Chapter 1944 - Qu Jingwan, Don't Force Me(1 / 2)

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  Chapter 1944: Qu Jingwan, Dont Force Me

  Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

  What did you say? What responsibility do I have to escape from? Youd better explain things clearly to me. If you dont explain it clearly, then it wont be just ten million yuan between us anymore. If you dare lie to me, Ill make you and your mother unable to live on in this world, let alone in the capital!

  Qu Qingyus eyes turned vicious as he looked at Qu Jingwan with a terrifying gaze. The moment he thought that this woman still had evidence against him, he could not wait to rip Qu Jingwans heart out and see what this secret was. However, this woman knew where his fear was so he would not really chase Qu Jingwan out of his house.

  Oh? You want me to die? Qu Qingyu, if youre so capable, youll probably be in Ji Zimings position long ago. How can you still be living among women? How capable do you think you are? Do you really think that youre

  Qu Jingwan, Im telling you, you better not play any tricks on me. Otherwise, I can really kill you right now!

  Qu Qingyu walked forward and gripped Qu Jingwans neck tightly. His eyes were bloodshot as though he wanted to abandon this woman in this room filled with lust. However, Qu Qingyu released his grip in the next second. When Qu Jingwan drew in her breath, he continued asking coldly, Qu Jingwan, dont force me.

  I forced you? Cough, cough Then then tell me tell me how I forced you. Did you let me down first or did I really let you down? Qu Qingyu, I never thought that you would treat me like this. What did I do wrong that made me love you so much? I was so considerate of you, but in the end, what did I get? I didnt get anything. I dont even have an identity. Qu Qingyu, whether you let me down or I let you down, there should be a definition in your heart.

  Qu Jingwan was half-kneeling on the floor as tears fell from her eyes onto the floor. She looked at her tears which were like fresh flowers on the floor. She seemed to have become a clown who was teased by others. She could not do anything well and could not solve anything.

  Qu Jingwan felt despair for the first time.
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