Chapter 996(1 / 2)

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  Chapter 996

  Due to the matter of the killer, all of the divine moonrace within the city had become really sensitive to battles that occured within its bounds. After all, there were proper places for duels between disciples to be carried out. The Shiyu Compound was within the residential area, so combat was usually forbidden there. As such, the commotion had attracted quite a lot of spectators even though it only took a short time, and they witnessed the samsaran Tianming completely defeating Huiye Yin, the daughter of the clan leader, and that was with Ying Huo not fighting beside him.

  He's only seventeen! That's godly!

  Huiye Yin's at least twice his age.

  Word is that he came from Soulwell Mountain. Despite the lack of cultivation resources there, he truly turned out to be a miracle.

  This can't be the descendant of some big shot from Orderia that somehow ended up in our Divine Moon Realm, can it?

  Many people of all ages and genders were shocked and awed.

  Isn't it to our benefit that he married into our Huiyue Clan?

  I really wonder what kind of miracles hell bring about in another ten years.

  That was generally the consensus the divine moonrace had of Tianming now.
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