Vol 2 Chapter 1286: magic medicine(1 / 2)

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  "The magic medicine that flows into the Republic?" Just when he entered the cafe, planning to enjoy coffee as usual, while thinking about something, Dingo Bullard was drawn by a startled breath from the seat next to him. As a well-known gossip magazine, Dinge has a special talent and can keenly perceive the secrets behind some seemingly inconspicuous news. It is with this that he can always dig out some reports in the dark corners of society. .

  "Oh, you're here too. Come and sit down here." Greeting enthusiastically, the handsome young man is the owner of this cafe, and the reason why this place is blocked by the underground forces of the entire capital Edith As an information exchange room, it is naturally because the boss himself knows this way - but, unlike most selfish people in this industry, he agrees that the boss seems to have a more conscience and a sense of morality.

  "What did you mention just now?" Dinge took a cup of brewed mocha coffee and asked suspiciously, "What magic medicine?"

  "Ah…… Dingo hasn't heard of that yet," said Belmotty, the owner of the cafe, after whom the cafe was named. Although he is a well-known intelligence dealer in the circle, Belmotti's other identity is that he has obtained a pharmacist license from the Medical University of Remiphilia, and is a doctor qualified to open clinics and pharmacies according to the laws of the Republic. Dinger doesn't know why he didn't choose a doctor's job with a higher income and social status, but past facts have proved that having a knowledgeable person is very useful for underground workers to identify the circulation of illegal drugs. helpful.

  So upon hearing what Belmotty had to say, Dinger instinctively thought he was talking about a new type of drug. What surprised him most was that Dinger himself had never heard of such rumors, and he had always been well informed in this regard.

  "It's not what Dinge meant by your understanding." Belmotti clearly read out the deep meaning of Dinge's subtle expression, "It's not a synonym for contraband……it's the real "God" who is said to be able to cure all diseases. Medicine". "

  "There really is such a thing?" Dinge was surprised, "Didn't you say that similar advertisements are all deceptive?"

  "That's right…… But this time, several of my colleagues seem to have heard of it…… Some people even saw the effect of the drug with their own eyes. I think it should not be a rumor, but true." Belmotti's expression was subtle , "I was talking to others just now that if possible, you can help me contact the source of the drug, that is, the person who provided the drug."

  "Any ideas?"

  "The other party seems to be from a small autonomous state in the south…… It's not very conspicuous, and he definitely doesn't want to attract too much attention." Belmotti said mysteriously, "I have already tried to get in touch…… But it is said that the price is surprisingly expensive. So far only some fairly wealthy people can afford it. But……that's kind of weird. How come this kind of thing is suddenly popular in the rich circle?"
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