Chapter 1759: go away(1 / 3)

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  Remember [] for a second,!

  Hu Bugui heard the words, showing a little embarrassment on his face, and after some hesitation, he said:

  "Brother Shen, you should already know about the story of a thousand-year-old fox demon in the Qingqiu fox clan who fell in love with a human swordsman. The female fox demon's name is Tu Shan Wanyan, and the human swordsman's name is Han Jianghang. They……are mine. birth parents."

  "Are you a half-demon born from a combination of human and fox?" Shen Luo's eyes flashed.

  Huo Lingzi had also said before that the fox clan's bloodline was impure in the body of the fox not returning.

  "That's right. Back then, this matter caused quite a stir in the Qingqiu country. Many elders of the fox clan strongly opposed it, and even wanted to kill my father, in order to stop this unacceptable love between human and demon. However, in the end, It was the Qingqiu country that was the main force against the public opinion, so I let my parents go and let them leave Qingqiu country safely." Hu Bugui said.

  "Then why did you become a disciple of Pansi Cave?" Shen Luo asked. .

  "After my parents left the Qingqiu Kingdom, some changes happened. In the end, both of them died. I wandered around and finally went to the door of the Pansi Cave. As for why I wanted to save Tu Shanxue, on the one hand, it was to repay the kindness of the Lord of Qingqiu. , on the other hand, also because she is my cousin." Hu Bugui explained.

  "Cousin, so, your mother……" Shen Luo looked surprised.

  "That's right, my mother Tu Shan Wanyan is the younger sister of the Qingqiu King." Hu Bugui nodded.
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