 1560: Nie Yuan, what do you do with Miss
Chapter 1561: Hurry and leave the inn
Chapter 1562: Line up and take the test
Chapter 1563: The sky curtain seems to hide a lot of her
Chapter 1564: Queuing, waiting for the test
Chapter 1565: Cheating, it's impossible
Chapter 1566: Call her, I have an antagonism with her
Chapter 1567: Win, mean
Chapter 1568: Plead, i surrender
Chapter 1569: The person I want to challenge is Mulberry!
Chapter 1570: Gifted Mulberry, don't blame me, you're welcome
Chapter 1571: Provocation, everyone will wait and see!
Chapter 1572: I don't think I'm making a big deal
Chapter 1573: Punishment, deserted and ran away
Chapter 1574: Sprinkle dog food, the air is so small
Chapter 1575: Insult, tough Mulberry
Chapter 1576: Come on stage and receive punishment
Chapter 1577: He will be an opponent
Chapter 1578: Buy, you are nostalgic
Chapter 1579: You can give me a number
Chapter 1580: I didn't fall to death in the battle, right?
Chapter 1581: Damn, I'm afraid I'm going to be a clone
Chapter 1582: Approachable, pretending
Chapter 1585: I do it, I've never been so gentle
Chapter 1584: Punishment, stingy and vicious
Chapter 1586: Astonished, I want to go to the polar region
Chapter 1587: Negotiation, one million!
Chapter 1588: Is it going to be private for life?
Chapter 1589: We are good at delivering medicine
Chapter 1590: Ask for medicine, I only give people suitable medicine
Chapter 1591: I have done my best
Chapter 1592: I'm curious about her origin
Chapter 1593: The same, i want to return it to you
Chapter 1594: The high zone battle officially begins
Chapter 1595: Ye Nong Ying Appears
Chapter 1596: Take the money and leave, scumbag
Chapter 1597: This is a kind of humiliation!
Chapter 1598: Wasn't Chase Dream not cured by me?
Chapter 1599: I like Fat Xueer very much
Chapter 1600: Please go back, a farce
Chapter 1601: If you're bullying and afraid of being hard, just be scared
Chapter 1602: Shopkeeper, there will be a period later
Chapter 1603: You are so impulsive
Chapter 1604: Who loses and who wins, don't know yet!
Chapter 1605: It's useless to be anxious, I have to consider
Chapter 1606: These people must have investigated her!
Chapter 1607: Specific analysis of specific circumstances
Chapter 1608: You don't want to get a doctor
Chapter 1609: It should be hopeless
Chapter 1610: Sometimes, children understand people better than adults
Chapter 1613: Please also ask Mr. Yan for advice
Chapter 1612: Threat, can you talk about it?
Chapter 1614: Lan, if it's about money?
Chapter 1615: I'm not all to blame for being angry
Chapter 1616: Angry, do you have any brains?
Chapter 1617: Do you know who I am?
Chapter 1618: Where is Jin Gui?
Chapter 1619: Antipruritic, millipede centipede
Chapter 1620: Could there be any mistakes?
Chapter 1621: Chatting, lingering fears
Chapter 1622: Guizhimu, formal treatment
Chapter 1623: It's too stinky, what's the use?
Chapter 1624: Special treatment
Chapter 1625: Make two feel at home
Chapter 1626: Vicious and blocked
Chapter 1629: Without morals, anything is possible
Chapter 1628: Slander, flashing red light
Chapter 1630: Exciting, you are so despicable!
Chapter 1631: Of course it ruined her face
Chapter 1632: All power is lost in an instant!
Chapter 1633: What did you do to me
Chapter 1634: Low-key, don't feel guilty
Chapter 1635: Sir, come to see a doctor
Chapter 1636: Schizophrenia
Chapter 1637: Just like hunting
Chapter 1638: When will the Fang family appear?
Chapter 1639: Hundred Qianyuan, a kind invitation
Chapter 1640: It was them!
Chapter 1641: Goodbye Simon brother and sister
Chapter 1642: Threat, can't take part in the test anymore
Chapter 1643: Miss sister, you are so kind
Chapter 1644: Intimidation, brother, are you right?
Chapter 1645: The embroidered bag was stolen!
Chapter 1646: Isn't this superfluous?
Chapter 1647: About schizophrenia
Chapter 1648: Sister, i met you
Chapter 1649: Sister, you have the strongest medical skills
Chapter 1650: Went to see a patient
Chapter 1651: This is the Fang family?
Chapter 1652: : "In the polar regions, we also need to pay attention to safety
Chapter 1654: Five Levels and Six Generals
Chapter 1655: Young Master Song is having a temper again?
Chapter 1656: To be honest, you can't hide
Chapter 1657: The Song family who disappeared suddenly!
Chapter 1658: Did we hold big thick legs?
Chapter 1659: As long as there is a fight, there is no fair
Chapter 1660: I'll talk about things in the future
Chapter 1661: Real challenge
Chapter 1662: Mr. Zeng, don't you know, I know medicine?
Chapter 1663: Miss Duanmu didn't kill the poison
Chapter 1664: How do you prove that the poison was not yours?
Chapter 1665: Because they are very upset with me
Chapter 1666: This sword is so powerful!
Chapter 1667: Ji Qingsan, lost
Chapter 1668: Angry, happy enemy
Chapter 1671: Little White Deer is Drunk
Chapter 1670: Dream of the reproductive parents
Chapter 1672: Fang Lanzhou has children!
Chapter 1673: There is something more important than life
Chapter 1675: I'm a female, what's so nice about me
Chapter 1676: Fang Ruoxing's physical condition
Chapter 1679: Those people are extremely sensitive
Chapter 1678: You don't understand me
Chapter 1680: Can't be a simple person
Chapter 1681: Yuan Lin Fan, watch the fight together
Chapter 1682: Just a casual question
Chapter 1683: Ghosts will be humble to you
Chapter 2286: Disgusting like stepping on shit!
Chapter 1685: I actually came to challenge you
Chapter 1686: You can be relieved in a day
Chapter 1687: Bleeding from seven holes, the action is too ruthless
Chapter 1688: You go, when i beg you
Chapter 1689: Has the patient died of breath?
Chapter 1690: Can I ask you when I grow up?
Chapter 1691: Thought you were going to escape
Chapter 1692: See blood in one stroke, interesting battle
Chapter 1693: Battle, severely wounded
Chapter 1694: Like quick fights and quick decisions more than you!
Chapter 1695: To kill him, just a flick of the sword!
Chapter 1696: Do you feel any discomfort?
Chapter 1697: Mr. Qingming is still awake?
Chapter 1698: To treat his body in his own way
Chapter 1699: Real confrontation
Chapter 1700: Let's have fun
Chapter 1701: This Zhulong is really something
Chapter 1702: Summon Tiandian, shield aperture!
Chapter 1703: Swaying the original moving sky sword
Chapter 1704: The original moving sword is out of control
Chapter 1705: Messy distribution
Chapter 1706: Do you know how to read faces?
Chapter 1707: That's it
Chapter 1708: Rare win without a fight
Chapter 1709: You are so annoying
Chapter 1710: He just wants to celebrate for you
Chapter 1711: No dirty words
Chapter 1712: You guys look very good
Chapter 1713: Help you
Chapter 1714: Is your matchmaker
Chapter 1715: Paint skin with bones
Chapter 1716: Don't need to watch me draw?
Chapter 1717: Still feel wrong
Chapter 1718: Do you want me to be a gangster?
Chapter 1719: Not gentle at all
Chapter 1720: Ready to participate in the exile festival
Chapter 1721: We will die
Chapter 1722: Snow all over the sky
Chapter 1723: Participate in the worship ceremony
Chapter 1724: To be punished
Chapter 1725: Decided to accept punishment
Chapter 1726: Chanting Sanskrit
Chapter 1727: Pass the penalty smoothly
Chapter 1728: Accidentally turned into an adventure
Chapter 1729: Different scriptures
Chapter 1730: Different task
Chapter 1731: The story of the original move Tianjun
Chapter 1732: Liuzhuxiang
Chapter 1733: Are your eyes okay?
Chapter 1734: The main thing is to participate!
Chapter 1735: Participate in the wind blowing ceremony
Chapter 1736: I really thought I was going to die just now
Chapter 1737: Hurricane
Chapter 1738: Are they all dead?
Chapter 1739: Thrilling, they are not dead!
Chapter 1740: Fiddle with the situation
Chapter 1741: Pick the stars, you don't understand science
Chapter 1742: Can you give me an extra sachet?
Chapter 1743: The memorial ceremony has something to do with me
Chapter 1744: go home
Chapter 1745: Hurt a bone
Chapter 1746: Why do you have three red sachets?
Chapter 1747: You are all keen
Chapter 1748: Terrible exile punishment
Chapter 1749: Not allowed to go to endless city
Chapter 1750: Decided to attend the memorial ceremony
Chapter 1751: Continue to attend the ceremony
Chapter 1752: Eighteen phases are nothing more than that
Chapter 1753: Satisfy one's curiosity
Chapter 1754: The past of Xiao Wuzheng and Ye Nongying
Chapter 1755: Age gap
Chapter 1756: Meet Simon Brothers and Sisters
Chapter 1757: This little girl is too difficult
Chapter 1758: Exchange terms
Chapter 1759: Moe, I don't like this word
Chapter 1760: You seem to be almighty
Chapter 1761: Really like my brother
Chapter 1762: I have actually participated before
Chapter 1763: My brother makes a lot of jokes
Chapter 1764: Creation ritual
Chapter 1765: I paint better than mud
Chapter 1766: I want to paint
Chapter 1767: Why didn't I give you anything?
Chapter 1768: Are you willing to continue painting?
Chapter 1769: Make a decision
Chapter 1770: Break the rules for her
Chapter 1771: Change the conditions again
Chapter 1772: It's nice to have a brother
Chapter 1773: What a big spaceship
Chapter 1774: Ximen Yingyue's return gift
Chapter 1775: Abnormal appetite
Chapter 1776: Why are you not punished?
Chapter 1777: Abnormal, sleepy
Chapter 1778: Ask for help
Chapter 1779: Tolerant euthanasia
Chapter 1780: Little fairy please mourn
Chapter 1781: Is there a holy light on her?
Chapter 1782: The four pillars were broken
Chapter 1783: Xiaoyawang is so pitiful
Chapter 1784: Gong Yulan stopped the shot
Chapter 1785: Duanmu Yawang wakes up
Chapter 1786: Help purify the curse
Chapter 1787: The memorial gate on the high platform of Baizhang
Chapter 1788: Use them as sacrifices!
Chapter 1792: Shake the earth
Chapter 1793: Ablation complete
Chapter 1794: The source of the lake is recalled
Chapter 1795: Ok i am a beast
Chapter 1796: Feeling better?
Chapter 1797: Exile, fight, postpone
Chapter 1798: Take you to play
Chapter 1799: Just go
Chapter 1800: Something happened to my sister!
Chapter 1801: Mandarin Duck Pond, the world of two
Chapter 1802: Is your hair cut, okay?
Chapter 1803: You can surely ascend
Chapter 1804: Chongming Shenjun Xianfu
Chapter 1805: I'm a bit familiar, I wear too much
Chapter 1806: No one else looks as good as you
Chapter 1807: Pure worship
Chapter 1808: Want to take advantage but be calculated
Chapter 1809: You are not worthy of Gongyu!
Chapter 1810: What are you thinking?
Chapter 1811: Go to the endless city ahead of time
Chapter 1812: Give you a task
Chapter 1813: Young Master Bai is so pitiful
Chapter 1814: Go to Ximen House
Chapter 1815: The purpose of your coming to Ximen Mansion
Chapter 1816: Meet up
Chapter 1817: My brother's eyes don't need to be cured
Chapter 1818: Promise to help them
Chapter 1819: Is a beautiful boy
Chapter 1820: You will be abandoned soon
Chapter 1821: He's going to be happy
Chapter 1822: He can read people's hearts
Chapter 1823: Don't you have a red apricot out of the wall?
Chapter 1824: Where is so much spiritual water
Chapter 1825: Go to Ximen House
Chapter 1826: I don't want to be a girl!
Chapter 1827: Cosmetic contact lenses, other colors are too ostentatious
Chapter 1828: Only to win, not to lose
Chapter 1829: Don't want to enter the endless city?
Chapter 1830: Looking for Bai Xiaosheng
Chapter 1831: I'm still a kid
Chapter 1832: Hidden head poem, Bai Xiaosheng
Chapter 1833: Are you crazy
Chapter 1834: Talking about transactions, not so much money
Chapter 1835: Find little white deer
Chapter 1836: Find the traces of three people
Chapter 1837: This has been the case for more than ten years
Chapter 1838: Walk into the noodle shop again
Chapter 1839: You have so many good things
Chapter 1840: Tent, I want to see your shopkeeper
Chapter 1841: See the shopkeeper, how much of this medicine do you have?
Chapter 1842: Have to be careful
Chapter 1843: Can come and go freely
Chapter 1844: 200,000 gold ingots
Chapter 1845: Gong Yulan Zhi, why are you here?
Chapter 1846: See no evil in the evening of Fenglin
Chapter 1847: The fire in the city hits the fish
Chapter 1848: Help, do everything right
Chapter 1849: Teeth are sour, why do fish have no bones?
Chapter 1850: Huo Fei and the Brahma Sutra stay
Chapter 1851: 1.5 million per person
Chapter 1852: Shameless, empty glove white wolf
Chapter 1853: Set off uphill
Chapter 1854: Almost found
Chapter 1855: Is there someone in the tree?
Chapter 1856: No, not enough aura
Chapter 1857: Spiritual bear
Chapter 1858: Grand-sounding excuses
Chapter 1859: Something happened, go back to the mountain
Chapter 1860: Go crazy, everything goes wrong
Chapter 1861: I want him to play with me
Chapter 1862: The entrance to the endless city appears
Chapter 1863: It will only hurt both sides
Chapter 1864: Pain, bleeding from seven holes
Chapter 1865: Ye Nongying is not awake
Chapter 1866: What is the endless city like?
Chapter 1867: I think the master is wrong
Chapter 1868: Rummaging the base
Chapter 1869: Choose life and death to make it happen
Chapter 1870: Special treatment
Chapter 1871: Find the five spirits!
Chapter 1872: Wake up, someone is coming!
Chapter 1873: Leave the place and set off
Chapter 1874: He is coming, let's go
Chapter 1875: Believe it or not, I will take all your eyes down?
Chapter 1876: Take them back
Chapter 1877: Why are you crying, I'm not dead
Chapter 1878: What else can I do? Of course it's chasing
Chapter 1879: Why, dislike the blind?
Chapter 1880: I don't leave useless people here
Chapter 1881: Fish on someone else's chopping board
Chapter 1882: Boss, is it too cruel?
Chapter 1883: Become familiar with the environment
Chapter 1884: Do they have a taste disorder?
Chapter 1885: What evil did he do?
Chapter 1886: A black-haired beauty who knows medicine
Chapter 1887: Who can poison Crescent Bay like this?
Chapter 1888: Isn't my master very shameless?
Chapter 1889: Rare, I listen to the second master
Chapter 1890: To make a fortune
Chapter 1891: Did she poison Daxu?
Chapter 1892: Know that you are nervous now?
Chapter 1893: In front of you, do I need to be humble?
Chapter 1894: Have never participated, why should I be guilty of the same crime?
Chapter 1895: How to treat lung disease?
Chapter 1896: Ye Nong Ying has a fever
Chapter 1897: You guys do it for yourself
Chapter 1898: Daxu came to ask for money
Chapter 1899: Kill Daxu, kill the chicken and the monkey
Chapter 1900: Who said it was useless?
Chapter 1901: I have to see who is one foot taller
Chapter 1902: Wait and be humiliated
Chapter 1903: Started to anger
Chapter 1904: Two slaves
Chapter 1905: Never heard of fu yuan
Chapter 1906: Secretly inquiring about news
Chapter 1907: The source of Linghu is in Hongzhou
Chapter 1908: You guys come with me
Chapter 1909: Inquire about news
Chapter 1910: Stand by in the room
Chapter 1911: The black forest covering the sky
Chapter 1912: They are playing with you
Chapter 1913: We have to guard
Chapter 1914: What do you want me to do?
Chapter 1915: Brother Fu offered a sword?
Chapter 1916: He is a hypocrite
Chapter 1917: Show it to the mayor
Chapter 1918: Behind the curious array
Chapter 1919: Meet with Yin Huiyin Little White Deer
Chapter 1920: Use us to open the way
Chapter 1921: Officially enter the Black Forest
Chapter 1922: You want to monitor us too?
Chapter 1923: Origin, Hero's Tomb
Chapter 1924: Step by step
Chapter 1925: Keep going
Chapter 1926: Creepy temptation
Chapter 1927: You come to my negotiation
Chapter 1928: Suddenly, you are going to rebel?
Chapter 1929: He is too kind this time
Chapter 1930: Dreams about glaciers
Chapter 1931: Ask the mayor for medicine
Chapter 1932: Eyes formally restored
Chapter 1933: Break the formation, paperclip formation
Chapter 1934: Keep walking from the east
Chapter 1935: Miasma, sleepless
Chapter 1936: Argument, not the influence of miasma
Chapter 1937: Stinky, bones all over the floor
Chapter 1938: Encountered an attack on the way
Chapter 1939: Enchantment, reunion
Chapter 1940: Why are you killing so many people?
Chapter 1941: Attacking the enchantment, she hangs up?
Chapter 1942: Discomfort, bleeding from seven holes
Chapter 1943: Wake up and feel wrong
Chapter 1944: Are you a bean sprout, so fragile?
Chapter 1945: When I woke up, my strength increased dozens of times!
Chapter 1946: Belongs to evil enchantment
Chapter 1947: Sincerity, that's it
Chapter 1948: Shrewd, gambler behavior
Chapter 1949: Treat the wounded
Chapter 1950: Why not go to Hongzhou directly?
Chapter 1951: Treat them pustules
Chapter 1952: Boss, do you have any discomfort
Chapter 1953: Four guards were killed
Chapter 1954: Find a chance to run away tonight
Chapter 1955: You follow my instructions
Chapter 1956: Infuriating help, Ye Nongying is seriously injured
Chapter 1957: Both were injured together
Chapter 1958: Yin Huiyin consumes the body
Chapter 1959: New grave, Miss Ye is dead?
Chapter 1960: Negotiating, it is impossible to let her go
Chapter 1961: Treat heroes
Chapter 1962: Start to study the mind
Chapter 1963: I don't plan to persist anymore
Chapter 1964: Fu Yuan actually lost!
Chapter 1965: Please feel free, i don't care
Chapter 1966: The whole Black Forest is full of weirdness
Chapter 1967: It's Qin Fengyue and the others
Chapter 1968: Nothing useful
Chapter 1969: Catch the dwarfs for our use
Chapter 1970: Looking for someone, what an idiot!
Chapter 1971: Hayashi family father and son misery
Chapter 1972: Let's go chasing Lin Sui
Chapter 1973: Young Master Lin is very interested
Chapter 1974: Cooperate with Lin Sui
Chapter 1975: The surprise came too suddenly
Chapter 1976: I coaxed her with candy
Chapter 1977: Throwing your husband away, disgusting me is a burden
Chapter 1978: Dossier of the endless city
Chapter 1979: The true legend of the Black Forest
Chapter 1980: I guess I am beautiful and kind
Chapter 1981: Arriving in Limburg
Chapter 1982: Does his house have a treasure room?
Chapter 1983: Investigate the situation of Ai's castle
Chapter 1984: Gave her three bottles of medicine
Chapter 1985: Enter Aijia Castle
Chapter 1986: There is actually an enchantment
Chapter 1987: Finally found the dossier
Chapter 1988: She's so victorious
Chapter 1989: Read the endless city dossier
Chapter 1990: Not set off with Lin Sui
Chapter 1991: I want to discuss something with you
Chapter 1992: Walk with hands and feet
Chapter 1993: Leaving Limburg
Chapter 1994: The content of the letter
Chapter 1995: Hope to come back safely
Chapter 1996: Homemade noodles
Chapter 1997: living comfortably without anybody's help
Chapter 1998: Are you stealing our chickens?
Chapter 1999: I'm tall
Chapter 2000: Let Miss Ye help to heal
Chapter 2001: It's a big meal again
Chapter 2002: Finally arrived at the destination
Chapter 2003: Set up camp
Chapter 2004: The regularity of the appearance of mirages
Chapter 2005: A mirage appeared
Chapter 2006: Helper, will there be fraud?
Chapter 2007: Negotiate
Chapter 2008: Live in the habitat station
Chapter 2009: The two servants have arrived early!
Chapter 2010: Three servants drinking
Chapter 2011: The plan is perfectly successful
Chapter 2012: Are you not afraid to come back?
Chapter 2013: A mirage appeared!
Chapter 2014: Enter the mirage
Chapter 2015: Reach the endless city
Chapter 2016: Weird eyes
Chapter 2017: The situation of the endless city
Chapter 2018: Can live forever
Chapter 2019: Found a place to stay
Chapter 2020: Not suitable for children
Chapter 2021: Dog can't change eating shit
Chapter 2022: Go out and have a look
Chapter 2023: Candid, exchange secrets
Chapter 2024: I trust you too much
Chapter 2025: Night shadow enters the medical system
Chapter 2026: Fruit kills
Chapter 2027: Otherwise, all three of them will have an accident
Chapter 2028: What are they afraid of?
Chapter 2029: Like dead
Chapter 2030: Are you still alive after eating Jinlingguo for a day or two nights?
Chapter 2031: He shouldn't be an ordinary person
Chapter 2032: I think you are kind
Chapter 2033: I have a prescription
Chapter 2034: Wake up, how long did I sleep?
Chapter 2035: Madam Fang looks like Fang Ruoxing
Chapter 2036: Got the prescription
Chapter 2037: Is it possible that Mr. Fang is her son?
Chapter 2038: I met someone in the Flying Dragon Palace
Chapter 2039: Pragmatic and obedient
Chapter 2040: Spiritual energy consumption is too great
Chapter 2041: Which girl did you fall in love with?
Chapter 2042: The gods can't be saved
Chapter 2043: Catch and catch, what to kill?
Chapter 2044: Help the Young Master
Chapter 2045: Will never give up!
Chapter 2046: Is it weird that they can win?
Chapter 2047: Really look down on
Chapter 2048: Whose handwriting is it?
Chapter 2049: Played countless times
Chapter 2050: Decided to dig a tunnel and escape
Chapter 2051: Anxious, had a nightmare
Chapter 2052: Something happened to the Young Master and Army Master Pang!
Chapter 2053: Lord, there is **** smell
Chapter 2054: Of course he was killed!
Chapter 2055: We exchange terms
Chapter 2056: Mr. Ji was arrested
Chapter 2057: Got choked
Chapter 2058: Ear bones are crushed
Chapter 2059: I don't want to live a long time ago
Chapter 2060: Miss Duanmu's plan succeeded
Chapter 2061: The beginning of the plan
Chapter 2062: It's a good idea to torture a confession
Chapter 2063: Both plans were successful at the same time!
Chapter 2064: What kind of man is beating a woman?
Chapter 2065: Picked up a few bottles
Chapter 2066: It's all effortless
Chapter 2067: Disappeared out of thin air!
Chapter 2068: Come out and fight!
Chapter 2069: You asked me to answer
Chapter 2070: Too much
Chapter 2071: Sister didn't teach me well
Chapter 2072: White shopkeeper was beaten
Chapter 2073: Fairy into a dream?
Chapter 2074: Today is their death date!
Chapter 2075: Want to join in the fun
Chapter 2076: What an eye-opener!
Chapter 2077: Mr. Yin is in secret
Chapter 2078: Group of beasts encircle and suppress!
Chapter 2079: Command the beasts!
Chapter 2080: Finally dead!
Chapter 2081: I cry for you!
Chapter 2082: You are so cruel!
Chapter 2083: Back to light
Chapter 2084: Too many wounds on the body
Chapter 2085: Elder Huo escaped
Chapter 2086: Doubtful
Chapter 2087: It's an enviable feeling
Chapter 2088: Use lake water to reduce inflammation
Chapter 2089: Go to Thin Swamp
Chapter 2090: Foul swamp
Chapter 2091: Once in a battle
Chapter 2092: Fidgeting, the two woke up
Chapter 2093: Refuse to thank
Chapter 2094: Thank you
Chapter 2095: Both of them must die
Chapter 2096: Mrs. Fang is lying?
Chapter 2097: Go to the Feilong Temple to check
Chapter 2098: Start looking for a room
Chapter 2099: A pile of medicine bottles
Chapter 2100: Mrs. Fang made it
Chapter 2101: Leave it alone
Chapter 2102: Test Mrs. Fang
Chapter 2103: Re-enter Yuan Chang Mansion
Chapter 2104: Someone moved the medicine bottle
Chapter 2105: I learn very fast
Chapter 2106: Go to the enchantment now?
Chapter 2107: Go to Thin Swamp
Chapter 2108: I'm right!
Chapter 2109: Vulture being fed medicine
Chapter 2110: That can be exciting!
Chapter 2111: Are you telling a story?
Chapter 2112: Picture-in-picture, hidden mystery
Chapter 2113: People, most of them are self-interested
Chapter 2114: Mrs Fang returns
Chapter 2115: Can't stop here