Chapter 1000: It's the end and the beginning (grand finale)(1 / 5)

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  The sky of the red fire shines on the world, the river is dry for one day, and the sea is dry for three days. If it weren't for a sacred person in the royal power alliance to walk out and outline a god's net to protect all souls, the creatures of this world have long gone to extinction.

  In the depths of the starry sky, the brilliance of the sun has long been obscured by the red fire.

  "Chihuo Yaori, Tai, really a domineering force."

  The golden eyes opened, their eyes dimmed, and Morrel sighed in the sun as he watched that round of red fire reflecting the world.

  "Fortunately, it's not too late, I didn't live up to the great luck that Sieggel deliberately differentiated."

  "It has to be said that in terms of the physical body, the Wu clan has an extraordinary cognition."

  "I take my soul as a sacrifice, and serve my body to achieve immortality."

  His eyes were completely dim. At this moment, Morrel took the initiative to ignite his soul, nourishing his body with his soul, and at the same time, an immortal voucher quietly condensed in his body.

  In the spirit world, the brilliance of the red fire day also enveloped this place, and hundreds of millions of souls were miserable.

  "There is a deficiency in the spiritual world, life and death are incomplete."
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