Chapter 3458: :survey(1 / 4)

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  After Cherokoff heard Ye Yun's narration, his face was solemn.

  Elitz's eyes were fierce, and she wanted to step forward. She didn't think it was true, and wanted to use her ability to catch Ye Yun.

  At this time, a smoke slap from Po Wu knocked Elitz back and landed heavily on the gate.

  A guard's voice came from outside the door.

  "grown ups?!"

  "It's fine! You don't have to come in."


  Ellis didn't dare to do it again, and half-knelt by the door.

  Cherokee said: "I believe what you said, then, can you help me find that person? Or that family power, the exchanged condition is the freedom of the slave, but I must have enough evidence. "

  "Sorry, I may have to raise the price."
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