Chapter 491 - Here For Revenge(1 / 3)

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  Chapter 491: Here For Revenge

  Just like before, Lin Xiaoyu longed for Gu Nianshen to walk over and hold him in his arms.

  Gu Nianshen looked away in fear.

  ‘Xiaoyu's Mommy doesn't seem to know who his father is…'

  That was impossible. Lu Chen must have gotten it wrong. He must have taken a wrong sample for the DNA test.


  "Mommy, did Daddy lose his memory and forget about Xiaoyu?"

  The first thing Lin Yiqian arrived at the office was to give Xiaoyu a call.

  The little fellow was still sad that Gu Nianshen had ignored him at the parking lot.

  "He has a much worse condition than short-term memory loss. It's called Parkinson's. It's better if you forget about him too."
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