Chapter 1626: old acquaintance(1 / 5)

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  "Thirteen from the left!"

  Hua Yinyang roared angrily, and Ximen Xing said that he would do it if he did it.

  Other Shenzong people have already sneered, Zuo Shisan was punished by Ximen Xing, Zuo Shisan would die if he dared to resist.


  Sure enough, Ximen Xing just looked at Hua Yin Yang, and Hua Yin Yang couldn't move.

  "Elder Ximen, stop!" Xuan Yuan also wanted to stop.

  It's a pity that Ximen Xing didn't care at all. Looking at the blood on the ground, the blood didn't flow at all, but it had solidified. Ximen Xing looked at Zuo Shisan again, and his killing intent was gradually released.

  Zuo Shisan gritted his teeth, his right arm was recovering, Zuo Shisan was already on guard.

  "Has it been discovered?" Zuo Shisan thought to himself.

  At this moment, even the winning hook in the body was on alert, it was really impossible, and he shot to obliterate Ximen Xing.
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