Chapter 320: Xu Moyan paused over there, and then ... have entered the room?(1 / 4)

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  320 Xu Moyan paused over there, and then …… entered the room?

  "But-" Xu Moyan really didn't want him to be busy all day and night, and still thinking about dating her.

  "Would you mind going to my home to make cakes? There is an oven at home. Although it has not been used, everything is complete." Wei Zilin said.

  Xu Moyan paused over there, and then …… have entered the room?

  I've just been in love. Today should be the first day of formal love. Just go home with him. Isn't it good?

  Xu Moyan was a little worried, could it be too fast?

  "Don't get me wrong, it's not taking you home ……" Wei Zilin also felt a little bit difficult to talk about, and smiled embarrassed first, "I have no other thoughts, but I want to see you, where you are. You I'm afraid that I can't rest well, but I want to be with you. I just thought it might be possible. You can make cakes in my house, and you say it will take a long time, I can go to sleep. No …… I want to treat you doing what."

  Don't you really want to?

  Wei Zilin blushed a little, pulled his tie, and wanted to hug him if he had the chance.

  Before waiting for Xu Moyan's answer, she felt that her request was a little too anxious, which made her worry, and she said, "Forget it, don't take it to heart. I don't think about it."
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