: Four hundred and seventeen: 10-foot copy of Biweier(1 / 11)

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  "Guan, the champion is here? Hahahahahaha!"

  In the TNT studio, Kenny Smith laughed wildly at the Suns' new season slogan.

  Coupled with the slogan of the Bulls' new season, it's even more flavorful.

  The slogans of the Bulls and the Suns seem to have been negotiated.

  As a serious defending champion, the Bulls' slogan for the new season is to make persistent efforts.

  The Suns didn't even have the Western Conference championship last season, but the slogan is that the championship is here.

  This Nima, who was the champion last season?

  Are the slogans of your two teams reversed?

  Kenny Smith smiled, and the laughter gradually became smaller.

  Because he found that he was the only one laughing in the studio, and more importantly, Barkley had begun to look at him with the mentally retarded eyes.
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