Chapter 739:(1 / 7)

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  The so-called electromagnetic gun, the original concept is to use the ampere force generated by the electromagnetic field in the electromagnetic system to accelerate and shoot the metal cannonball.

  But this is not the case with [Magnetic Monster]'s special skill - [Electromagnetic Cannon].


In simple terms, the [Electromagnetic Cannon] of [Magnetic Monster] is just an electric magic cannon, but its power is huge, far exceeding [Electrical Discharge], and it can 100% make the target fall into Paralyzed - unless the target has the corresponding immunity.

  The original concept of the electromagnetic gun is physical damage.

  But since [Magnetic Monster] has the foundation to control the powerful discharge ability, and at the same time has the powerful [Analysis] ability, sooner or later will be able to master the real electromagnetic gun!

  Dark was still excited at two in the morning.

  He injected magic power into [Cage Cage: Magneto] and checked it carefully.

[Card Name: Magneto]
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