Chapter 136: season finale(1 / 7)

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  Just now, Mu Yungui stared at the sky constantly shrouded by formations, and a scene suddenly appeared in front of him.

  She thought, she finally knew why many years ago, the head of the family Yan knew that he had offended the emperor, and he had to give birth to a companion flower.

  As the formation gradually closed, the spiritual power in the body passed faster. There was this feeling before, but it was very subtle, and Mu Yungui could not tell whether it was rushing to consume spiritual power or being taken away inexplicably. Now that the large array outside appeared, spiritual power and vitality were quickly flowing out, and everyone finally felt strange.

  Now, even if you don’t understand what happened, you know that you can’t stay here for long. This formation is weird, and if this formation is completely closed, I'm afraid it will drain them alive. The other monks hurriedly took out the magical instruments, and were not concerned about whether they would be eye-catching, and rushed toward the shrinking gap in the sky. All kinds of light appeared above the forest, but Mu Yungui went against the flow of people. The center of the formation ran away.

  She gave up the last chance to escape, and when she turned her head, she didn't plan to leave alive. Suddenly there was a scream from behind, Mu Yungui raised his head and found that a fireball was falling in the air, and the fleeing monk was attacked by a monster or shot by a fireball. The tragedy was like purgatory. Mu Yungui clenched his fists and flew forward as fast as he could.

  When Mu Yungui rushed to the Demon Slayer Array, they were fighting inside and were shocked when they saw Mu Yun returning. Mu Yungui relied on recklessness, and rushed inwardly, but fortunately, he escaped the spell and the flames of war and rushed directly to the Demon Slayer Platform.

  At this moment, there is a double-layer formation in the sky above Zhuoshan. Inside is the Demon Slaying Formation, which restrains the devilish energy, and the outside is the Blood Sacrifice Formation, which continuously sends energy to the center. And the vast forest between the two layers of formations, countless number of monks, is the "nourishment" of the Demon Slayer Formation.

  Tumotai is the center of the double-layer formation inside and outside, and it can be regarded as the eye of the formation. Mu Yungui originally thought that the speed of being emptied inside would be faster, but he did not expect that the Demon Slayer Array would not absorb spiritual power. Mu Yungui thought that these people are really good calculations, and they sacrificed others but did not sacrifice themselves. She didn't have time to think about it, and quickly took out the companion flower from the storage space. When she saw another jade box, she stroked the cold jade with her fingertips and whispered: "I'm sorry, I can't take you home."

  Shuangyujin was sleeping quietly in the jade box, wondering if she understood her words. The black companion flower is floating in the air, it is still small, and its stems and leaves are curled up at the moment, looking languid. Mu Yungui cut through his own blood vessels and used his aura to force the blood to flow continuously to the roots of the companion flowers.

  Just now, when Mu Yungui saw the blood sacrifice formation, a similar scene suddenly triggered the broken pupils. She saw black clouds in the sky and thousands of thunderbolts descending from the clouds, locking the earth like a cage. In contrast, the figure on the ground looked particularly small.
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