Chapter 4156: D(1 / 6)

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  The purple robe flew in front, and Luo Jun and Ye Qingming followed closely behind.

  The direction that the purple robe went was not the earth, but flew in the opposite direction.

  After flying for about an hour, it came to a death star.

  The dead star was silent, surrounded by darkness, and there was no life on it.

  Zipao always had a gloomy face.

  Luo Jun asked curiously, "Is Senior God Emperor here? What did he come here for?"

  Zi Pao said: "I don't know what he is going to do here, I only know that he has been here for many years. I guess that he wants to see something happen and deliberately does not stop it. It's what he thinks of the development route of the Tao of Heaven!"

  Luo Jun was stunned and couldn't help but say, "Is it possible that I came here as part of the development route of the Tao of Heaven?"

  Zipao said: "Who knows? But we don't need to guess too much. We see him and ask him!"

  Luo Jun said: "That's true!"
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