Chapter 933 – One Temple Rules the World—Xining?(1 / 4)

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  Chapter 933 One Temple Rules the WorldXining?

  Translated by: Hypersheep325

  Edited by: Michyrr

  Tang Thirty-Six looked into Chen Changsheng's eyes and asked with great solemnity, You trust your teacher?

  Chen Changsheng replied, Master's intelligence is unparalleled and his insight sharp. Not even Black Robe can conceal everything in the heavens. I trust that Master's judgment is correct.

  Tang Thirty-Six said, You know that's not what I mean.

  Chen Changsheng silently thought, then said, To Master, killing me and subduing the Orthodoxy is the most important matter, but exterminating the Demon race and uniting the continent under the Human race is his lifelong desire, the ideal that he will pursue until the end of his days. I have absolute confidence in this.

  In the history of the continent, the most momentous change was the alliance between the humans and demi-humans.

  It was on this foundation that Emperor Taizong was able to successfully lead the allied armies north and force the demons back to the blizzard-ridden wastes.

  In the ensuing several hundred years, the Human race gained enough time to recover and grew stronger and stronger, until eventually, the Demon race found it far more difficult to sweep into the south once more.
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