Chapter 2115: Can't stop here(1 / 5)

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  Mrs. Ji sighed, "You don't know if you weren't there. Before everyone helped clean up the corpse, someone secretly took a lot of things. The women in Longfei Palace mentioned it, but no one admitted it. So I guess, this is It's not as simple as just searching for a painting at a time, but also want to find other things, after all, they have to live."

  That is to say, in this search, many people will be slapped in the face, and the women in the Feilong Palace will also offend many people.

  Everyone looks up and sees you, and everyone will have a hard time in the future.

  Mrs. Bai also said: "If it is really searched, this street is probably going to be in turmoil."

  "Yes, that won't work."

  Mrs. Ji pondered for a while, and didn't know what to think, "I'll go back when I go."

  After saying that, he ran out.

  Everyone didn't know what Mrs. Ji was doing. Anyway, it didn't take long for two women with pale faces to come to the door. One of them said, "Mrs. Ji asked me to search the door. I wonder if I can go in?"

  "Yes, Mrs. Pang."

  Mrs. Bai recognized the people, both of them were Pang Fengyu's wife and concubine. She stood up and gave a kind smile: "Please do a search."
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