Chapter 500 - Gaecheon/開天 (4)(1 / 9)

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  Chapter 500: Episode 95 Gaecheon/ (4)

  After exiting from <Olympus>, we remained silent for a long while. We either ran or walked; we ran, and then ran some more. Only the hollow screams could be heard in the starless emptiness.

  Would those screams be recorded as Fables, too? And would someone else listen to them later? Just how many more Fables need to repeat themselves before this world came to an end?

  Kim Dok-Ja.

  I know.

  The voice coming from Han Su-Yeong still supporting me helped me to get a grip on myself.

  Eventually, the doorway to the cabin I was searching for could be seen in the distance. Even this far, the door looked much smaller and shabbier compared to other cabins.

  The corridor we went past earlier was getting noisier. Constellations from different factions were colliding and making those noises. I didnt hesitate and pushed the door open.

  [You have entered Prop Storage.]

  Whats this? Whats this shabby.
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