Vol 2 Chapter 143: 1 hug a day(1 / 5)

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  An Tanche's class once again shocked the entire campus!

  "An, An Tanjun? What's the matter with you and Yuzi?"

  "Pomelo? You and An Tan-kun?"

  Those who care about An Tanche and have a good relationship with Lanyuan Yuzi all asked similar questions.

  The girls were surprised. Could it be that Yuzu has finally won Lord An Tan?

  The girls were surprised. Could it be that An Tan-kun finally has a place in his heart?

  They can't believe it!

  An Tan-jun, who is always thinking about it, actually belongs to someone else!

  That is the treasure shared by everyone, how can it fall into the hands of others like this!
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