Chapter 622.1 - Conclusion(1 / 3)

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  Chapter 622.1: Conclusion<p dir="ltr">The door to the leftmost wooden house had opened. There was a lady at the door. She was simply dressed, and she was sobbing. She was holding onto the door as if she might fall down at the next moment. Her beauty was gentle and fragile, but it was one to be admired. She appeared old, but she was still ravishing.

  <p dir="ltr"><p dir="ltr">"Mom!" Huo Yuhao suddenly shouted. He leapt forward, and it felt as if he had completely lost control. He hugged the lady's leg tightly and started bawling.

  <p dir="ltr">Yes, this lady was his pitiful mother, Huo Yun'er!

  <p dir="ltr">Zhu Zhuqing glared at Dai Mubai and her eyes turned slightly red. "You're so bad. Why do you have to be so extra?"

  <p dir="ltr">Dai Mubai chuckled. "No wonder he's my descendant. He has a backbone. I like kids like this. At least he didn't waste my efforts. Good kid. Very good, very good. This time, Oscar was so envious that his eyes turned red! Hahahaha!"

  <p dir="ltr">Huo Yuhao didn't expect to completely lose control of his emotions when he saw his mother. The emotions that he had been suppressing for years were now released. Even Tang Wutong's departure and the repeated tortures that he was subjected to never once made him cry like this.

  <p dir="ltr">Huo Yun'er gently caressed her son's head. Her tears were also flowing down her cheeks. She wanted to pull Huo Yuhao up, but how would she have the strength to?

  <p dir="ltr">Dai Mubai came to his side and pulled him up from the ground after he had cried for some time.

  <p dir="ltr">"You're a big man. Just vent for a moment and everything will be fine. This is a joyous occasion. You should be happy." As he spoke, he even patted Huo Yuhao's back. His vigorous divine power surged into his body and calmed him down.

  <p dir="ltr">"Elder, thanks for fulfilling my wish." If Huo Yuhao didn't know what was going on now, he would be a fool. He fell to the ground and kowtowed three times.
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