Chapter 527: The Clairvoyant's ‘Flaw'(1 / 2)

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  Chapter 527: The Clairvoyants Flaw

  The Pharmacist nodded. Ive sensed it already. Theres a comfort when Im near him, now I know why.

  The Clairvoyant then turned a warm eye upon Juner. The little one has already been gifted my inheritance. She will be the future Eye of Tomorrow. Soon she will surpass even me. However, precisely because she is my successor, I cannot see what the future holds for her. Even now, with my sight at its clearest, there is nothing I can tell you. Protect her, and she will grow naturally. Its a shame Ill never see the things she accomplishes!

  The Pharmacist took up Juners tiny hand. She stood tall and proud. Shes my daughter.

  The Clairvoyant smiled softly. Its time to bring her back home. Then, I must trouble you to return here.

  Alright. She didnt question or argue. She knew by now the man must have his reasons. The two of them left for the Temple of Supreme Harmony, leaving only the Clairvoyant and Photographer conscious in the swirling sea of stars.

  Xianni, do you still blame me? The Clairvoyants voice was soft and low.

  The emotion behind Luo Xiannis eyes shifted somewhat. Her warm smile faded, replaced by a rigid expression. Its been decades. What could I still have to blame you for?

  The old Paragon sighed. If not for me, the two of you would have been together long ago. It was I who told him so much that was better left unsaid. I instigated that change of heart.

  Her eyes hardened the more he spoke. Her responses bore a distinct chill. I said its done!
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