Chapter 2264 - Desire(1 / 6)

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  Chapter 2264: Desire

  "Piece of cake?"

  The four Hundred-Shackled Realm Supreme Saints — Lord Xia Yu, Supreme Saint Yi Xuan, Gu Chenzi, and Supreme Saint Xueqi — had looks of disbelief on their faces. They felt that Zhang Ruochen was too conceited.

  It was normal for them to think that way. How could a mere Neverwilt Realm Supreme Saint understand the difficulties of cultivating the Hundred-Shackled Realm?

  If Lord Xia Yu was not at her wit's end, she would not have trusted Zhang Ruochen.

  Zhang Ruochen was so confident because he had the Canon of Truth and the Heart of Truth.

  The most basic to cultivate the Path of Truth was to see through the void and find the truth. With the Heart of Truth and the 0.058 percent of Canon of Truth, Zhang Ruochen's ability to explore the shackles in a Supreme Saint could even surpass that of gods.

  Zhang Ruochen activated the Precepts of Truth and gathered them in his eyes. He looked at the Supreme Saint Xueqi and said, "Xueqi, you've only broken fourteen shackles, right?"


  Supreme Saint Xueqi nodded and replied.
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