Chapter 2705 - Still a Kid(1 / 2)

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  Chapter 2705: Still a KidAs she was a popular makeup artist, celebrities would also add her as a friend so it would be easier for them to book an appointment.

  If they waited for their two companies to make official appointments, it would be too late.

  Ling Xiaoen and the other two were also Shi Xiaoya's WeChat friends. After seeing the post, they congratulated her immediately.

  Dong Qinrong and Gao Zishan also commented, "Congratulations! Remember to send me an invitation card."

  While Shi Xiaoya was still busy replying to the congratulation messages from her friends, Han Zhuoling had already posted another message on Weibo.

  Shi Xiaoya thought that Han Zhuoling was very fast.

  It was the same picture that Han Zhuoling took. "Today, I bid farewell to single life. Hi wifey @Xiaoya."

  This time, without Han Zhuoling reminding her, Shi Xiaoya also posted the picture of him smiling stupidly at the marriage certificates. "Day one of officially being Mrs. Han. Hi hubby @Han Zhuoling."

  The Weibo community was caught off guard as they received messages of the two getting their marriage certificates.

  Many fans and netizens rushed over.
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