Chapter 911 - The Destruction that Destroys ‘Destruction'(1 / 4)

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  Chapter 911: The Destruction that Destroys Destruction

  Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

  Great Voids separated the Galaxy of Beginnings from neighboring galaxies, with billions of years of drag preserving the balance between the celestial forms. Their gravity slowly drew the worlds that once lay between them, finally leaving the bordering Void that had sparse stars with nothing.

  There was now a relatively young middling-sized realm near those borders with four planetary systems, seven stars, and one hundred and twelve planets along with uncountable satellites. Vast but lifeless, each sun was an incandescent blue and yet nurtured no life. Many Void civilizations have been reluctant to develop it due to their excessively complicated and extreme environments. Those stars have thus never been named to date, remaining anonymous amongst the Multiverse.

  And yet, it had become the focus of the entire Multiverse, for a war had erupted in that place.


  With a terrible crash, the sound of a World Barrier shattering reverberated throughout the Void. A blinding psionic speck was pierced away along with the World Barrier by a vast white ray and gravity beam invisible to the naked eye, crashing at sub-lightspeed towards the furthest star from that realm.


  Collision of the psionic speck against the outermost blue surface of the star caused an astronomically observable gap, almost fourteen times more massive than a main sequence sun, to appear on the stellar form. Having turned oval due to high-speed rotation, the stars surface caved in at once like a bitten apple, the hundred and twelve-thousand-kilometer-long gap being considerable even for a star.

  The struck star shifted violently to restored its balance, but that collision had destroyed its cycles and constitution. The luminous dot directly pierced through its photosphere and chromosphere to shoot deep within, and radiation unimaginably powerful to ordinary civilizations and celestial gases resembling yolk ejected outward into a massive jet extending billions of miles long. From afar, it was as if the blue sun had pursed its lips to spew a stream thirty million degrees hotperhaps even hotter, a raging wind that would not die down but instantly destroyed stellar bodies.
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