Chapter 1316 - Youyou and Tiantian Go Back to the Old Mansion(1 / 2)

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  Chapter 1316: Youyou and Tiantian Go Back to the Old Mansion

  Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

  "Okay." Fu Hanzheng compromised.

  Yuan Meng looked at the man who spoiled his wife rotten and sighed helplessly.

  "If she is so worried now, will you just let her decide what to do? Shouldn't you be leading your wife?"

  "No, I can only be controlled by her," Fu Hanzheng said sweetly.

  "…" Yuan Meng was caught off guard because he showed off his love for Gu Weiwei again.

  As she was waiting for Yuan Shuo's news, she arrived at the date Fu Hanzheng and she had agreed to let the children meet their grandparents at the old mansion.

  Early in the morning, Fu Shiqin stopped working and was not in a hurry to continue work. Instead, he accompanied his brother to pick up the two children.

  Unwilling to be left behind, Fu Shiyi changed his schedule and came to pick up the children too.
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