Chapter 297:(1 / 4)

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  a week later.

  Several large transport vehicles came back from the gate of Ideal Town, with large boxes on them. Many people in the base came to the front and watched as these boxes were unloaded one by one.

  "I heard that it has been shipped?"

  Andrea woke up early in the morning, and also leaned on the city wall to watch the excitement, and her sister's voice sounded behind her.

  Nodding her head without turning her head, she pointed to a few cars outside the gate and said excitedly.

  "Yeah, it's finally here. Now we can live a lot more comfortably."

  Amy leaned forward and looked at the crowd who were loading and unloading the car in the distance, her heart was also hot.

  Dekman instructed his subordinates to remove the boxes one by one, and kept shouting something.

  "Phil, be careful on your horse, if you break it, go out and find a new one for me!"

  The man named Phil was not bothered either, and patted the big object in his hand with a smile.
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