Chapter 618 - Bloodline (1)(1 / 4)

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  Chapter 618: Bloodline 1

  Translator: _Leo_ Editor: Kurisu

  The hall was deadly silent. The only noise was made by people swallowing.

  When the wizard from the White Tooth Castle appeared, they thought that Angele would at least negotiate with them, however, the outcome was completely unexpected.

  Angele destroyed the hologram without letting the wizard finishing his words.

  Vienna lowered his head and swallowed. He was concerned about what Angele just did.

  Master The White Tooth Castle

  Angele did not say anything but he glared at Vienna. He stopped Vienna from saying anything else.

  He lowered his head and looked at Princess Katarina again.

  Hey, how old are you? he asked. Dont worry. I can help the prince grow his arm back. Its not a big problem.
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