Chapter 499: high school age(1 / 8)

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  The clock struck twelve midnight.

  Huge spiritual power radiated from the seven red moons.

  Zhang Jue stood on the roof, staring at the seven round moons.

  He felt a severe blow to his head.

  It was as if someone had tapped a brick on the back of his head.

  He gritted his teeth in pain, almost screamed, almost fainted, and managed to stabilize his body.

  With a "click", the pointer of his watch moved forward by one grid, and the time came to February 22, 2221.

  But aside from his own suffering, the world seemed little changed.

  He looked down from the top of the building. Although it was midnight, he could still see a few passers-by walking in the community, and he could hear their voices. There seemed to be no abnormality in everyone.

  ? ? ?
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